Random Thoughts! (October 6, 2011)

Random Thought! I worked Monday and Tuesday this week (instead of Wednesday and Friday... plus the weekends), so this got delayed a couple of days. But, it's finally Random Thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture. 411mania for wrestling reviews and the occasional CD review.

Random Thought! Not sure if next week's edition of Random Thoughts will be on time either because of Thanksgiving here in Canada. I will be out of town Monday, returning... either Monday night or sometime Tuesday. It may just be a half-assed version. No, strike that. It will be a half-assed version!

Random Thought! Nice to see the CSBG comment section descend to the level of the 411mania comment section in Greg's megapost reviewing all of the DC #1s with many expressing the sentiments of "We disagree, therefore you're a bad writer" and "Stop being so critically minded in your reviews." If you said something like that (and weren't obviously joking), you're an idiot and should probably not write things online. Or say things aloud. Or let anyone know what dumb thoughts you're thinking, because allowing them to escape your tiny abortion of a brain makes the world a worse place.

Random Thought! I didn't find Holy Terror racist. Or necessarily anti-Muslim -- then again, I didn't find the heavily guarded church in Sin City and the hooker-killing-and-cannibalism-supporting cardinal anti-catholic either. I guess that's where I find myself not quite agreeing with a lot of people. How are the two different other than people being more sensitive about one? It's not like Miller is known recently for deep, introspective villains or anything approaching sensitivity or subtlety. To jump on his depiction of Muslim terrorists while ignoring his depiction of... well, EVERY other distinct/ethnic/racial group in his output of the last, oh, twenty years is taking Holy Terror out of creative context. It was, basically, what you'd expect from Miller telling a story about Islamic terrorist. I'm not saying his depiction of the terrorists in Holy Terror is good, merely consistent with his writing recently. My biggest problem with the book was that I didn't find the Fixer that compelling a hero. The ending in particular let me down. It felt rushed and 'easy.' I would have liked a big fight scene. But, hey, that's me. (One more bit: I didn't find that 'dark ages' crack by the young man to the Muslim girl anti-Islamic... I thought it rang true in the way that kids are likely to call anything/anyone that doesn't take full advantage of everything new and modern a dinosaur from the dark ages or old or whatever. It was anti-youth. Or, more accurately, can just as easily be read that way.)

Random Thought! Tim's When Words Collide column this week is, sadly, a must read.

Random Thought! "The Galactus Seed"? More like "The Galactus MacGuffin." (Or, "The MacGuffin Seed

Random Thought! Calling Superman's mission "The Never-Ending Battle" makes him sound like a failure. It's also depressing. He will NEVER win. Ultimately, he will die and evil will continue. Fuck Superman.

Random Thought! Goddamn, The Ultimates #2 lived up to its mandate of fucking shit up and really cutting loose. I pity all you poor suckers waiting for the trade -- or who simply decided to skip this. Hickman and Ribic fucking killed it with that issue.

Random Thought! The final page of 'Breed #5 was pretty cool. Not a surprise given the hints dropped in the issue itself, but still awesome. You want spoilers? Fuck it, I'm spoiling it, because, otherwise, none of you would bother checking it out. Stoner is shown the group that Wyrd has put together to back him up: Darklon the Mystic, Kid Kosmos, Oedi, and Vance fucking Dreadstar. Jim Starlin writing and drawing Dreadstar again. I've got a giant grin on my face, yes sir, I do.

Random Thought! New Ryan Adams on Tuesday! I can't wait. I pre-ordered the album from Adams's website, so I don't know when it will arrive for me because shipping from the US to Canada is horrible (I get stuff from the UK quicker...), but pre-ordering it like that included a free digital copy on the day it comes out, so I can listen to it that way until the CD arrives.

Random Thought! Spoiler for Detective Comics #3: the Dollmaker and his people steal Batman's mask. The issue ends with the reveal that the Joker has sewn it on as his new face.

Random Thought! Coming soon: Direct Message.

Random Thought! And, now, no one gives a fuck about DC... (and I'm grateful, because reading 87 reviews of every #1 was a little tiring after the second week...)

Random Thought! Today is the provincial election here in Ontario. I will be voting, but I can't remember the last time I was this apathetic towards an election. Maybe it's the dull campaign ads. They're just sloppy, amateurish stuff that makes me think that no one is really trying this time.

Random Thought! "Why'd you kill me dog, Jack?" Christ...

Random Thought! I do love Grant Morrison's Superman in Action Comics. You can strap him into an electric chair, fill the room with sarin gas, and he'll still just grin and laugh a bit as he breaks free. Why get mad when it's just a bunch of children playing tough guy?

Random Thought! I'm glad I picked up the second issue of Stormwatch. It was a marked improvement over the first. Much more interesting and chaotic, and delved into some of the actual personalities of the characters. I still hate the Midnighter redesign, but... I can live with it. I suppose.

Random Thought! Same thing with OMAC... but, I think in this book's case, it was that my expectations were a bit more in tune with what the book delivered. I expected some big dumb action and got it. Lovely.

Random Thought! Someone needs to do a giant graphic novel that's Wolverine vs. Sabretooth vs. Deadpool. Just tons of pages of cartoonish carnage featuring characters that keep healing. Make it an anthology where each artist does a bunch of pages before the next one picks up where the last left off. No real beginning, no real end... just lots and lots of fightin'.

Random Thought! I did like Cyclops's immediate reaction to Wolverine after their fight and the fight with the Sentinel: demanding an apology and gloating after they beat the Sentinel.

Random Thought! Casanova: Avaritia #2 is an improvement over the first issue. I thought it was just me, but I went back and read the first issue. It's just better. Gotta get past that overwhelming pressure, I suppose.


Random Comments! Because the reader is always right...

Jeff R. said: Tangy Carolina BBQ is best Lays BBQ. (Possibly “Old-Fashioned” is the de-Americanized Canadian name for the same chips?)

I've tried Tangy Carolina BBQ and they're weak. Although, for some reason, you Americans are obsessed with different flavours of BBQ. Lays in Canada has two BBQ flavours right now -- usually just one. But, we also have flavours like Ketchup and All Dressed plus some other temporary ones. From Ruffles, we have TONS more flavours. Honestly, chip selection in the US is disappointing. And I thought you guys were supposed to be the gluttons!

Cich said: Jason Aaron writes a solo Wolverine book. There, Logan had some gruesome experiences with children which left him an emotional wreck. And that explains Wolverine’s decisions in Schism and why he suddenly cares about teenage sidekicks.

I've heard that, but here's the thing about that: none of that has been mentioned in Schism. Not even in a subtle, barely an allusion way. If that's meant to be a motivating factor in Wolverine's behaviour then it needs to be mentioned SOMEHOW. I'm not talking about an obvious "Well, based on my latest experiences..." drop in, just something that justifies the character suddenly acting in a way that doesn't seem consistent with his earlier behaviour.

Travis Pelkie said: At least you hate the Yankees more than the Red Sox.

It goes: Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, Orioles... everyone else not the Blue Jays.

AverageJoeEveryman said: The Jays would probably win more if they could hide the guy they sit in center field to tip the pitches better.

That article was a joke of bad reporter, using stats that meant nothing, and, basically, accusing a team of not only being bad on the field but horrible at cheating, too.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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