Random Thoughts! (November 24, 2010)

Random Thought! Thanksgiving in October is a much better idea. A big family holiday one month before another, America? I think you guys need to learn to space out your holidays a little. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics, including a post on Andy Diggle's Hellblazer run on Friday. Also, go learn what I was reading last week.

Random Thought! I can tolerate Bendis forgetting what came before when it serves his story, because, well, demanding that writers are beholden to what others came up with, especially when so many godawful comics have been made, is pretty stupid. But, when he messes up his continuity like in Avengers #7 and the Infinity Gems... well, what the hell?

Random Thought! Seriously, for anyone who has ever thought that reviewers at CBR or anywhere else are paid off: how much is a positive review worth?

Random Thought! Go to Ryan Adams's website and download "Destroyers." It's a pretty good song. I'm looking forward to the release of III/IV next month.

Random Thought! Man, I should have bought Superman #705 for the blog post comparing domestic violence as depicted there with how it's shown in Deadpool MAX #2. I'm betting funny trumps melodramatic. (And, yes, it's funny in Deadpool MAX.)

Random Thought! And Kyle Baker photoreferencing Danny DeVito in Deadpool MAX #2 doesn't bother me. Because it's funny.

Random Thought! The punching-out-the-Red-Hulk gag in Avengers #7 was funny, too.

Random Thought! Next week, American comics are delayed a day, so that means... Guess the Real Spoiler! Right now, I'm only getting six comics, but maybe reviewing duties will bump that up a little.

Random Thought! On the matter of Thor the Mighty Avenger being cancelled... It sucks, yes. I enjoyed that book quite a bit and wish that more people had joined me in said enjoyment. But, I've had so many titles that I love get cancelled that... it's not that I don't care, it's that I can't get worked up over it anymore. I try to focus on how I got some enjoyment and how I can always reread what comics were released. Playing the blame game or whining for days isn't the healthiest way to respond -- and if you do that every time a quality book doesn't find an audience, welcome to what you'll be spending a big chunk of your life on. I'll miss the book. But, there are still three issues left and that's pretty great.

Random Thought! As much as I enjoyed Batman, Inc., it's still got a long way to go before it can overtake my love for Beer Money, Inc.

Random Thought! Sticking Annie's origin in Highland Laddie seems like a mistake to me. That should have been in The Boys.

Random Thought! Is that Norah Winters character as annoying regularly as she is in Osborn? She definitely crosses the line from 'funny' and 'precocious' to 'obnoxious' and 'abrasive.'

Random Thought! Tim hates recap pages. I think they can serve a function, but, like anything, bad ones are just... bad. What do you guys think about recap pages?

Random Thought! Looking forward to Detective Comics #871, Batwoman #0, Scalped #43, Thor the Mighty Avenger #6, and, well, many other comics tomorrow. It's a strong week. For me at least.

Random Thought! What the hell, Dreadstar December is on!


Random Review! I don't have much to say about this one, but it was sent to me, so I will discuss it briefly...

CLiNT #2

I like CLiNT as a package. This issue offers some slightly better articles than the first issue had while there's more comics. We've got more of Kick-Ass 2, the second issue of Nemesis, more Turf, the beginning of American Jesus, more of "Rex Royd," and another three-page gag strip. All oversized, which makes it all go down easier. I'm oddly enjoying the dumb absurdity of Nemesis. "Rex Royd" is full of ideas that anyone who's been reading comics in the past 20 years will roll their eyes at for being done to death with its faux Lex Luthor, an odd scene about killing God, and the worst storytelling I've seen in quite some time. The comic is genuinely confusing at times. I couldn't read Turf. I tried the first page and didn't remember a single thing about what came before, so just flipped through to look at the lovely Tommy Lee Edwards art. Peter Gross's art looks great at this size. His line work is made just a little thicker and that gives it a more fluid look. The stuff at the end of this chapter of American Jesus with the nurse is... convenient, but I hope it's explained at some point instead of simply being the laziest, most convenient storytelling ever.

As for the articles, I like the two interview pieces they have here (one article on Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, the other on Charlie Brooker). The other articles are either hit or miss, but whatever. They're basically little buffers between the comics.

I do hope I get the next two issues, if only so I can have Nemesis at this size. Steve McNiven's art looks fantastic oversized like this in a way that doesn't appeal to me as much at regular size. Strange. Recommended, especially if you haven't read any of the comics and want to use this as an excuse to try them all at once.


Random Comments! How many comments I get tell me how good a writer I am week to week. Right?

Yaggi said: What’s your opinion on Ferry’s art on Thor? I am loving it!

Not a fan. Not my preferred style.

Mario said: I assume the Maltese Falcon is playing at Silver City? If so it’s not the first classic film they’ve been playing on a monthly basis. As far as I can tell it’s been going on for a few months. My girlfriend and I watched Psycho for the first time during October. It seems one classic movie plays each month on two different days (normally a Wednesday evening and a Sunday afternoon). I only recently found out about this and barely anyone else does because of terrible, terrible advertising. This usually results in a poor turn out the days the movies are playing. It’s cool that the movies are half price though.

Not a Silver City theatre, but a Cineplex-owned one, yeah. I wish they advertised this series more. I'm very interested in what they choose to show and will check out as many as I can.

Louis Bright-Raven said: Well, I appreciate the response. Not sure it was necessary to go into such explanatory details, but if it makes you feel that you’re clarifying your position better, okay. I was just trying to point out the flaws I could see as a writer myself for you to potentially see so as to improve in future columns. After all, it’s often we’re so close to our own writing we can’t see the forest for the trees and need a fresh pair of eyes, or at least to rest our own before stepping back and looking.

You went to the effort to give me a detailed, thoughtful critique, so I thought you deserved a detailed, thoughtful response.

Travis Pelkie said: Why is Supertramp beloved by you? I really just know “The Logical Song”, I suppose, but I know something about them being put together by a Dutch businessman, or something. (The things in my brain.) I do know that Dave Sim quotes them in the Cerebus Guide to Self Publishing, so maybe they were big in Canada?

A column I wrote in my undergrad for the student paper explains it. For the rest of the year, any time I was introduced to someone as an A&E Editor for The Gazette, the response was always "You wrote that Supertramp column! I loved that! I love Supertramp!"

Robert Eddleman said: Well, DnA’s Thanos was just revived after being happily dead. He didn’t have much time to get acclimated and be in full control of his mental facilities before the Cancerverse invaded, either. So I can see why he’d be a little off his normal game. The Xanatos Gambit he played on Lord Mar-Vell seems straight out of Starlin’s playbook to me.

Starlin brought him back from the dead in his Silver Surfer run without similar side-effects.

Dalarsco said: So why is you not buying Knight and Squire good for everyone?

Good for me as I won't be buying a comic that I haven't enjoyed. Good for the creators because they don't have me bashing their work. Good for DC because they don't have me giving any future issues negative reviews. Good for my retailer because... uh... okay, not good for everyone.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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