Random Thoughts! (September 20, 2011)

Random Thought! If it's a light week, it's only because I spent too much time this morning watching Weird Al videos on Youtube. It's Random Thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture. 411mania for wrestling reviews and the occasional CD review.

Random Thought! In December, DC has a solicit for Hellblazer annual #1... then what's this? Now, we've seen many comics get another '#1' annual, but that was in the case of new volumes of the same series. Hellblazer hasn't been relaunched! I know, I know... no one cares.

Random Thought! I wish Image would finally release Haunt #18 so issue 19 can come out. Then again, fuck #18! Just release #19! Casey and Fox!

Random Thought! If you buy one comic of extreme violence this week, buy Prison Pit book three!

Random Thought! Daredevil is on the New Avengers for the sole reason that Bendis wants him on the team. That's not an insult or complaint. Every character that's on a superhero team is there for one of two reasons: the creators/editors/publishers want said character on the team, or the character is traditionally part of said team. Even characters created as part of the team aren't essential or necessary. No one is.

Random Thought! I would buy Red Hood and the Outlaws is it were based on Team Extreme aka the Hardyz and Lita. The Red Hood is Matt, Arsenal is Jeff, and Starfire is Lita. I'd read the hell out of that comic. Not that it would make any sense, but throw in Dick Grayson and Wally West as Edge and Christian, Cyborg and Beast Boy as the Duddleys, Jericho as Shannon Moore, and Donna Troy as Shane Helms... (or should it be Kyle Rayner?) and I'd buy two copies. (God, that would be horrible, wouldn't it? And, yet, glorious!)

Random Thought! Awesome deal: The Best of Raw 2009 for $9.99 on Amazon.ca. I ordered it last week with the Counter X: X-Force trade to hit that $25 minimum shipping mark. I was a little annoyed, because I would have liked to order Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, but it was $14.99, adding up to $24.98... two cents short!

Random Thought! Of course, now, I need to get the uncollected issues of the Counter X X-Man, Generation X, and X-Force. Thanks for that, Marvel.

Random Thought! I mentioned this in this week's Sketch Reviews, but, since we've been talking David Bowie lately... I finished rereading Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell last week and also listened to Diamond Dogs. Is it just me or do Bowie's supposed Nineteen Eighty-Four-inspired songs sound like they were written by someone who heard a little bit about the book but never actually read it? I like the songs, but, as Nineteen Eighty-Four songs, they're pretty horrible. Aside from the choruses that explicitly mention parts from the books, the songs seem utterly divorced from the source material. Am I missing something?

Random Thought! Batwoman #1 is purdy.

Random Thought! Grifter #1 is the first of the new DC books that I had on my pull list that is dropped. Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. takes its place.

Random Thought! Is Britt Black in Criminal: Last of the Innocent #4 meant to be Encyclopedia Brown all grown up? I sure hope so.

Random Thought! My favourite part of Journey into Mystery #627: the teaser for #628 at the end that promises it "on sale 9/14/2011" aka the day #627 came out. Oops.

Random Thought! All of the Blockbusters in my area (maybe Canada -- the US, too?) are closing and, right now, it's 40% off everything in the store. I got lucky on Friday and came across Duck, You Sucker! for $20 (or, $12 after the discount). I've wanted it on DVD for a while, but just hadn't seen it at a good price. I watched it yesterday and loved it. Sergio Leone is so good at tension and perfectly framed shots. The quick cuts on the stage coach of the eyes and mouths was amazing. If you're only familiar with his 'Dollars Trilogy,' you really need to see his second trilogy of Once Upon a Time in the West, Duck, You Sucker! (also known as A Fistful of Dynamite and Once Upon a Time... The Revolution), and Once Upon a Time in America. It blows the first three films out of the water. More thoughtful, better shot, and more expansive.

Random Thought! I wasn't too sure about continuing with How I Met Your Mother after last season. The first of last night's two new episodes didn't help with Future Ted pointing out a couple of times that the story isn't close to finished -- because mocking the audience is always a smart move. But, the end of the second episode has me excited. Everything suggests that Victoria isn't the mother and that's fine... then again, maybe everyone involved realised that she was way too great to just leave in the past and, since Future Ted is a horrible unreliable narrator, shifting things to make her the mother would make me happy.

Random Thought! My new favourite website: Shit My Students Write.

Random Thought! "Hear this, hear this, Vick's gonna sing this new crazy record for us right now..."

Random Thought! Anyone else look at that promo image for 'the Mighty' and wonder where Steve Rogers was? No, really. Iron Man is building some magical mystery armour for some Avengers to go kick some Fear God ass and he doesn't come up with something for their best fighter/battlefield tactician? He would be the first person you'd make something for! Unless, as I suspect, Tony Stark is being passive aggressive in his reminded Cap that he lost Civil War.

Random Thought! Then again, the best thing most of us will be able to say about Fear Itself is that it shipped on time.

Random Thought! Anyone else ever get the urge to make up crazy rumours they've heard and send them to Brian for Comics Legends Revealed? You know, something like "John Byrne created Puck after submitting a sketch for Alpha Flight and Marvel wondered where the hockey-influenced hero was. Their thinking being that this is a Canadian superhero team and Canadians love hockey, so there should be a hockey-themed hero. Byrne, thinking the idea stupid, created the dumbest possible hero he could, hoping that would cause Marvel to drop the subject. Instead, they loved the character and went ahead with Alpha Flight with Puck as a member." Because I get that urge at least once a week.

Random Thought! This week is a decent week for comics. There's the afforementioned Prison Pit that I already have, a few new DC #1 (Batman and Wonder Woman are the ones on my pull list, and I'm getting Captain Atom to review it... maybe Nightwing), two Joe Casey comics (Vengeance and Butcher Baker, the Righteous Maker... which comes out on the same day as a new issue of The Boys: Butcher Baker Candlestickmaker!) plus a bunch more. It's a good time for comics, my friends. A good time for comics.


Random Comments! Where you all surprise me by what you choose to focus on in the comments.

ultras28 said: Astonishing X-men: Xenogenesis was really fantastic. Love that Marvel allowed the artist to use Mohawk Storm.

I dug it. I dug all of Ellis's Astonishing X-Men stuff. He managed to make all three stories revolve around the same ideas of a depleted mutant population and altered genetics/evolution. Very 'X-Men-centric' writing, which is what you want ideally.

Tom Fitzpatrick said: I’m afraid, that when you finally tie the knot, you will lose your RANDOM THOUGHTS edge. I’m so very, very afraid. At least, we’ve 13 months of raw, naked, bad-ass, random thoughts.

I don't see what would change there since I think most of the change has probably already happened.

JRC said: I’ve already got the framework for the LP: a parody of Dark Side Of The Moon becomes “Other Side of the Room”. An epic tale about a guy too lazy to get up and change the TV channel after its remote has gone dead. It’d also allow for gags based on whatever awful TV show/comercial has happens to be on, stuff under couch cushions, gross snack food, falling alseep and having weird TV dreams, ect… There’s my $1000 idea Al, it’s all yours.

I rather like this idea.

C. Towns said: I never bought any of the ‘best of the year’ sets for Chikara though I can see the positives to it. But having actually bought all the volumes thus far this year-I’m actually happy to be following the storylines and drama instead of getting snippets.

Yeah, I just don't have the money/desire to buy all of their shows at $15 for each of them. Maybe if I wasn't buying any other wrestling DVDs, but I'm not prepared to focus on just one company. Michelle and I have watched the first disc of the Best of 2009 set and it's really fun, entertaining stuff. Michelle loves it. It's very 'popcorn' if that makes sense.

Jack Jones said: So, speaking of Disc Two, I guess they had to make the whole disc old cause some other label is releasing it. Still no word 2 weeks out about the 2nd disc. We’ll see if that even happens.

(This is regarding the new Barenaked Ladies 'best of' compilation coming out a week from today, by the way...) I'm a little worried that I have yet to see the deluxe two-disc edition for sale anywhere online. It would be a shame if it doesn't come about. Then again, BNL's site has nothing on the compilation at all, which is strange.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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