Random Thoughts! (October 11, 2011)

Random Thought! I promised a half-assed edition and a half-assed edition is what you're going to get! It's Random Thoughts time! Get excited!

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Random Thought! Normally, I don't feel the need to say this, but I stand by everything I wrote in review of Green Arrow #2. The review is not ironic or sarcastic or a joke or anything like that. 100% sincere -- and a lot of fun to write. It's one of my favourite reviews I've written for the site.

Random Thought! What the new DC relaunch is missing, for me, is that one book. That book that I absolutely can't wait to read the next issue of. There are a bunch of books I really like, but none that I absolutely love and adore. For me, that's the biggest failure of the relaunch -- and it's an entirely subjective one. If other people had that book appear, great. Me, I'm left without that one special comic that instantly shoots to the top of my list. Then again, how many books are like that for me right now? Well, let's count: The Boys, The Ultimates (number two rocked my world so much), Scalped, Vengeance (mini-series, though), Gødland, Punishermax, Deadpool MAX... maybe Casanova (that second issue was awesome), Criminal when it's out... Daredevil is close to that point... So, we're dealing with seven to ten comics that reach that top tier every month. But, out of 52, DC couldn't produce one like that for me?

Random Thought! It was Thanksgiving this weekend, which meant driving to my parents' house on Sunday after I finished work at 8pm, driving from there to Michelle's aunt's house yesterday afternoon, and, then, coming home that night. And, yet, we still had five Ryan Adams albums we hadn't listened to... never enough time, you know?

Random Thought! Did I miss someone at Marvel releasing a statement to the effect of "Marvel: (220*), DC: 1" with regards to DC topping the sales charts in September like they did? (*Insert whatever number is actually correct.) I honestly don't care about sales, but I really expected that response from Marvel.

Random Thought! I only care about sales to the degree that they affect me getting a comic I like. It's weird to see people talk about sales as if it somehow betters their life. Like they gain something when the side they've picked 'wins.' I see that all of the time in wrestling discussions and it baffles me. Say the WWE's ratings are down and TNA's are up... what does that have to do with me? How am I benefitting or losing out? What if I watch both and think that the ratings loss coincides with some of the best wrestling TV I've ever seen? I'm going to criticise the company for delivering quality? More eyes don't mean shit. It's the business (literally) of those companies.

Random Thought! Two weeks until 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (aka when I stop giving a fuck about comics, music, TV, wrestling, work, my girlfriend, eating, bathing, sleeping...).

Random Thought! It's almost certainly a pipedream, but I hope that 'Breed III leads to Jim Starling doing a Dreadstar book of some kind. Not necessarily an ongoing series. I'd love to see him end the story finally. He said years ago that he came up with an end for the story and it would be great to see it.

Random Thought! Still coming soon (eventually): Direct Message.

Random Thought! I got the first trade of American Vampire last week and dug it. Rafael Albuquerque is fantastic, of course. What's weird is that, because the book is so acclaimed, my response will make it sound like I didn't like it when I did. I just didn't like it as much as others seem to. It was a solid 3.5-star comic for me. Entertaining and made me want to turn every page, just didn't draw me in to the point where I was totally engrossed. Part of that could be the duelling narratives in the first arc. Neither one gets into a good groove because the other interrupts it. I will pick up the second trade whenever it comes out.

Random Thought! Tomorrow, three Amazon.ca orders will arrive. It's a strange culmination of things. One order was placed last month with a vague time for shipping, another is only part of an order that has a vague final shipping date, and the other is something that came out today, so, of course, it would arrive tomorrow. And, of course, Wednesday is a day where no one is home, so I won't get any of this until... who knows. Unless Michelle happens to be home when UPS arrives or I happen to be home on Thursday when they do. (Items arriving: Counter X: X-Force, a big Dreadstar hardcover with "The Metamorphosis Odyssey" in it, The Best of Raw 2009, A Singer Must Die by Steven Page and the Art of Time Ensemble, and the complete Trailer Park Boys including both TV specials and both movies...)

Random Thought! A sign that something is wrong with me: I haven't picked up Wilson or Mr. Wonderful by Dan Clowes yet, but, if I see The Death-Ray hardcover in my shop this week, I will have to actively fight against getting it despite owning Eightball #23 already.

Random Thought! I have to agree with my best friend Adam: Cyclops should have lost a body part in his fight with Wolverine. Like one of his eyes... Age of Apocalypse reference! As it was... the fight didn't seem to have any lasting effects physically, which took a bit of the sting out of it.

Random Thought! I missed Raw last night and was thinking about watching the replay at 4pm today on the Score... until Adam filled me in on what happened. I'm kind of dreading watching next week when I'm back reviewing it for 411mania. How did they go from "The Summer of Punk II" to this shit so quickly? So quickly! It's insane!

Random Thought! Was 2008 one of the WWE's best years creatively? Michelle and I watched WrestleMania XXIV on Friday night after I bought it at a pawn shop that day (pawn shops are great for buying DVDs, by the way). It was a really a strong show (aside from the obligatory Divas match and celebrity involvement... but that's EVERY WrestleMania, so you can't really fault the show specifically for having those elements). I may be the only person who really loves the WWE Championship Triple Threat between Randy Orton, John Cena, and Triple H -- and that's because it's so tightly constructed and plays out perfectly from beginning to end. Anyway... it got me thinking about 2008 and how good that year was. You began with Orton/Hardy and Cena returning at the Royal Rumble to No Way Out, which featured some excellent Elimination Chamber matches, a 'Mania that's quite good, and straight on with more Edge/Undertaker, the whole Ric Flair retirement fallout with Shawn Michaels, Batista, and Chris Jericho that culminated in the Jericho/Michaels feud, CM Punk becoming World Heavyweight Champion (even if his reign was weak), the beginning of Legacy (before it turned crap in 2009... though not until after that Royal Rumble where the three members were in the final four and made sure Randy Orton won)... throw in some Miz and Morrison being awesome as a tag team, Santino's Intercontinental Champion gimmick (and his relationship with Beth Phoenix), and, yeah, a pretty great year. Of course, the WWE didn't start doing 'best of' DVDs for specific years until 2009...

Random Thought! And one of those Amazon.ca packages just arrived! UPS's site suggested it wouldn't arrive until tomorrow! It's the one with the two trades and the Best of Raw 2009 DVD. I'm very pleased to see that the Dreadstar hardcover includes everything from before the ongoing series (I discussed those works here on Comics Should be Good before officially beginning "Dreadstar December" last year). Though, flipping through, it looks like they were shot from the issues of Epic Illustrated they appeared in. I don't mind really, but it's a little disappointing. (And, suddenly, it becomes very hard to continue writing this column today...)

Random Thought! You know what's awesome? Pink lemonade! Yummy.

Random Thought! Did I mention that, if I had my way, Doug Mahnke would have drawn Action Comics and Rags Morales would have drawn Green Lantern? Because that would have been great.

Random Thought! OMAC will last as long as Giffen and DiDio can keep coming up with issue titles that are acronyms of 'OMAC.'

Random Thought! Who is Jake Ellis? #5 comes out this week. Finally.

Random Thought! I'm tired.


Random Comments! Not as many of you last time. I asked Brian and, apparently, hits were down 23% for the Thursday morning edition. I don't really understand why. Do all of you who missed it not read the blog regularly? Is Random Thoughts a destination column that people just look for on Tuesdays at 4:45 pm EST?

George said: These are mean spirited not amusing. Just my opinion.

As I replied last week, some of those Random Thoughts were meant to be mean-spirited. They weren't meant to be nice and cheerful. And that's okay. It's called 'Random Thoughts' because it's whatever thoughts I feel like sharing. They won't all be nice and uplifting. Sometimes, they'll be mean. If you don't like that, don't bother reading.

Michael P said: My favorite comments re: DC over the past month have been the people who respond to any criticism with “You just want to make Dan Didio look bad.” Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.

That's my primary goal. Mostly because his bribes for good reviews aren't as large as the ones Marvel pays. Cheap bastard.

Travis Pelkie said: On potato chip flavors (or flavours, I suppose): you might just be hitting the wrong stores in the US, or getting different brands. In my area, we have tons of flavors, including several BBQ types, ketchup, salt&pepper, and so on. Even the pretzels have various flavors anymore. Mmm, chips…

Where do you live? Because the lack of flavours isn't unique to Detroit. Tim, for example, didn't try ketchup and some other flavours until a trip to Canada this past summer.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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