Random Thoughts (October 26, 2010)

Random Thought! I was sick for nearly two weeks of October…my favorite month of the year.  Now October is almost over and I’m pissed.  It’s random thoughts time with guest poster Kelly Thompson!  Get excited!

Link Thought! For Chat Nevett: GraphiContent for comics, and butterbeatleblog for pop culture. For Kelly Thompson: 1979 Semi-Finalist and on twitter!

Random Thought! I’m lost on Mondays with no Mad Men to watch on Sunday nights.  There’s nothing interesting to think about without Mad Men to get me going, which is probably a sad commentary on my life…

Random Thought! Also, this just in, the Mad Men seasons are WAY too short.

Random Thought! Speaking of too short, can you believe this “half season” of Venture Bros. is over?!  AGGGGHHHH.  HATE WAITING.

Random Thought! Did you guys see the great action figures and bobble heads that came out for Venture Bros?  I bought some for my guy (i.e. for me under the guise of being for my guy).  They're pretty awesome.

Random Thought! 30 Rock has been good this season.  And Community has been good too, unless it’s an episode featuring Chevy Chase like last week, which I fast-forwarded through and then deleted before finishing.  Chase is SO the weak link in that show/cast, I don’t know why they don’t cut him.  He’s probably the biggest expense too.  His character Pierce just sucks…mostly because the performance is terrible.  What happened to Three Amigos Chevy Chase that used to please me so?  Everything that used to be good sucks.  Man I’m a downer today…sorry guys, I’ll try to brighten up!

Random Thought! I don’t know if any of you are watching The Good Wife…seems like the wrong crowd perhaps…but it is a damn fine show.  Really smart and interesting.  Great cast too.  Alan Cummings (Nightcrawler!) is particularly good.

Random Thought! Are you guys excited about The Walking Dead on Sunday?  I’m really nervous.  See post about adaptation from yesterday for confirmation of my wariness of adaptations.  Some of the ads seem great…some seem…off.  And since The Walking Dead is the book that single handedly brought me back to comics a few years back…well, that’s a lot to live up to.

Random Thought! I think I’m finally over my comics reading malaise….or at least I’m finally caught up on my reading.

Random Thought! I think the Ladies Comics Project invigorated me…even though on the whole I thought the ladies had to read a pretty shitty selection of comics.  Boo September!

Random Thought! I’m grateful that Batwoman #0 comes out in November, as Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs DV8: Gods & Monsters mini-series ends in November and I’m really bummed about it.  I need something good to lift me up as I lose DV8…

Random Thought! Chad’s got a great review of DV8: Gods & Monsters #7 up on the CBR Reviews page.  I’m telling you guys, if you haven’t been reading this, you’re missing out.  It’s really interesting and the most consistently beautiful book I’ve read all year.  If you missed it or can’t find it (it is definitely out there though if you look) the trade is scheduled for April 2011 and you’d be a fool not to pick it up.  A fool!

Random Thought! And Rebekah Isaacs is illustrating a new series out soon called Magus. Again with covers by the magnificent Fiona Staples. It honestly looks pretty damn cool and is a super interesting concept if executed well.  There’s a preview here.

Random Thought! Back to Bats (isn’t that always the way?)…on the DC Women Kicking Ass October Madness Tournament Cass Cain just advanced to the final 8 with like 80% of the vote in her battle.  DC GIVE THIS WOMAN A SERIES!

Random Thought! Also, it’s Big Barda v Wonder Woman today AND Selina Kyle v Lois Lane.  Go vote!

Random Thought! DC’s January “logo” solicits were kind of a mess.  It could have been cool if all the logos were great I guess…but some were like lazy phoned in clip art.  Also, though I generally like single figure covers and lots of white space…even I was bored when I finished looking at like 70 books done in that same style…they all started to run together.

Random Thought! Worst logo of the group?  Definitely Zatanna’s cheesy top hat.  Plus a Z is a great letter to turn into a logo - it’s got nice balance like an S and it's just kind of awesome...why not use it?  Most hilarious logo of the group?  Teen Titans, which I call the “pep boys logo”.  Overall I think all the experiment proved to me is that exceptional graphic designers are worth their weight in gold and should be HIRED.

Random Thought! I’ve been reading not so great things (reviews mostly) about Mike Carey’s current X-Men Legacy plot.  I have some problems with it, but they’re all minor, overall I think it’s pretty good.  Sometimes I really feel out of synch with everyone. :(

Random Thought! There’s also been less support for the excellent Clay Mann art than I would expect. I totally don’t get it - I think Mann’s art has been great overall.  As a bonus, Mann tends to draw Rogue’s costume zipped up. Woo!

Random Thought! I’ve been loving the experience of guest hosting on Nick Marino’s weekly AudioShocker podcast, but we’re talking about X-Men The Animated Series and re-watching them is definitely taking the nostalgic shine off the series for me.  Last week was Episode 4, better known as “X-Men Amateur Hour At The Local Chemical Plant”. Up tomorrow is episode 5 (the Morlocks one) and man is it bad…which leaves much to discuss.

Random Thought! I was having a discussion with another comics blogger on Twitter and it got me thinking…what is your all time favorite comic character…if you have to pick JUST ONE…who is it?  For me it’s the likely boring answer for many fans, but I can’t help it.  Bruce Wayne - the goddamn Batman.

Random Thought! Though I definitely "digs me some Dick Grayson scooting around in the kevlar pajamas.” * there’s only one Batman for me, and even though Dick Grayson has been flat out amazing in the role, I still want Bruce.  My love for that character is just boundless.  Batdickery and all.  What can I say?

Random Thought! Halloween is my favorite holiday (maybe in part because it falls in my favorite month?).  Does anyone have a great costume this year?

Random Thought! You know the thing I miss most about my childhood Halloween?  The Disney Halloween Special?  Did any of you grow up watching this?  I love that shit.  I wish they would release it on DVD...I suspect it's not "family friendly" enough for the modern version of Disney...I can't think of any other reason they'd resist raking in the cash it would bring in.  Such a waste.  As it is now, I have to watch it here in like 9 pieces on the computer and some of the quality is terrible...but I ache to have a great DVD copy so that I could curl up on the couch with it every Halloween.  I'd pay an exorbitant amount of money to own that DVD.  I've even signed petitions to get it released...that's how strong my love is people...PETITIONS!  I guess I'll have to sate myself with the always excellent It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, which FYI, airs this week - Thursday October 28th (8pm on ABC in my hood) -  but check your local listings.

Happy Halloween everyone!

*quote TOTALLY stolen from last week’s issue of Power Girl, a line too good not to share.

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