Random Thoughts! (October 27, 2009)

Random Thought! I sometimes write these in my underwear. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Random Thought! Reread reviews return Sunday as I begin Nostalgia November here at Comics Should be Good. Every day in November, I will read and discuss one comic from a box of comics that I brought back from my parents' house. The box contains a random assortment of comics from my childhood, so it's a nice trip back to my youth. Sundays will have a reread review and a Nostalgia November post as, for the reread reviews, I spend November looking back at the death and return of Superman for four Sundays and, since November has five Sundays, will end the month with the Marvel 2099 crossover "Fall of the Hammer." Oh, this should be fun.

Random Thought! Not related to comics, but last week's 411 Wrestling Top 5 column asked a question that's been nagging at me: if you had to choose five wrestlers (one selection can be a tag-team) to start a promotion, which five wrestlers would you pick? You can see the results that the guys there picked, but I wanted to share my picks for the three of you who also watch wrestling.

1. Chris Jericho. Not just because I'm a big fan of his, but because he's probably the best all-around performer in North American wrestling (maybe the world, but I don't know that stuff well enough to say for sure). Fantastic mic skills, can have a great match with anyone, a main event-level wrestler who has no problem putting other guys over or not being in the spotlight all of the time, and also very creative, always willing to come up with great ideas for his character and feuds. He can be a heel, he can be a face, he can do it all.

2. John Cena. Because you need a main event draw and no one does that better these days than Cena. Not only that, but he's also a guy who's willing to put guys over and do what's good for the company as a whole -- that he's been kept on top so long is more a result of the WWE's booking decisions than him demanding it. He also works hard to deliver his best every single time he's out there. I won't always take passion over skill, but Cena is a case where his passion more than makes up for whatever skills he lacks.

3. Samoa Joe. A big, thick guy with fantastic in-ring skills. He can also be face or heel, which is good. Not much more to say. He's also young enough that he's got a while before he'll retire. An established main event star who also does midcard feuds, not someone who requires to be in a world belt feud at all times.

4. Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase). You need young, future stars and this tag-team fits the bill best. Their work against DX the past few months has shown that they can deliver on a main event level and look to be future world champions. I'm choosing them over someone like John Morrison pretty much because, as a tag-team, it's a two-for-one deal.

5. CM Punk. I debated this final spot between Punk and AJ Styles, but I think Punk is stronger overall. They're both at similar levels in their careers, but Punk's in-ring abilities are less 'spot monkey' and his mic work is much better than where Styles is at. Although, with Styles as TNA champ right now, maybe we'll see even more improvement from him. Punk, though, has been pure gold since his slow heel turn after cashing in his second Money in the Bank briefcase.

Overall, I went with a make-up of six guys: two established vets (Cena not quite a long-standing vet, but enough of one), two main event-status newcomers, and two future stars.

Random Thought! The old saying goes that not many people bought the Velvet Underground's first album, but everyone that did started their own band. Is there something like that in comics?

Random Thought! Nothing about selling a short story makes you feel like a real writer like having to sign contracts. Contracts mean business, which means professional.

Random Thought! I love the look of books on a shelf... especially trades. They look better than regular books, honestly. Especially when you get a nice uniform spine design like Vertigo used for Hellblazer until Denise Mina's run.

Random Thought! As much as I love the comics Avatar publishes, I hate their generic covers. The company is better than that. Though, I do like the painted portrait Ignition City covers, the 'warning sign' Doktor Sleepless covers (though they cost more, which is bullshit), and dug that the colours on each No Hero cover went through the spectrum. Otherwise, though... the company publishes books by fantastic writers featuring very talented artists, they could be delivering gorgeous, knock-you-on-your-ass covers.

Random Thought! It's a good thing I'm not an artist, because then I'd probably do stupid things like trying to figure out how to do Ulysses and Gravity's Rainbow as graphic novels. Okay, that would be pretty cool, actually.

Random Thought! Patrick Bateman is who Bruce Wayne would have grown up to be if his parents had lived. And was a young man in the '80s. I still believe that, to keep the Bruce Wayne persona up, Batman had to do a lot of cocaine in the '80s. Also: does Batman care about the legal issues regarding any of Bruce Wayne's associates having illegal immigrants as domestic help? What's his position on white collar crime?

Random Thought! Apparently, CBR's traffic is up 25% from a year ago. I began reviewing for them this time last year. Hmm... so, the year that I've been reviewing for them, traffic has gone up... interesting... heh. (And that's when I get an e-mail from Jonah telling me what the hits on my reviews are and I shut up...)

Random Thought! "Station to Station" is amazing.

Random Thought! New feature at the blog: Rated R Reviews. Haven't quite gotten a handle on what I want to do with them yet, but it's an evolving feature. Really brief reviews when I seemingly talk about the comics in somewhat tangental ways.

Random Thought! Up earlier today: the Top 25 Warren Ellis Comics, something that began in one of these posts, went through a Splash Page, and, then, Tim's "When Worlds Collide" column this week. With all that Tim and I agree on, is it any surprise that we're getting as much as we can out of one area where we differ?

Random Thought! Just for you guys, the five runners-up for the top 25 Warren Ellis comics (in no particular order): Iron Man: Extremis, Frankenstein's Womb, City of Silence, Freakangels, and Ignition City.

Random Thought! One Ellis work that I have a lot of fondness for but know that it doesn't crack the top 30 is Switchblade Honey, the little space graphic novel he did for AiT/Planet Lar. Basically, humanity is at war with an alien species that is kicking the shit out of them, so they put together a group of military criminals (basically the good people who didn't fit in or follow orders) and tell them to go off and be the Viet Cong, basically. To help save humanity by being guerrilla fighters. Some nice jokes at the expense of Star Trek and its various shows. Not much more than Ellis drunk having fun -- but aren't those the sort of things that stay with you sometimes?

Random Thought! This week, I'm reviewing Blackest Night #4 for CBR...

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