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Random Thoughts! (September 29, 2009)

by  in Comic News Comment
Random Thoughts! (September 29, 2009)

I hate Brad Curran! It’s random thoughts time! Get excited!

Random Thought! Am currently at my parents’ house, so I read Blackest Night #1 (as my dad is buying it) with the intention of also reading #2 and 3… but, wow, that first issue was just awful. Very, very bad. A comic of people standing around talking about how they miss their loved ones before a blue little person begins eating hearts and zombie superpeople come back to life thanks to magic rings? I skimmed issues 2 and 3 because the first was that bad and they didn’t look any better. What’s weirder is that this seems like a very simple concept, but these comics looked very, very wordy. Every page filled with dialogue that seemed to communicate nothing. My god. Bad. Very, very bad. Godawful even.

Random Thought! I have experienced and trashed Blackest Night… happy?

Random Thought! This past week, I received my first comic for free because of reviewing (not counting .pdfs, of course). What was the magical book? The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone, which I reviewed at CBR back in March via .pdf and writer Robert Venditti e-mailed me the next day to thank me for the positive review (as it is a very good read) and offered to give me a copy since all I had to read was the .pdf version. Well, true to his word, he sent me a copy that arrived in the summer, but I didn’t visit home until now and just got it. Very nice of him and rather cool to have a comic sent to me. (I should mention that other companies have offered, but I opted for .pdf copies to save paper and be more timely…)

Random Thought! Comics news is boring me lately. Boring, boring, boring, boring. And I don’t want big news like Disney or DC Entertainment, I just want something interesting.

Random Thought! Boston Legal is on the Canadian channel Diva daily at 3 pm. Awesome.

Random Thought! Man, the conclusion of “Old Man Logan” was godawful, wasn’t it? There’s a fine line between batshit insanity and awesome insanity… and Mark Millar has no idea that said line exists.

Random Thought! Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #1! Tomorrow! Review by me on CBR! HURRAY! Lovely.

Random Thought! Tim Callahan and I concluded our series of Splash Page columns on Wednesday Comics for CBR on Sunday. It was cool to have our discussions up on the site like that, but we will be returning to our humble blogs in the future. Of course, that’s after we take a break because Tim has a new, busy job, a new house and an old house to sell, while I have job worries, money worries, a great girlfriend, and Thomas Pynchon books to read. Plus, there’s his weekly column, my posts here, and the reviews for CBR. But, we will return, because… well, we enjoy talking comics with one another an official column-like forum is one way to make sure we do so.

Random Thought! Next week is a giant week for me book-wise. And, yeah, 13 books in a week is giant for me. That’s about double the average week.

Random Thought! Alternates for Brian’s top five iconic Thanos covers: Thanos #1, Marvel: The End #6, and Thanos: Infinity Abyss #3. Any cover not drawn by Jim Starlin (or, at least, done for a Starlin comic) would never make my list. Then again, I also consider anything not written by Starlin to be non-canon with the character. As far as I’m concerned, Thanos, Adam Warlock, and the rest of their crew are creator-owned characters, so I only care what Starlin does with them. By the same token, I can read and appreciate what other writers do with the characters, those stories just don’t ‘count’ in my personal canon. They happen in some splinter continuity or something like that. Just a personal choice — but one that would never prevent me from reading good comics, it simply means that I keep two bodies of work separate. Make sense?

Random Thought! My rant on people avoiding Wednesday Comics because the stories don’t ‘count’ is something I really believe in. I don’t care what a publisher says is official continuity or canon — I create my own. That’s what everyone should do: create your own continuity/canon! Recognise the good stories, ignore the bad! Who cares if no one else references it? Especially when the ‘official’ continuity/canon changes at the whims of whatever editorial regime in in place? How many stories have been retconned or explained away over the past decade or two alone? Characters killed, brought back, turned evil, turned good… almost always, things wind up where they began, so why not ignore the journey if you think it sucks?

Random Thought! Yes, the Spider-Clone Saga and the death/return of Superman are big parts of my Spider-Man and Superman continuities/canons. How many of you want them in yours?

Random Thought! I believe that’s all I’ve got to say this week. Enjoy yourselves. And comment a lot. I love comments. (Also, I don’t actually hate Brad Curran. I like his posts a lot. Never met the man, but I sense I’d like him. But, anyway, fuck him. Just because.)

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