Randomer Thoughts On New Comic Book Day

That's right Nevett, I'm upping the ante! By slinging together a bunch of semi coherent musings on my trip to the LCS before I pass out from exhaustion! Get bowel quakingly terrified!

-The only comic I've had a chance to read this week is JMS's first issue of Brave and the Bold. I just got it because it was self contained and I had some extra cash to spend because it was a slower week than usual (and yeah, maybe Mark Andrew's* series had something to do with it). I wound up really liking it. It reminded me a bit of Alan Brennert's B&B stories. Well, until that crotch punchingly painful soliloquy from Batman at the end. That was pretty rough.

-I'll use that micro review as a short spring board for thoughts on JMS's Spider-Man run. It's funny that's it remembered solely for everything after Sins Past (and probably more for One More Day than anything), because when I was modding CBR's Spider-Man board, a lot of people loved it. I was never that crazy about it, but his first couple years on the book had their moments. It helped that John Romita Jr. was drawing it, mind you, but I found it to be solid. I even didn't mind that Spider Totem storyline (even if I didn't care enough to finish reading it), because at least he wrote it in a way that future writers could ignore it. I hope they all make sure to thank him for that every time they do.

Anyway, since his ASM is like 90% of what I've read of his work, it shaped how I view him as a writer. Much like Geoff Johns, I don't get the hype either way. He's not as bad as his detractors say or as good as his proponents do. So that Batman team up that was 90% good, 10% radioactive shit poison exceeded some low expectations. Had to qualify that. For T. He loves it when I qualify, I bet. Even if he said he didn't, I bet he does.

-In case you were missing it, Wednesday Comics Ranked has been on hiatus again because... well, I haven't felt like doing it. I got tired of trying to do commentary on each fragment of the story, and really haven't felt much like doing reviews in general. I may do a wrap up of the series in my usual half assed style when it's over and I finally sit down and read Wonder Woman. Given all the stuff I'd rather do, my tentative schedule for that is January. 2012. Watch this space, true believers!

-Fanboys was on in the shop today. I had no idea that Seth Rogen and Danny McBride were in it. That makes me sort of want to watch it now.

-Much like Chris Sims, I was pumped for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2's launch yesterday. Unlike Sims, I had to settle for playing the PS2 version for reasons I don't feel like elaborating on. It really feels like Activision wasn't trying with it. I get that it's a system on a dying console, but still; it's worse than I remember the original PS2 version being in every single way, from graphics to sound to control. How is that possible? I'll probably wind up buying the 360 version eventually, even if Activision really doesn't deserve my money, for other reasons.**

I've liked Uncanny X-Men: First Class a lot so far, except when Banshee shows up and talks. So yeah, I kind of regret buying this month's Banshee spotlight. I'm holding out hope that he flies in to a jet engine in this comic, too. Then it would be perfect!

I almost bought Blackest Night #3, just to see if I could blog about it. After flipping through it, I realized it's just aggressively not for me, and I have no interest in even snarking at it. This must be how some people saw Final Crisis. That makes me sad.

No more thoughts.*** Literally. I'm functionally retarded at this point from lack of sleep. We'll see if I can get to high functioning retard after a good night's sleep and maybe I'll post something again this week.

*Searching for that was less convenient than I would have liked, so I have to agree with Burgas (much as I hate to); learn to use tags, rest of the blog besides us!

**I'm actually not as aghast over the Cobain thing as a lot of Kotaku commenters, I just felt like linking for the sake of the ignorant, who didn't know you could make a digital Cobain play Bon Jovi or talk like Flava Flav.

*** Well, except for this; a link to Marvel's Ben Morse's reminiscence about the '90s X-Men arcade game that Sims omitted from his Comic Alliance article about the best team up games. Possibly because a cast of 6 X-Men isn't a team up, but whatever; I love the game and Morse's piece, so it gets pimped just like my unrequited man crush's**** latest missive.

**** You know, it's kind of unsettling when other people mention how much I like Sims.

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