Random Thoughts! (October 6, 2009)

I love the conversations that pop up from these posts. I never know where they're going to come from. Always fun. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Random Thought! So, Spider-Man: The Clone Saga wasn't nearly as great as I was hoping for. But, I wasn't surprised by that (or anything about the comic including its rushed storytelling), because revisiting things you have a fondness for from your past is never as great as you hope it will be. No, it just reveals something you didn't want to know: you had shit taste then. Take that to its logical extension: future you will think that present you has shit taste, too. Revisiting works from your past is proof that your taste in comics (or anything else) is total crap. We all suck.

Random Thought! Flipped through the latest Green Lantern (as it was among my dad's purchases this past week -- as I'm still at my parents') and it contained one of those scenes that I absolutely hate (SPOILERS!) where Mongul and Sinestro fight and just when it looks like Sinestro is dead, he activates his override on the yellow rings Mongul is wearing to have them stab him with energy spikes or whatever. WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T HE DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE INSTEAD OF GETTING THE SHIT KICKED OUT OF HIM? "But, Chad, it's more dramatic!" you whine. No! No, it's dumber! Why would he willingly get beaten down instead of just going, "Hmm, yeah... die!" and then taking out Mongul? What reason is there beyond drama and 'being cool'? Because, if there isn't any reason, then anything the scene gains by the conflict it loses for being very, very dumb. Besides, what's more badass: a last minute reveal after getting beaten up or executing a plan without having to actually fight?

Random Thought! Ignore the above rant if it was previously revealed that Sinestro gets sexual pleasure from pain. Because, if that's the case, the scene makes more sense. But that's the only way!

Random Thought! Okay, a Black Lantern teething ring is a clever idea. But that's the only thing that looked anywhere close to clever in that Blackest Night: Teen Titans #2.

Random Thought! This week, Bill Reed asks: "What's the best first issue you ever read?" I'm going to open this up to first issues of runs on titles as well, because it's my post and I can. That's a hard question, though. Some immediate prospects: The Authority #1, Planetary #1, Automatic Kafka #1, Marvel Boy #1, the Ennis/Dillon Punisher #1, New X-Men #114 (first Morrison issue), X-Force #116 (first Milligan/Allred issue), X-Man #63 (first Ellis/Grant/Olivetti issue), Wildcats #8 (first Casey/Phillips issue), and, jeez, countless others that I'm blanking on. My answer is going to be The Authority #1 since no first issue has ever gotten me so excited, caused me to pour over the issue with such intensity, or want the second issue immediately as much.

Random Thought! Honestly, "The Circle," that first Authority storyline may be my favourite comics story of all time -- the unity of writing, pencils, inks, colours, and letters is amazing. I read the issue when my dad got them and then still bought them (something I never did then). I then carried those issues around in my backpack for a month, rereading and rereading them, breaking things down, examining the art... hot damn.

Random Thought! On my blog this week: some short thoughts on Hancock, a lesson in getting your comic reviewed, liveblogging the first hour or so of Hancock, and reviews of some of this week's BOOM! releases.

Random Thought! The lesson, by the way, is this: you don't get to decide what criteria I use to review your book. Everyone has biases, everyone has things they pick up on more than others, everyone looks for different things in art and entertainment. Also: just because a reviewer doesn't like a genre doesn't mean that he or she can't tell if something is good or bad, it just means they don't like the genre.

Random Thought! Have to wrap things up now. See you next week.

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