Random Thoughts! (September 25, 2012)

Random Thought! I am the tag team champions! It's Random Thoughts time! Get excited!

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Random Thought! In this week's Riding the Gravy Train, I write about Avengers #30 and how it's moved on past Avengers vs. X-Men two weeks before the event ends.

Random Thought! I love the concept of A-Babies vs. X-Babies, but hate the title. They should be called the 'Vengers or some other cutesy name. After all, it's not 'A-Men vs. X-Men.' Calling them A-Babies is like admitting you don't get the joke of X-Babies. Or that you're unoriginal, uninventive, and really can't be bothered to give a fuck.

Random Thought! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Word Press just ate a bunch of Random Thoughts that I wrote... fuck. Well, let's see how much effort I feel like putting in to fix that mess...

Random Thought! The lack of standalone one-shots or minis for Avengers vs. X-Men is still surprising to me. Obviously, the idea lends itself to being expanded upon in tie-in issues of regular series, but, still, one mini (AVX: VS and one one-shot (A-Babies vs. X-Babies) still seems very low. I guess you could call the three-part Secret Avengers story a stand-in for a mini-series since it has nothing to do with what came before or after in that book (taking those issues out, you don't miss a beat, actually). Weird little event.

Random Thought! Wonder Woman #0 is a really good issue and how the whole 'zero issue' concept should be executed.

Random Thought! Of course, Americans would elect Ultimate Captain America president... (Stolen from my http://graphicontent.blogspot.ca/2012/09/exclusive-chad-nevetts-comic-book-mini_20.html" target="_blank">mini-review of The Ultimates #15...)

Random Thought! With the December solicitations out, here's what I'm getting: Batman/Deathblow hardcover (DC), Django Unchained (Guera!) (DC), Mara (Image), Change (Image), Butcher Baker, the Righteous Maker hardcover (Image), and Avengers (Marvel). Even though that last one is a comic I'm already getting, I'm letting my shop know which Marvel NOW titles I'm reading/dropping -- like I'm buying Captain America now, but plan to depart with Brubaker, so I gave them a head's up on that.

Random Thought! The public negotiations between Dave Sim and Fantagraphics over a possible reprint of Cerebus is really interesting -- and I've skipped over most of it, just checking on new updates from Kim Thompson and Dave Sim (sometimes getting 'sidetracked' by appearances by Ed Brubaker and Gary Groth).

Random Thought! Prison Pit book four arrived in the mail today. I have read it. Pre-order it. (I'll try to have a proper review up soon. I hope.)

Random Thought! This week: one week after The Ultimates #15 comes... The Ultimates #16! But, Happy #1 and Batman, Incorporated #0 both come out along with the hardcover of The Milkman Murders, Prophet #29, the latest installment of "Everything Burns," the new Fury MAX, an issue of Wolverine and the X-Men that may or may not be an Avengers vs. X-Men tie-in, and some other good stuff.

Random Thought! Damn, that failure on Word Press's part to save the big chunk of this post that I had written really killed it for me. I rewrote what I could remember and added some bits, but that's it... Since I'm working afternoons this week and next, Random Thoughts is actually being written on Tuesdays again. Normally, I write it on Monday nights after work.

Random Brian Cronin Quote of the Week! "It's amusing that people think by being vociferous assholes that, what, we're going to change our minds? 'Oh, you shouted and acted like a dick and gave no reasons to back up your ire, so you're right, the issue was bad!'"


Random Joe Casey Question! How do you approach scripting comics that you didn't write/plot? You did some of that early in your career, for a few issues before taking over Wildcats, and for that hardcover of the original Youngblood mini-series. Was each experience the same? How did they differ from scripting comics you wrote/plotted?

Random Joe Casey Answer! To the best of my addled recollection, those have actually been fun gigs. They're definitely different than my normal mode of writing, for what I hope would be obvious reasons. You get to play out certain "writer fantasies" you might've had as a fan. Or, at least, I've certainly had 'em. For instance, I always thought a really choice gig would be the J.M. DeMatteis role on Giffen's Justice League, where he simply got these cool Keith Giffen plots and killer Kevin Maguire pages in the mail and just went to town on the dialogue (which I actually got to do -- to a degree -- on the first two issues of THE LAST DEFENDERS, which Giffen and I co-plotted together and then he did his patented layouts which I then scripted over... fuckin' great fun). It's just a certain kind of writer muscle to exercise in a very specific way.

The ones I've done over the years have certainly been different from each other. The Wildcats issues were very cinematic, very much of their time, Y2K-era comicbooks, and you'll never go wrong dialoguing over prime Bryan Hitch art (if I remember correctly, he was able to squeeze in a fill-in issue of Wildcats while he was in the middle of his Authority run...!). The Youngblood gig was interesting, because it was an editing job as much as it was a writing job, rearranging scenes and entire sequences while attempting to provide a stronger voice to those particular comics. Not to mention writing a new ending for it.

So, if the right opportunity came along, I'd certainly consider doing a job like that again...


That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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