Random Thoughts! (November 3, 2009)

Random Thought!

Random Thought! I mentioned last week how, if I could draw, I'd probably do something stupid like try and adapt Ulysses by James Joyce in comic form... well, a guy by the name of Robert Berry is doing just that as a webcoming. Go check out Ulysses "Seen"!

Random Thought! To further increase the tension between Brad and myself, I have become the new 'Low Road' writer of 411Mania's High Road/Low Road wrestling column. The former 'Low Road' writer stepped down, so they held open auditions where the best responses for the next column would get the gig and that was me. The column tackles one subject each week, the 'High Road' writer arguing for a position, the 'Low Road' against. Finally, being a negative asshole pays off. The first column I've done with Sat went up on Friday as we debate the merits of TNA's World Elite faction. Also, the new gig means I can contribute the various round table-esque columns and features like Wrestler of the Week, Top 5, and PPV previews. And I did, contributing to this week's wrestler of the week column.

Random Thought! Friday was my one-year anniversary at CBR. 254 reviews in my first year... that seems like a lot.

Random Thought! Did no one give Todd Nauck visual references for the Scarlet Spider's impact webbing and stingers? Because his versions look nothing like the originals... and the originals were very cool. So cool that I often wonder why Spider-Man doesn't use them.

Random Thought! I've had a pdf of a book that I signed up to review for CBR for a few weeks that I only just finished reading, not because it's that long, but because the formatting of the file made reading it such a chore. I actually enjoyed the book, but hated the process of reading it because of formatting issues that resulted in a lot of scrolling back and forth, and up and down. Never had that problem with a print copy.

Random Thought! I reviewed issue four of Blackest Night for CBR. I didn't like it, because it was a boring comic with horrible speeches that were meant to be big and exciting and came off as bad high school halftime locker room speeches.

Random Thought! Is there something wrong with me for reading Spider-Man: The Clone Saga despite it being very, very, very bad?

Random Thought! My favourite part of last week's Detective Comics? The twins in snowsuits. Kids in snowsuits definitely ranks in the top ten cutest things in existence.

Random Thought! For the record, I do think about what I want to say before writing my CBR reviews. Someone questioned that last week and I wanted to say that for sure.

Random Thought! I've decided to officially stop caring about sales figures. Not my business. I buy what I like and I'll focus on that.

Random Thought! The prospect of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven doing Marvelman do not excite me.

Random Thought! Man, I just don't have anything this week... sorry.

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