Wonderkids: 15 Of Batman's Most Memorable Robins, Ranked

Batman may seem like he prefers working alone, but he's at his best whenever he has a Robin fighting at his side to help watch for traps and sneak attacks. As the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin are a solid crime fighting team who will stop at nothing to take down the bad guys and keep their home city safe. Just because all of these Robins are fighting alongside Batman doesn't mean they are all equally helpful in the never-ending battle against crime.

Some of these Robins are better fighters or better detectives than their colleagues, but that doesn't make them objectively better heroes. Everyone on this list is a dedicated warrior for justice, it's just a fact of life that sometimes certain heroes receive better results than others when operating in the field. Just because they all wear yellow and have a big "R" on their chest doesn't mean all of these Robins have the same skills and capabilities, it just means they are willing to dress up and push themselves to assist in Batman's war on crime. Put down the batarang for a second and come read about how all of the Robins stack up in this official ranking!

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One of the biggest flaws in The Dark Knight Rises was the inclusion and focus on Joseph Gordon Levitt's character John Blake. A GCPD detective, Blake became a key ally to Batman as he tried to take disassemble Bane's dark reign over Gotham City. Like Batman, John's parents died at a young age and he took to hiding his anger behind a smile that he could use to disarm people.

At the end of the movie, it is finally revealed that his name is actually Robin and that Bruce has chosen him to carry on his legacy. After exploring the caves around Wayne Manor, Robin discovers the Batcave for himself and begins his own journey to defend Gotham City as a new kind of Batman.


In Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns series, Carrie Kelly joins Batman after he comes out of retirement to take down the mutants intimidating Gotham City citizens. On his first official day back on the crime fighting scene, Batman saves Carrie from being assaulted and she becomes obsessed with the idea of joining the Caped Crusader. Spending her hard earned allowance, she made her own Robin costume and hit the streets to join her new hero's rage filled war on crime.

Like many Robins before her, Carrie has assisted Batman take down classic foes like Joker and Superman. In the recent Master Race continuation on Frank Miller's Batman universe, Carrie has donned the mantle of the Bat and serves as the new protector of Gotham City.


Back in the '50s, a new twist was introduced to Bruce Wayne's origin as a crime fighting detective. Long before he donned the Batman costume, he dressed up in a full Robin costume to obscure his identity and learn detective skills from the infamous Harvey Harris. He wasn't shown getting in to many fights, but even at a young age Bruce Wayne showed how capable he was taking down crime.

Unfortunately, this story idea was taken out of canon after "Crisis on Infinite Earths", but there's no doubt that the man who would ultimately become Batman made a damn fine Robin. In the new official canon, Bruce never put on another costume before he was inspired by the bat to don a costume based on his biggest fear and become Batman for the first time.


Back in 2015, DC released a book that reexamined the idea of Robin in the DC Universe. Instead of focusing on anyone who was officially considered a Robin, the series focused on a group of teenagers and young adults who called took on the sidekick's identity and banded together to make a difference in Gotham City.

Each of the different Robins had varying reasons for fighting crime, and they even all looked up to different members of the Bat Family, causing them to have different styles and ideas of what justice means. Thomas Duke was the leader of the We Are Robin gang, but everyone from Riko Sheridan to Daxton Chill put a new spin on what it means to be a Robin in the DCU.


In 2001, DC tapped Stan Lee to reinvent some of the publisher's most popular characters. Instead of serving the alternate version of Batman, this new Robin served Reverend Darrk, the big villain of Lee's twisted universe. When audiences first see him, Robin is sent out to kill Batman because he serves as Darrk's overblown errand boy.

After aging out of the orphanage system, Robin teaches himself how to fight and works as a martial arts instructor to support himself. His skills ultimately draw Darrk's attention and the manipulative leader successfully takes advantage of the young boy's desire to be accepted and serve something larger than himself. He breaks away from the villain's control, but he is still an incredibly strong fighter who takes down everyone in his path.


Long before Grant Morrison introduced Damian Wayne to the Batman mythos, he helped orchestrate the DC One Million crossover that saw futuristic versions of everyone's favorite League members defeat Solaris the Living Sun. The Toy Wonder is a robot that has been programmed with the personality of a young Bruce Wayne before his parents were killed. Instead of rich philanthropists, Bruce's parents were guards on the prison planet of Pluto who were killed in a rough riot.

This version of Robin was invented to keep Bruce innocent at heart and prescient of the childish goals he used to have. He didn't make too many appearances in the series, but he was shown to be a successful fighter equipped with some good tech. He takes his job very seriously because he thinks he serves a similar role for his Batman that Dick Grayson did for the first version of the hero.


Stephanie Brown may not always make the best decisions, but she truly cares about protecting Gotham City. She's served as Spoiler, Batgirl and Robin in her quest to keep her home city safe and is a skilled strategist and fighter. The daughter of the Cluemaster, a manipulative villain who plays mind games with the city, Stephanie felt compelled to make a positive mark on the city.

After her boyfriend Tim Drake stepped temporarily stepped away from the Robin mantle, Stephanie creates her own costume and beaks into the Batcave to demand acceptance as the new Robin. She's a skilled fighter, but she's too eager to please Batman and she ultimately sets a gang war in motion that results in the death of countless Gotham citizens and her own torturing at the hands of Black Mask.


DC's "Metal" event introduced a group of distinct, twisted versions of the Caped Crusader. The version of the Batman crossed with the Joker, known as The Man Who Laughs, has a group of Robins that follow him around on chains. Instead of fighting alongside him as autonomous partners, they blindly serve him and attack whoever their master wants.

As they attack their enemies, the Robins harshly call out the word "crow" and only stop their attack when their master says "bar," a reference to the crowbar the Joker used when he killed Jason Todd during the Death in the Family series. The Robins are closer to vampire-troll hybrids than human boys. With their razor sharp teeth and claws, the Robins tear through their enemies instead of punching them on the battlefield.


A character whose very existence is no longer considered canon, Bruce Wayne Jr. is the son of Bruce Wayne and a mysterious woman that he married back in 1949. Bruce Jr. grew up fascinated with the fact that his dad and "uncle" Dick spent their nights as the Dynamic Duo. Despite the fact that his mother wanted him to wait until he was 18 to serve as Robin, Bruce Jr. put on the costume and fought alongside Superman's daughter Kara who eventually became Supergirl.

It was his decision to serve as Robin beside Dick Grayson as Batman that ultimately drove his mother away. In their final battle with the Joker, Bruce Jr. switched his costume and Dick's to prevent the Joker from claiming that he killed Batman. After graduating from college, Bruce Jr. took over Wayne Enterprises and defended Gotham City as a new Batman.


The star of the We Are Robin series, Duke Thomas' history is inextricably tied to Bruce Wayne. During the "Zero Year" storyline, Duke trained his mind to take on the Riddler and ultimately assisted Batman in taking back the city. Later on, his parents were tortured by the Joker and he decided to join the Robin Gang to help take back his city. A smart kid, Duke also trained his body to become a successful fighter and he caught Batman's attention.

Even though his time as Robin was short, Duke is still a key alley in Batman's war on crime. Instead of being formally trained as Robin, Duke wanted to be something else and Batman trained him under an accelerated type program and called him The Signal, a daytime protector for Gotham City.


Raised on Earth-2, Helena Wayne is the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Unlike the other Robins, Helena was raised with the intention of being Batman's successor as the protector of Gotham City. Ultimately, she fights alongside her father in his final moments. As he fights a seemingly unending horde of Darkseid's troops, Helena reigns down shots from the Batplane to take down the Parademons.

With Supergirl, the two run into a Boom Tube to try and pursue Darkseid but end up stranded on Earth Prime. Thanks to Helena's knowledge of Wayne Enterprise from her own planet, she is able to hack into the company and steal enough money to set up a comfortable life for the both of them. She even comes into contact with Damian Wayne and persuades him not to alert Batman of her presence and relation to the hero.


In many ways, taking on Jason Todd as Robin is one of Batman's best and worst decisions. A troubled child who made his introduction into the DC Universe by trying to steal a wheel off the Batmobile, Jason benefited the most from Batman's parental influence in his life. Unfortunately, the physical training tapped into the youth's anger problems and he was never able to pull his abilities under control like the other Robins. Despite this, he's a brash, strong fighter who an take down numerous foes at once with a big smirk on his face.

After being killed by the Joker, Jason made his triumphant return in Gotham City as The Red Hood. As the Red Hood, Jason aimed to take over the Gotham crime network and serve as a new kind of vigilante opposed to Batman's rigid views on justice.


Damian Wayne is the only person on the list who is still canonically considered one of Batman's children. The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, Damian Wayne was raised by the League of Assassins since birth to be the ultimate killing machine. Under the supervision of his father and fellow members of the Bat-Family, Damian has transitioned from an arrogant, isolated killer into a more restrained fighter who slowly opens himself up to people around him.

Skilled with every weapon imaginable and intelligent enough to earn PhDs as a teenager, Damian is a very capable Robin. He currently leads the Teen Titans and works alongside Superboy as one half of the Supersons team, a small team-up that allows Batman and Superman to slowly add more responsibility to their kids' plates as they see fit.


The third person to don the Robin mantle in the core DC canon, Tim Drake is a unique hero. He's the only person on this list who determined Batman's secret identity and approached him about the importance of having a Robin. After Jason Todd's death, Drake was able to figure out that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson used to work together and he tried getting Dick to return to the Robin persona. Instead, he put on the mask himself and put himself on the line to help Batman keep Gotham safe.

Tim is the only person on this list who's detective skills are on the same level as Batman's. While everyone on the list is a skilled fighter, Tim is the only person who Bruce turns to when he needs help developing long-term plans. Currently, Tim helps Bruce run the Belfast station that serves as the next step in the Bat Family's defense operations.


Tim Drake may be everyone's favorite Robin, but there's no denying that Dick Grayson is the ultimate sidekick. Not only is he the first Robin, he's gone on to establish his own Nightwing persona and inherit the Batman mantle from his former protege more than anyone else inside the Bat-Family. A founder and one of the primary leaders of the Teen Titans, Dick Grayson is one of the most sociable and helpful heroes in the DC Universe. When the going gets tough, Dick Grayson is the one person Bruce Wayne will always want in his corner.

A skilled detective and master fighter, Dick Grayson has fought everyone from Superboy Prime to Deathstroke as he works to protect the DC Universe. Whether he's using his fists or his signature escrima sticks, Grayson is one of the toughest fighters in the DCU and would rather die than give up.

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