The 10 Strongest Female Superheroes, Ranked

When people talk about the strongest superheroes in comic books, names like Superman, The Hulk, and Thor rise to the top of the list. However, for some reason, people don't give as much credit to the female superheroes in comic books even though some of them are strong enough to stand toe-to-toe with any male hero or villain in a fight.

In both Marvel and DC, there are some mighty female heroes, and many of these are strong enough to toss a tank, knock down a building or move a planet. While very few peaks at that upper level of super strength, they at least match up evenly with their male counterparts. Here is a look at the 10 strongest female superheroes ranked.

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Defenders 9 cover header Jessica Jones Elektra Black Cat


Jessica Jones was exposed to radioactive chemicals as a teenager during an accident that also cost her family their lives. After coming out of a coma following the accident, she went into an adoptive home and then learned that the chemicals gave her superhuman strength and durability.

When it comes to her strength level, Jessica Jones has never shown her uppermost strength level, but she has lifted and thrown a police car, punched a hole in a metal hood and knocked over a rooted tree. Her strength level has reached the ability to lift at least two tons. She is weaker on the Netflix series Jessica Jones but still stronger than normal humans.


The 10 Strongest Female Superheroes, Ranked

The lesser known character on this list is Molly Hayes, who fans who watched or read Runaways at least recognize. In the comics, her parents were telepaths and tested her at birth for the X-Gene, and the results were negative. Initially nicknamed Bruiser, Molly actually was a mutant, and her abilities were super strength and invulnerability.

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There is no upper limit to her powers known yet. She has knocked down giant monsters as tall as a building, punched through solid earth to create a tunnel and threw a car. She also hit Wolverine so hard that he flew across the street. Her peak strength in comics is up to 25 tons, although she can potentially lift more as she gets older.

8 MERA (70 TONS)

The 10 Strongest Female Superheroes, Ranked

Jumping over to DC, Mera is similar to Aquaman but might be a little stronger for one main reason. She lived underwater her entire life while he lived on land as a child. That means she has more years to develop super strength based on how difficult it is to survive in the depths of the oceans, which applies over 1,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

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As a result, Mera can lift at least 70 tons. Her strength is also strong enough to shatter the skull of a creature from the Trench with just one punch. Even when on land, her strength is enough to snap a human's arm with little pressure and she can easily rip through metal doors.


The 10 Strongest Female Superheroes, Ranked

One of the complaints about the Captain Marvel film was that Carol Danvers was almost too powerful with very little in the way of weakness. She was so strong that Avengers: Endgame had to keep her off Earth for most of the film to make the fight with Thanos fair. She is just as powerful in the comics.

Just looking at Carol from a strength standpoint, she is superhumanly strong, but the levels of her strength vary. When she was Binary, she was a Class 100 strength level, but at the moment she is just at Class 50. With that in mind, she can still temporarily tap into her Binary powers and pump up to Class 100+ for a short time. In Avengers Vol. 7 #2, she supported the weight of a dead Celestial.


The 10 Strongest Female Superheroes, Ranked

The one character on this list that only hardcore Marvel fans know is Delilah Dearborn, also known as Geiger. If her appearance looks a little familiar, it is because her strength level relies on a connection to Doc Samson from The Incredible Hulk comic books.

Dearborn was struck by power surging from a Particle Accelerator, and it ended up giving her the ability to mimic the powers of any gamma-powered being close to her. She can maintain their powers for hours, and if she is near Hulk, she can end up with his limitless strength. However, most of the time, she is a Class 75 (70 tons) because she carries some of Doc Samson's hair with her to keep his strength levels.


The 10 Strongest Female Superheroes, Ranked

There are two Wonder Girls -- one being the original, Donna Troy. However, for the purpose of this, it is Cassandra Sandsmark that makes the list of the strongest female superheroes in comics. The Teen Titans member is the granddaughter of Zeus, the daughter of Lennox, and the niece of Wonder Woman.

Initially, she had her powers thanks to a link with Zeus. However, when Zeus left, and she temporarily lost her powers, Ares helped her regain them and even upped her levels. Thanks to his upgrades, Wonder Girl can slam through walls, bend steel, and more. Her upper levels are unknown, but she has shown to be a Class 100.


The 10 Strongest Female Superheroes, Ranked

The X-Men member Rogue has the power to touch anyone and gain their superpowers as well as their memories and psyche. The longer she touches someone, the more of their powers she absorbs and the longer she keeps them. On two occasions, she kept them permanently -- Captain Marvel and Wonder Man.

From Captain Marvel, she gained the permanent ability to fly as well as part of her strength. As for her top-level strength, she stole that from Wonder Man. She kept his strength level, and that means she is a Class 100 when it comes to her might, although her max levels are unknown.


The 10 Strongest Female Superheroes, Ranked

The Hulk is one of the most powerful and strongest superheroes in all of comics, and while She-Hulk is a step below, she is still stronger than most other male or female heroes. Jennifer Walters got her powers when she received a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner, but she can control her anger and keep her personality.

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As for the upper levels of her strength, that has raised over the years. Originally, she was a Class 50 hero, but after the original Secret Wars, she proved to be at least Class 75. Marvel now lists her as Class 100, which is the same level of a hero like Thor, and she gets stronger as she gets angrier, like Hulk.


The 10 Strongest Female Superheroes, Ranked

Superman is one of the strongest superheroes in existence, although theoretically, Hulk is stronger since he has no upper limit with his rage immeasurable. However, on the TV series Supergirl, it is typically believed she is stronger than her cousin, which could make her stronger than almost anyone in DC.

However, in the comics, she is below her cousin in strength level, so she only ranks second on this list. The idea is that she can lift as much as 100,000 tons or more, but it can fluctuate over time. She has more potential than Superman but is still a small step below.


The 10 Strongest Female Superheroes, Ranked

Diana of Themyscira is the strongest female superhero in comic books. Wonder Woman is a Class 100+ when it comes to pure strength, but her full strength level is limitless because she was granted superhuman strength by Demeter, the Goddess of the Earth.

The Amazonian is literally as strong as the Earth itself due to her link with it. She is stronger than Hercules, considered himself one of the strongest of the Greek gods. She also has been able to fight Superman on even ground, showing that she is as strong, or maybe stronger than the Man of Steel, making her the strongest superhero in DC Comics.

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