Random Thoughts! (November 24, 2009)

Random Thought! Warning! There may or may not be references to the following in this post: wrestling, music, television, movies, girlfriends, sunshine, love, batteries, glasses, shoes, slushies, chips, hamburgers, jobs, cars, my buddy Adam, money, multivitamins, keys, tootsie rolls, sleep, the weather, buses, girls in skirts, telemarketing, swear words, VCRs, non-comics books, chairs, straws, ironing, water bottles, coke, pepsi, cream soda, root beer, pasta, autumn, leaves, parks, dogs, cats, birds, magazines, romantic walking poetry, canes, sandwiches, and other non-comics concepts, ideas, and objects. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Random Thought! The usual wrestling writing links: High Road/Low Road previewing this past Sunday's John Cena/Shawn Michaels/Triple H triple threat match for the WWE Championship; I gave my brackets/predictions for the PWG Battle of Los Angeles, but it was blown to hell when Chris Sabin was announced as injured after the deadline for the brackets but before the column went up... and you'll note I had him making it to the finals, so...; a roundtable preview of Survivor Series wherein I went 4-2 (if you don't count the specifics of the traditional Survivor Series matches); and, finally, wrestler of the week. Lots of stuff this past week.

Random Thought! Short thought on Thor Giant-Size Finale #1: main story is not 'giant-size' and if you're expecting anything more than a typical JMS Thor comic, you're going to be disappointed.

Random Thought! Christ, Marvel... yesterday, I look at next week's shipping list and it's Bendis Week or something as Siege: Cabal and both annuals for New Avengers and Dark Avengers. I will be buying all three comics and can afford to, but even I want to skip at least one of them because that's $14 of the same book, basically. Space those fuckers out a little. Though, I do like that Siege: Cabal ships on the same week that Secret Invasion #8 shipped last year.

Random Thought! I will not be doing a 'best comics of the decade' list, because: A) I don't consider myself qualified; B) I don't want to; and C) there are other fun lists that I could do instead. I'm leaning in the direction of picking my favourite comic from each year... thus making the decade-related list build up to the best of 2009 list. It will also allow me to revisit 2007 and 2008 and see if I want to change my pick now that some time has passed.

Random Thought! I'm thankful for American Thanksgiving, which means US books are delayed a day next week, while Canada gets theirs on Wednesday.

Random Thought! What is the appeal of 'Franken-Castle'? Can someone explain that to me...? I read Punisher #11 and is wasn't a bad issue, but it wasn't good either. I would have given it 2.5 stars... maybe 3 because of Tony Moore's art.

Random Thought! And why oh why isn't Wof wearing his warrior's sash in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Ghosts #1?

Random Thought! Are there certain segments of fandom that consider Batman and Spider-Man's absolute anti-gun positions be anti-American? Does the NRA hate these two heroes?

Random Thought! If he were 15 years younger, Mark Valley would make the perfect Captain America. Anyone who's watched Boston Legal should know that. Though, he is playing the lead in Human Target, which should work.

Random Thought! As with the storylines (I should probably vote for my top ten soon...), I'll reveal my top ten iconic DC covers once the results are in.

Random Thought! "Chad Nevett is dumb" is the quote of the week... for me, at least.

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