Randomer Thoughts: Micro Reviews!

Yeah, this randomer thoughts thing is my shtick. See how long it lasts before I get bored (or Nevett internet sues me for ripping him off (even if I did the random thoughts thing here first)(first!!!!)).

Amazing Spider-Man #605- This is probably my favorite issue of Brand New Day so far. Not just my favorite not written by Dan Slott or Mark Waid or drawn by Marcos Martin or John Romita Jr.. My favorite period. It was that good. Where else are you going to get all of the cool things that happened in this issue that I don't want to spoil? Like when that one person laid out Peter? Or his online dating adventures? Or MJ: Action Hero? Those were all awesome things I'm trying to subtly allude to, and I had a blast reading them. If I were Zoidberg, I'd take eight! That's my highest recommendation possible. Go get it!

Batman and Robin #4, not 3- I didn't miss Quitely all that much in this one. I'm as surprised as you are, fellow members of the Morrison Hive Mind. I mean, I'd prefer it if he, Cameron Stewart, or JH Williams III drew it (which isn't saying much, because I'd prefer every Morrison comic if it were drawn by one of those three. Hell, every comic by most writers, really), but if ifs and buts were candies and nuts, fruit cakes would still suck, so I really lost my point a couple minutes back. Good issue, looking forward to the next one, move along, nothing else to see here.

Love And Rockets: New Stories #2- I kind of forgot I had this one, actually. I'd better go and read it so I can enjoy Jaime's stories and respect Gilbert's* even if they don't do a lot for me.

Uncanny X-Men: First Class #3- I'm boycotting this until Banshee's dialogue becomes less annoying! Or, I'll just not buy another issue that's a solo Banshee story. Boycotting just sounds better than "I will make better purchase decisions based on my personal taste", don't you think?

Wolverine Omnibus- I started reading this ridiculously huge Wolverine book I bought on Free Comic Day. I think lifting it so many times may be the most exercise I've had in like 10 years. My favorite part has been the Wolverine And Kitty Pryde mini-series (holy crap, Al Milgrom was kind of awesome there!) and the Claremont/Buscema Wolvie serial that kicked off Marvel Comics Presents and led in to his first solo comic. Holy shit, remember when Wolverine having a solo comic was a novelty and not a blight on the industry and the world at large?

*My favorite Gilbert story is probably Sloth. So yeah, I haven't read much Palomar. And I dropped Citizen Rex. May get the trade.

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