17 Arrowverse Weapons Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful

arrowverse weapons

Considering that it’s made up of four titles -- Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl -- it stands to reason that the Arrowverse is full of great characters that every kind of viewer can enjoy. With so many superheroes, it also makes sense that the televised universe has its fair share of supervillains too, and as a direct result of those two kinds of people coming together, boasts several fights between the good and bad sides within each episode. Almost every altercation -- especially those involving more human heroes such as Oliver Queen, Ray Palmer or Sara Lance -- features weapons, and it's safe to say that some weapons are much more impressive than others.

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While they're all cool to see in action, the abilities of technology-based weapons such as Brie Larvan's robotic bees or Mr. Terrific's T-Spheres -- while effective in their given moments -- are nothing in comparison to the more mystical, reality-altering Spear of Destiny. For this list, CBR looks back on some of the most memorable weapons that have popped up in the Arrowverse and tries to rank them from lamest -- (harsh, yes, but it's all in good faith and we apologize in advance, Amon Dagger) -- to the most powerful...

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While they did pop up in other shows, Legends of Tomorrow fans are likely to remember Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall -- heroes also known as Hawkgirl and Hawkman -- best. They’re likely to be aware their history too, and know that before Kendra and Carter were Kendra and Carter, they were actually ancient Egyptian priestess Chay-Ara and Prince Khufu.

The twosome were lovers in their first lives (and in every life after that too, for that matter) but were both murdered by jealous priest Hath-Set/Vandal Savage using the Amon Dagger, when he learned that Chay-Ara was romantically involved with Khufu. As it was present at their death, the perpetually-reincarnating couple later realizes that the dagger could be used to kill Savage, once and for all. However, their plans go awry and Carter winds up being mortally stabbed with it in an altercation with the big bad. Not cool!



When Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) joined Team Arrow in the show’s fourth season, he was a burst of energy and a welcome breath of fresh air in what proved to be quite a dark time for Oliver Queen and the gang. Before long, Curtis became a hero in his own right when he created his own alter-ego, Mr. Terrific, and set about inventing himself some gadgets to help him with his crime-fighting.

His most notable creation being -- aside from the implantable bio stimulant he made to enable a formerly-paralyzed Felicity Smoak to walk again -- his T-Spheres, small electronic drones that can fly, emit flashbangs and act as sensors, recording devices and projectors. The problem is, Arrow hasn't really allowed Curtis to really show off all that the T-Spheres can do and therefore, they're more lame than awesome. Thankfully, there's still time for the series to change that though!


Speedster Weapon

When one finds themselves up against a speedster, one might find that a speedster weapon -- a device that renders the metahumans temporarily powerless -- proves useful. The technology was invented by Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse-Flash, at some point during the 22th Century, presumably to use against his archnemesis The Flash, but it eventually ended up in the hands of Time Master Rip Hunter.

There's no denying that the gun delivers every time someone uses it but given that its effects are only temporary, it wouldn't be fair to label it as powerful. While it can allow the user to gain the upper-hand in a battle, it can't exactly take someone out. The only time it really comes in handy is when the user needs to apprehend a speedster and slowing them down is the only way possible.


Heat Gun & Cold Gun

Charismatic rogues Captain Cold and Heat Wave have always erred on the softer side of villainy, enacting plans that usually revolved around theft rather than city-wide domination, and their humorous one-liners have made fans everywhere fall a little in love with them. Not to mention their friendship makes us melt.

But there's something that niggles us when it comes to Leonard Snart and Mick Rory and it's that they're not that cool compared to other characters in the Arrowverse. Considering that their personalities are top notch, it comes down to one thing; their guns. They're pretty simple; one shoots icy blasts while the other is essentially a flame-thrower. Snart and Rory have to be relatively close to their opponents for their guns to have any real impact and anyone can steal and use them! Plus, that whole 'never cross streams' mantra is just a pain.


Robotic Bees

Brie Larvan, nicknamed the Bug-Eyed Bandit by Cisco Ramon, previously worked for Mercury Labs and was tasked with developing robotic bees for agricultural purposes. Instead, she secretly engineered some so that they could be used by the military and when her boss found out, she was fired.

Angered by her dismissal, Brie began targeting the co-workers who snitched on her underground developments and killed them using her bees and their highly-venomous stings. Her murderous spree was eventually thwarted by the Flash but not before a swarm stung him; an act that would have proved fatal if not for his accelerated healing. Not only does each bee have a deadly sting, they also have cameras attached to them that provide Brie with Central City surveillance. A whole swarm can transform into a bee-themed humanoid robot that proved a worthy opponent for Spartan, Black Canary and Green Arrow combined.


Flash Wrist Bomb

One of the most memorable episodes of The Flash’s earliest season has got to be "Tricksters"; an episode which saw Stars Wars actor Mark Hamill star as James Jesse, a criminal mastermind formerly known as Trickster, who Barry Allen and Joe West ask to help when a copycat killer starts wreaking havoc in Central City.

Team Flash's day worsens when two Tricksters join forces, kidnap Henry Allen and hold the entire city to ransom. First, they poison the attendees of a fundraiser and then, they attach a bomb to the Flash that will blow up if he slows down. Nightmare, right? Well, despite sounding very dramatic -- and seeming so, for a little while during the episode too -- Barry removes it by phasing through a water truck. If it had worked, it would have been top of our list but it didn't... so it's not.


Red Tornado Supergirl

As an alien, Supergirl often goes up against powerful villains like herself. However, she has been known to face tech-savvy foes sometimes. This entry refers to one of the latter moments, when the Girl of Steel took down Red Tornado, an anti-Kryptonian combat android engineered by Thomas Oscar Morrow.

The robot took years for Morrow to perfect, which resulted in him becoming very attached to his creation. Upon completion, US Army General Sam Lane wanted to test Red Tornado's capabilities and ordered it to fight Supergirl. During the battle, Red Tornado was bested and Supergirl took of its arm in the process, leaving Morrow vengeful and upset. When Lane issued the destruction of the android, he had the machine attack Lane and Supergirl. While Red Tornado didn't succeed, Supergirl exhausted her heat vision and temporarily lost her abilities due to the battle which means the 'bot was pretty powerful.



Fans often dub Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, as one of Arrow’s best villains. What’s most interesting about the character is how he came to be an antagonist, considering he was a close mentor to Oliver Queen on Lian Yu. While on the island, the pair met Shado, a woman whom Oliver shared a romance with. Unbeknownst to Oliver, Slade was secretly in love with Shado and was becoming increasingly bitter about his friend's bond.

It wasn't until he was was injected with the experimental Mirakuru serum that he turned homicidal though. Triggered by the serum and Shado's death, Slade swore vengeance against Oliver for saving Sara Lance over Shado and vowed to destroy Starling City. Mirakuru can prove fatal -- and is therefore, unpredictable -- but it can heighten the user's strength and stamina while also making them aggressive; the perfect weapon in the eyes of a villain.



Considering he was a time-traveling immortal, Vandal Savage proved a difficult enemy for Rip Hunter and the Legends to put a stop to. Of course, they managed to do so in the end, but not before the tyrant offed one member of the team and he almost killed another when he sent the Leviathan -- a gigantic humanoid robot -- to destroy their ship, the Waverider, and to wipe out the settlements of anti-Savage resistance fighters.

To stop the Leviathan, Ray Palmer and Jefferson Jackson modified the former’s A.T.O.M. exosuit so that he could grow to the same size as Savage’s machine. Thankfully, Palmer managed to best the ‘bot but it certainly wasn’t easy. It was equipped perfectly for combat; with its projectile weaponry and flight capabilities and it was very close to taking Palmer, aka the Atom, out.


canary cry

Back when Sara Lance fought crime as the Black Canary, Cisco Ramon gave her a device that produced a sonic wave that could shatter glass, knock opponents off their feet and temporarily deafen people. When her sister Laurel took up the mantle, she convinced Cisco to upgrade it to a more powerful, collar-style weapon. He labelled the new device, the Canary Cry.

The Canary Cry is non-lethal but always proves useful in a fight and enables the user to gain advantage over their enemy. The downside of the Canary Cry is that it can easily be stolen and used by someone with the wrong intentions. This happened after Laurel died when orphaned teenager Evelyn Sharp stole the collar, made its screams more deadly and posed as the Black Canary as she set out to kill anyone associated with H.I.V.E; the organization responsible for the death of her parents.


In the first season of The Flash, Barry Allen was tasked with taking down villain Hartley Rathaway, aka Pied Piper, a former S.T.A.R. Labs employee who was fired by Harrison Wells. Hartley believed that the Particle Accelerator would explode; a theory that was eventually turned out to be correct despite Wells' dismissal and in the blast, Hartley's hearing was heightened to superhuman levels.

Scorned, he set out to kill his supposed replacement, Barry Allen, but not before he shattered all the windows in Wells' house using his sonic gloves. Turns out, his initial attack was a trick to get captured and steal data that would enable him to carry out his vengeance. His sonic gloves can be lethal, making them powerful, but what's really interesting about them is they later aided Barry in the destruction of a Time Wraith too. Handy in more ways than one!


Nowadays, Arrowverse viewers will know the Anansi Totem best as an object belonging to former Justice Society of America member (and current Legends of Tomorrow character Amaya Jiwe). That being said, it has been seen previously in Arrow, being used by her granddaughter -- and its owner in the present -- Mari McCabe.

Created by the trickster god Anansi, the mystical totem allows its user to channel certain animals such as a bear, gorilla, lion or even a dinosaur and harness their abilities. Amaya has also been known to create solid energy projections, that are physically able to help her in battle, with the totem too. Those who are up-to-date with the latest season of Legends of Tomorrow, and have therefore seen the introduction of Kuasa, will already know that the totem is set to play a big part in future episodes too; further emphasizing its power.


While they might not be as flashy or mystical as some of the other weapons -- nor are they technologically advanced -- bow and arrows are certainly effective when it comes to battle, and that's why they've ranked so favorably in our list. But as much as a bow and arrow themselves make for a great and reliable weapon, it's essential that the user be skilled as well; perhaps more so with this than any other entry here.

Fortunately, the Arrowverse, the clue is in the name, after all, boasts plenty of highly-trained marksman from Oliver Queen himself to Yao Fei Gulong, Malcolm Merlyn and Nyssa al Ghul. Even Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, and villains such as Cupid and Prometheus have successfully used archery to take down opponents.


Created by Ray Palmer, the A.T.O.M. (Advanced Technology Operating Mechanism) exosuit is undoubtedly one of the more impressive weapons that the Arrowverse has seen. And considering it actually makes Palmer a superhero (in the form of the Atom), it was imperative we ranked it near the number one spot.

Palmer invented the suit following Slade Wilson's attack on Starling City. His fiancée Anna was murdered by one of Wilson's men in the siege and Palmer was so haunted by not being able to save her that he vowed to build the suit in order to avoid similar situations in the future. The suit allows him to fly and alter his physical size drastically, as well as gifting him with advanced strength and durability. It can also shoot energy blasts from its palms, link to computers and allow Palmer to breathe in space. Pretty awesome, right?



Mystical threats are hard to overcome -- unless you have the ability to time travel -- and the Khushu Idol is definitely one of the most formidable mystical-based weapon around. It allows the user to draw upon the power of dark magic, as well become both physically and psychically enhanced.

And if all that doesn't sound dangerous enough, the Idol actually feeds off negative thought, fear and death; a darkness that the user can use to drain the life out of a chosen victim and absorb it themselves to heal and revitalize their own body. A user can even become addicted to its benefits and be driven insane with its blood lust. Yikes! Most notably, it was owned by Damien Darhk in the fourth season of Arrow, where he certainly made the most of the idol's potential. He became so powerful in fact, he was even able to kill Laurel Lance.


Staff of Horus

Back in ancient Egypt, the Staff of Horus belonged to Vandal Savage and was used to fend off Rip Hunter when he attempted to thwart the tyrant's rise to power by killing him 4000 years ago. It went on to have much more remarkable uses than that, though...

Much later, Nth metal meteors descended upon Earth and imbued the staff with supernatural powers; such as the ability to emit blasts of blue energy which could burn and even incinerate its targets. It's so powerful in fact, that even its user could be harmed if they hold on to it for too long while firing its energy. We've ranked it highly because when The Flash and Green Arrow tried to use the staff against Savage, it backfired and the whole city was obliterated. Fortunately, Barry Allen ran back in time to save the day but if he hadn't, the staff would have ended everything.


In the second season of Legends of Tomorrow, the group found themselves up against Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn and Eobard Thawne, aka the Legion of Doom. Leonard Snart even joined their ranks towards the end of their mission but in actuality, acquiring the Spear of Destiny was all Thawne's idea.

To use the biblical artifact, the wielder must be in possession of it and read from the book of Kalabos. In doing so, they are able to bend reality to their will and accomplish anything they desire; so, it's not great if a baddie gets their hands on it. The spear itself had to rank as the most powerful weapon the Arrowverse has seen because if the Legion of Doom had succeeded -- and for a moment ---they did, it would have meant the end of every hero and not just the Legends.

Which of these weapons would you fear the most? Make sure to hit up the comment section!

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