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Random Thoughts! (September 15, 2009)

by  in Comic News Comment
Random Thoughts! (September 15, 2009)

Tuesday! Random thoughts time! Get excited!

Random Thought! Ah, just because it was the topic of last week for many of us… favourite Beatle: Paul; favourite Beatles song: “Helter Skelter”; favourite Beatles album: The Beatles. And, no, haven’t played the video game, because my girlfriend has a PS2 and they decided not to release it on the PS2… bastards. Plus, wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway… Oh, and I prefer the ‘naked’ version of Let it Be over the original. And, finally, for your reading pleasure, a .pdf copy of a short story I wrote three years ago: “Killing Paul McCartney is Not Funny.”

Random Thought! The first two pages of Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus #1 really annoyed me last week. They had nothing to do with the rest of the issue, acting only as a “Go buy Dark X-Men: The Confession when it comes out!” teaser. Of course, the scene WOULD have worked if it began the crossover since the seeds are planted there for Henry breaking from Scott and Emma plus the possible trust issues between Scott and Emma. It wouldn’t just be a teaser, it would set the stage for a lot of the choices these characters would make in the crossover. I just hate bullshit scenes like that that literally add nothing, acting as an ad.

Random Thought! While I really liked The Unwritten #5, is anyone worried that this series may just devolve into The Sandman Version However-many-rip-offs-we’ve-reached-now-point-oh? There’s a more central plot, but the odd one-off issue spotlighting a literary figure in new and interesting ways? Reminded me a lot of Gaiman is all. Don’t know why that is necessarily a bad thing, but…

Random Thought! Is there any comic series that I haven’t reviewed an issue of for CBR that any of you would like me to make an effort to review sometime in the future?

Random Thought! Much like the Marvel/Disney deal, the whole DC Entertainment news from last week is big, but still too early to really discuss or give an opinion of — at least on my end. One of those ‘time will tell’ things.

Random Thought! Wow, the big ‘Joe Quesada finally discusses the Disney deal’ Cup O’ Joe column was really empty of anything informative… Mostly background on when he found out things and that… oh, that’s it. Except for his comment that he doesn’t feel original graphic novels are a viable business model for Marvel — which I agree with, because it will make them more money to serialise books, collect them in hardcover, reprint the hardcover in softcover, collect several hardcovers into one omnibus, and then release the omnibus in softcover (last step happens only sometimes). If you, possibly, make back all of your money in that first step, why would you cut it out? (I don’t know how many of Marvel’s books do, for the record.) Artistically, original graphic novels where the content dictates the size of the story and breaking for issues every 22 pages isn’t a factor is a much better idea… but as a business decision, I’m not so sure. DC does it from time to time, but not too often… To really judge, you’d need access to internal numbers and none of us have those.

Random Thought! I have got a giant slushy mug from 7-11. It’s fantastic. I should have gotten it sooner, but my girlfriend bugging me to get it is what made me a few weeks back. It cost eight bucks initially, but refills are the price of the smallest size in the store and the mug holds a can of pop’s worth of slushy more than the largest size. Plus, it keeps the slushy cold longer.

Random Thought! If you haven’t, check out The Lone Ranger #17 at Newsarama. It’s the complete issue and it’s pretty good. I’ve read (and written a review of) issue 18 and love Sergio Cariello’s art. He uses scale well to create interesting pictures. I’d heard this book was good — and the writing isn’t bad — but it really is worth a look, especially when you can read an issue for free.

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