Random Thoughts! (September 7, 2010)

Random Thought! I've now had White Castle. That's one more goal in life accomplished. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture.

Random Thought! I definitely chose the categories I would do terribly in for this week's Five for Friday at the Comics Reporter. I mean, shit, I got Gold Key's name wrong... and not on purpose to sell the idea. That's how bad I would do in that category.

Random Thought! Even though Tim and I discussed it for almost forty minutes on Friday night, I will say this about CLiNT #1: oversized pages made Nemesis #1 look and read a lot better.


Random Thought! "Cruel to be kind." Fuck me.

Random Thought! Led Zeppelin III to save the day...

Random Thought! I am pretty excited for Daytripper #10 tomorrow. Planning to reread the first nine issues sometime today/tonight.

Random Thought! Read Midnight Nation on the weekend and am thinking that it will warrant a comparison to "Grounded" when that story is done. I was surprised how little a 'man walks across America' story had to do with America itself... in that direct, 'each issue shows you another city/situation/part of the American soul' sort of way. Not a bad thing, a pleasant surprise.

Random Thought! Last week, the cord on the ceiling fan that controls the light broke. I pulled it and it accomplished its goal, but never sprang back. It won't allow me to pull it anymore. So, it's dark in here with a weird desk lamp filling in. Whole different vibe.


Random Thought! Yesterday, Michelle and I watched the fifth episode of Six Feet Under season four ("That's My Dog") and, man, I just can't get over that. It left me in a funk that won't go away.

Random Thought! Iron Man 2: Agents of SHIELD #1 was a pretty great art showcase comic last week. Joe Casey providing the steady hand with the writing and three talented artists showing off. Quite the surprise.

Random Thought! There's no way to put this without being kind of a jerk, but I wish BOOM! could afford artists at the same level as Mark Waid for Irredeemable and Incorruptible. I like the art on both books and think the artists all do good work, but it's just a shame that Waid is doing some career-best writing and it isn't partnered with an artist hitting his or her peak with him. It feels jerky to say that, but I can't help but wish it so. (Really, that's not meant to be a slight to the artists working on the titles. A real treat about Irredeemable has been watching Peter Krause grow and improve with every issue.)


Random Thought! When I said something like the above on Twitter last week, Matt Brady asked who I would stick on the titles if I could... Chris Sprouse on Irredeemable and Sean Phillips on Incorruptible... Ideally.

Random Thought! To be fair, when asked which artist I'd stick on a book, Sean Phillips's name often comes up...

Random Thought! The cat has come and sat down about two feet from my desk, but is facing away from me. She wants company, but not too much.

Random Thought! I sometimes wonder what sort of comic book Hunter Thompson and Ralph Steadman could have created together...

Random Thought! I'm way behind on listening to podcasts. The only podcast I listen to immediately is Cornette's Commentary on Who's Slamming Who. Mostly because Jim Cornette is an entertaining man and his podcast is 20 minutes tops. Easy to fit in that way. I know, I know, considering how long Tim and I drone on for, there's a touch of dickishness in saying I prefer the short podcasts. Except I do. Our fanbase apparently likes them long. *shrugs*

Random Thought! Communicating the intangibles through reviews is difficult. Those elements of a work that can elevate it from 3.5 stars to 4, but are difficult to put into words. You know, the 'it factor' or 'that special something.' Finding a way to communicate those is a constant challenge.

Random Thought! I once began plotting out/structuring a graphic novel based on "Stairway to Heaven." Not the plot of the song or anything like that, the way the some is structured with its use of instruments and such. Since it begins with the acoustic guitar before adding drums, electric guitar, etc., the plan was to start with just pencils for the first section, then inks, then colours... grid layouts would alter for pacing -- the guitar solo was a long, wild fight scene that's just pure energy... I like ideas like that. I think Ulysses has ruined me.

Random Thought! Also, if I was the President of the United States, I would replace "Hail to the Chief" with "Kashmir." It may not be an American song, but it gets across the message that Someone Important and Powerful is Entering the Room a whole lot better.

Random Thought! Then again, I'm surprised that the President doesn't use a wrestling-like entrance, complete with blaring rock music and pyro. Especially at summits and when treaties are being negotiated. Imagine a room full of people in suits when the lights go off and you hear Lemmy screaming "Time to play the game... [DUN DUN!] TIME TO PLAY THE GAAAAAAAAAAME! WOO-HAHAHA!" and then the President comes in, hair wet, lit from below, eyes full of rage before he spits out a mist in pure anger... Psychological advantage: USA.

Random Thought! Though, I will admit that, when/if I get married, I do kind of want to have a wrestling entrance. Brides get entrances and I think grooms should, too. It's hard picking the right theme to copy/music to use. Batista's "I Walk Alone" is a poor fit. "Sexy Boy" just seems... odd, but would be fun. The nWo theme's repeated use of the phrase "For life" seems appropriate, but it would be hard to resist attacking people and spray-painting their backs... decisions decisions...

Random Thought! In honour of top five month, I'll end each random thoughts post this month with my own top five list...

Top Five Jim Starlin Cosmic Stories for Marvel

5. Marvel: The End #1-6 -- Thanos comes full circle by destroying the universe in a fit of rage and finally realising his heart's desire.

4. Thanos Quest #1-2 -- Thanos collects the Infinity Gems and shows just how tough, intelligent, and powerful he is in the process.

3. The Life and Death of Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel #25-34, Iron Man #55, and The Death of Captain Marvel) -- Where it all began with Thanos, Drax, Mar-Vell, and Starlin redefining the idea of what 'cosmic' means. Plus, the first big superhero death of the modern era, and a mundane, regular one at that.

2. The Infinity Gauntlet #1-6 -- A big event series where half of the universe was slaughtered before Thanos killed pretty much every superhero left before screwing himself over (yet again) and leading to the ongoing Warlock & the Infinity Watch plus two sequel events, each bigger (if you count number of issues taken to tell the story) than the last.

1. Warlock (Strange Tales #178-181, Warlock #9-15, Avengers Annual #7, and Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2) -- Expansive, sprawling, taking place over, as you can see, numerous titles, this is where Starlin really let loose and began hitting his stride. He transformed Adam Warlock into Jesus with multiple personalities, always on the verge of a nervous breakdown as he fought against a tyrant 'god' that's actually himself from the future. Masterful storytelling and execution.


Random Comments! Relatively low comments week last week. Was it because I mocked some people in this section? Are you afraid of me? (Probably not. It's more likely that nothing I wrote in the main part of the post warranted a response of any kind. But, I'm going to pretend it's because people don't want to be mocked for stupid comments.)

Ryan K. Lindsay said: Thanks Chad, always good to be the new guy…I’ve got the soap on a rope around my wrist, I’m all set. I also love that you get to watch a stack of action flicks with your girl. That’s a true test to see if you can make the distance. Golden.

It's still weird to not think of myself as the 'new guy.' Okay, not really, since it's been almost two years for me, but still. And, surprisingly, I'm not a big action movie guy. I'm more of a comedy guy. Michelle has more of a fondness for action flicks than I do. I enjoy them, but usually only the really good ones.

Lee Hardy said: Those sporcle quizzes were a lot of fun thanks. I managed to finish the Murakami one with about three minutes remaining which was a nice way to start the day.

Yeah, I enjoy them, too. The key to a few of them is not just getting all of the answers shown, but also getting the hidden bonus answers.

Kevin Hellions said: Chad, did you notice Wade Barrett, also as a security guard in that same scene? Also, KAVAL wins!

No, I didn't notice Barrett. But, Sheamus also stands out a lot more since his look hasn't changed one bit since then. Pale guys with bright red hair and facial hair stand out. Also, hell yes Kaval wins. Too bad it had to come with McGillicutty cutting some really, really, really bad promos and killing a lot of the love I had for him.

Daryll B. said: Odd… I just had a vision of Chad doing the whole MVP routine in his living room….

My old roommate had a copy of the first "Smackdown vs. Raw" game to come out on the Wii and my created wrestler came out to Edge's music, but with MVP's entrance and mannerisms. Aside from the blow-up entrance, it worked really well. Then, later, I switched his red and black look to bright green and black and made him a member of DX.

Amazing how many future WWE stars you can spot in the security from these retrospective DVDs. Although I will say when I hear DX and England, I always think back to Shawn Michaels “negotiating” with Cryme Tyme. That was priceless…

Yeah, I kept waiting for that to happen throughout the whole DVD set, because I couldn't remember when it happened. I love goofy Shawn. Some people really hate the 'new and improved' DX, and I've been annoyed by them at times, but you could tell that Shawn was just having to much fun out there. Any time he was solo, he had to be serious and Great, but, when paired up with Trips, he could just relax and do stupid shit. I can definitely see why he'd find that appealing.

And that's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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