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Randomest Thoughts: I Win!

by  in Comic News Comment
Randomest Thoughts: I Win!

Now that that’s over, and Nevett is soundly drubbed and crying in the corner, here’s some crap I can’t be bothered to find a unifying them for. So, yeah, it’s every post I’ve ever done ever. Get something to drink! Hydration is important!

Really enjoyed the two part story in Brave and the Bold 14 and 15. Hawkman was used perfectly, in my opinion; he used his archeology background, hit things with a mace, and did nothing else. Also, any comic where Deadman and Dick Grayson talk about their history in the circus gives my heart many boners. So I’m gonna have to get Blackest Night: Batman, aren’t I? Damn.

Also read some more Wolverine Omnibus. It’s always fun to remember that, no matter how big a geek you are, there will always be some X-Men continuity so convoluted you will forget it ever happened for your sanity. Like why Wolverine had to wear panty hose over his face and not use his claws for a while. Also; John Buscema. He was the man. He could make Razorfist not entirely laughable. Razorfist! He has razors for fists! How does he eat/poop/anything but stab people? John Buscema probably saw that, whinced, rolled his eyes at Claremont’s script, and still drew the hell out of Razorfist anyway. Because he was a real man, that’s why.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 remains awesome. Even Penance (who I will remind you is Emo Speedball and literally has armor that cuts him) is fun to play as. Especially when Deadpool’s on his team, because the hack writer in me imagines the conversations those two would have.

Does anyone else think the reason that Static Shock was not a springboard to more Milestone cartoons was Static Shock being an awful cartoon? I dunno, I could never get in to it, because Static’s voice bugged me. And I’m part of DC’s stupid, racist conspiracy of racist stupidity (or NAMBLA), but I was only ever there for that one meeting where they had free pizza. I was in college. I sat through worse things for free food.

One day, I’m going to collect all of my missing *s for an epic post, explaining where they all went. I’m hoping to bring on Geoff Johns to plot it, just so everything ties together in excruciating detail.

Does the Falcon count as a sidekick, or was he more of a co-star? Black Widow? Amadeus Cho? Some lists I made on Facebook depend on knowing these answers!

I can’t wait to hear what Dan Bailey thinks of Facebook. Really can’t.

I guess I have to suffer whatever Apodaca thinks, too. Oh well.

Does Cronin force some of you to comment on every single post, or are your jobs that shitty, or do you all have OCD, or what?

Oh shit, new comics are out today! Why am I even here right now? Later, jerkasses!

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