Looking Incredible: 10 Smashing Hulk Costumes, Ranked

When most of us think about the Hulk, we picture a lean, green, nearly-naked curb stomping machine. Due to the character's immense strength, there's a pervasive belief that the "Strongest One There Is" doesn't need to wear on clothes or armor. But there have actually been numerous times where the Hulk has worn more sophisticated articles of clothing. We'll be ranking 10 of the Hulk's outfits, suits, and armors that really stand out in order of their designs, memorability, and narrative significance.

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10 Merged Hulk's Unitard

As the name implies, the Merged Hulk is a perfect union between Brue Banner's psyche and the Hulk's. Typically, the Green Golem has the mental faculties of a toddler and the strength of a god. The Merged Hulk possessed the same base level strength as the Savage Hulk, but he couldn't tap into the same limitless power of his predecessor without burning out.

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The Hulk also typically wears as little clothing as possible. The Merged Hulk sought to buck this trend by wearing on a garish purple unitard. Yeah, both readers and fellow heroes clowned him for it until he switched to a less visually offensive outfit.

9 The Hulk's Horseman of War Costume

Apocalypse is one of the most dangerous and powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe. This guy has an insane array of powers at his disposal. One of those abilities allows him to turn people into "Horseman." Apocalypse has turned many might heroes and villains into horseman at one point in time.

In 1997, Apocalypse turned the Hulk into his Horseman of War. As intimidating as that might sound, Horseman Hulk didn't do a lot of damage when all was said and done. Furthermore, his design looks like an uninspired Halloween costume that some cobbled together at the last minute. Horseman Hulk hasn't re-appeared for a long time in the Marvel Universe. If he does come back, we hope he gets a major revamp.

8 Merged Hulk's Spacesuit

During the 1990s, the Merged Hulk participated in an event called the "Troyjan War." Long story short, a race of aliens threatened Earth, and the Hulk set out to stop them. To survive the rigors of space, the Merged Hulk whipped up a special space suit.

This suit honestly doesn't look too bad. However, the reason that we've ranked it so low on our list is that it's rather dull and generic. Even longtime comic book readers will probably have trouble recognizing this outfit. The Merged Hulk's spacesuit isn't the worst Ol' Green Skin has worn, but it's one of the least memorable.

7 The Hulk's S.H.I.E.L.D. Armor

Here's another suit that doesn't look too bad, but that isn't as memorable as The Hulk's other outfits. However, this armor does have a unique feature; it can expand and contract to fit both Bruce Banner's body and the Jolly Green Giant's.

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Bruce Banner and the Hulk briefly wore this outfit on in the aftermath of the World War Hulk storyline. After wreaking havoc across the Eastern Seaboard, S.H.I.E.L.D. conscripted Banner into their ranks to fix the damage. This armor also came in handy during the Thanos: The Infinity Finale plotline in which a handful of Avengers took on the Black Order all by themselves!

6 The Hulk's Endgame Suit

The Merged Hulk made his big screen debut in Avengers: Endgame. After years of anticipation, fans got to see Mark Ruffalo portray the Hulk as mellowed out, charming, dabbing hero. Endgame's version of the Hulk contrasts against his past cinematic incarnations in just about every way imaginable.

That also extends to his ensemble. The Merged Hulk wears on this black and purple suit throughout most of Endgame's pivotal scenes. Keen fans got a glimpse of this outfit months before Endgame hit theaters thanks to a leaked piece of concept art. It's functional and fashionable, leaving an impression on casual viewers and diehard MCU fans alike.

5 The Maestro's Traditional Outfit

The Maestro is another version of the Hulk that possesses incredible intelligence and tremendous strength. However, the Maestro morally differs from the likes of the Merged Hulk or "Green Scar." Most incarnations of the Hulk smash because they're angry. The Maestro smashes because he's an evil being whose heart is full of hate.

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This outfit comprises the Maestro's typical ensemble. It's the most well-known version of this evil Hulk from an alternate future. Numerous theories suggest that Bruce Banner may become the Maestro in the post-Endgame MCU. If he does go down that dark path, we're almost sure he'll look something like this.

4 Nul the Worldbreaker's Outfit

Nul the Worldbreaker first appeared during Marvel's Fear Itself story arc. Cul Borson, the long lost brother of Odin, set his sights on destroying Asgard and terrorizing Earth. To accomplish this goal, Cul put numerous heroes and villains under his thrall—including the Hulk!

After taking possession of the Hammer of Nul, the Hulk transformed into this monstrous state. The combined efforts of Spider-Woman, Captain Marvel, and the Protector weren't enough to stop Nul. Tony Stark would have to gain Odin's blessing and make an arsenal of Uru weapons to break Cul's hold on the Hulk. After the events of Fear Itself, the hammer came into Valkyrie's possession.

3 The Maestro's "Iron Hulk" Armor

This costume wins major points for style, originality, and narrative significance. You see, the Maestro didn't build this armor or buy it with the immense wealth at his disposal—he took it by force, at the expense of another hero!

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During the Contest of Champions storyline (which was based on a mobile game of the same name), various heroes and villains from around the Marvel Multiverse were pit against one another in gladiator-style matches. The Maestro killed an alternate version of himself—the Iron Hulk—took his armor, and used it to help him kill alternate versions of Thor, Captain America, Magik, and Ronan the Accuser.

2 Joe Fixit's Outfit

Younger fans of the Hulk might not know this, but the Green Golem didn't always have his green sheen. In his earliest stories, the Hulk was grey (and he had a huge forehead). The character of Joe Fixit exists as a reference to those old Hulk comics. He has the personality of a mobster and the fashion sense to match.

Joe Fixit isn't as physically powerful as most of the Hulk's other incarnations, but he more than makes up for that with his keen mind and biting wit. Fixit's suit and fedora combo are one of the Hulk's most recognizable looks aside from his traditional "torn jeans" ensemble.

1 World War Hulk's Armor

This look is probably the Hulk's second most iconic outfit, trumped only by the Jade Golem's "purple pants" look. This outfit is straightforward in concept, but it's incredibly significant to the Marvel Universe from a narrative perspective. It reminds everyone of a time when the Hulk nearly destroyed the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Eastern Seaboard!

During the events of Planet Hulk, the Cabal sent the Hulk into outer space. He landed on an alien planet, became its ruler, and lived happily for a time. Then a shuttle blew up the planet and sent the Hulk into a rage. The Green Scar came back to Earth during World War Hulk and stomped out every hero and villain that got in his way!

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