Random Thoughts (November 2, 2010)

Random Thought! Maybe now things can stop being quite so busy, yes? It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture. 1979 Semi-Finalist for Kelly Thompson.

Random Thought! Thanks to Kelly for filling in last week again. A hectic two weeks meant I wouldn't be able to get this post done, so she was nice enough to help me out.

Random Thought! Today is election day in the US, so, if you can, go vote. Even if you know nothing about the candidates or the issues, you should still go vote, because voting itself is all that matters. Don't worry about actually getting the best government possible, one based on more than the most superficial of talking points and half-truths. Just so long as everyone votes no matter how ignorant they are. That's democracy.

Random Thought! I love how the DC blog have contests to give away trades/hardcovers of their books, but I'm not sure I understand the point of hinging them on answering questions that only readers of the comics could know. I mean, take their contest for American Vampire vol. 1 where the only people who can win, theoretically, are readers of American Vampire. Wouldn't you want to open up these contests to new readers, maybe try to gain a set of eyes that isn't already buying your product? No, let's give the book to the people who... already have it basically. It's their contests and they can do what they want, but something more inclusive would make more sense.

Random Thought! I haven't been paying attention at all to what's going on in comics...

Random Thought! This week's batch of books looks pretty strong with the likes of Batman and Robin #16, DV8: Gods and Monsters #8, a new issue of The Boys, a new issue of Gødland, and some other stuff that could go either way like Scarlet #3, Iron Man/Thor #1, and Batman/Catwoman: Follow the Money #1. Plus, (PLUS!) The Art of Jim Starlin!

Random Thought! Finished my (re)reading of Starlin's Dreadstar this weekend and have read most of the Peter David-penned follow-up. The final ten issues or so of Starlin's run are interesting... a commentary on the noticeable change in comics from when he'd begun the book and where it was at the time. It's like he stuck his head down and, when he came up for air, he found himself in unfamiliar territory, wondering what the fuck happened. The Peter David run, so far, has been entertaining -- more geared towards comedy. The pacing is a lot more lax, but that began when Starlin stopped doing the art. Enjoyable book even without Starlin.

Random Thought! The real question: will I ever read the serialised prose story "Pawns" that's in the first 13 issues of the Peter David run, written by Jim Starlin and his wife? I... don't know.

Random Thought! Incognito: Bad Influences #1 didn't do it for me. When it was revealed that Zack was sleeping with Zoe Zeppelin, I litereally said "Of course he is..." in a sarcastic, eye-rolling tone out loud. I hope it picks up, but right now, it feels like a greatest hits book.

Random Thought! I was amused by Captain America #611. Steve Rogers trying to explain away James Barnes's past was funny. "He was mind-controlled until I used a magical device to make him himself again. And, then, when he seemed bad again, that was more mind control. He's totally okay! I swear!" The response of "Oh... kay..." was perfectly understandable.

Random Thought! What really killed the art in the first half of last week's issue of Secret Warriors was the lack of Sunny Gho/Imaginary Friends Studio on colours. The more I pay attention, the more I realise that strong, definitive colouring can help smooth over artist changes. It worked for Captain America for 50 issues.

Random Thought! Sorry to see Gravel done with for now, but news that it will continue in the future with Mike Wolfer writing it solo is good. I'm not normally the type to follow a book once the (co-)creator leaves, but Wolfer has definitely shown himself more than capable as the co-writer/expander/whatever you want to call it on Strange Killings and Gravel with Ellis. I'm looking forward to rereading the entire 21.5 series sometime. I've reread the first two arcs as a whole and I'd like to see how the third one holds together, especially building on what came before.

Random Thought! Michelle and I did absolutely nothing for Halloween... except watch the scariest movie ever made: Bride Wars. You would have thought that as far as Anne Hathaway movies go, The Devil Wears Prada would be more appropriate, but we saw that the night before. And, if you watch both movies carefully, you'll note that Hathaway basically plays the same sort of character who goes off on the same sort of arc, except, at the end of Bride Wars, she chooses to remain a horrible crazy person and, at the end of The Devil Wears Prada, she repents and chooses to be a good person. The message: weddings make women more crazy than fashion.

Random Thought! And, yeah, we watched some shitty chick flicks. Previously in the day, on Saturday, we watched the entire first disc of Mission Hill and the episode of Smackdown taped on Friday night, while, on Sunday, we watched Inside Man and Southland Tales. So, we both got to choose.

Random Thought! Okay, here's how I would adapt Dreadstar for film and TV: "The Metamorphosis Odyssey" and the Dreadstar graphic novel would make up one giant movie. Then, a TV show would pick up with the first season ending with the first big fight between Vanth and the Lord Papal. (The Price/Dreadstar annual #1 would be folded into the first season a stand-alone episode showing Syzygy's origin). The second season would end with the second big fight between Vanth and the Lord Papal. The third season would be Starlin's last year on the book. If the show hadn't already been cancelled (come on, what are the odds it would make it this far really?), we'd continue on with the Peter David stuff. It's actually laid out fairly well. Someone get on that.

Random Thought! My contribution to this week's Five for Friday is pretty much what you'd expect from me.

Random Thought! If you don't listen to the Splash Page Podcast, the Absolute edition I want most to happen is... Automatic Kafka. Complete with scripts, treatments, uncensored art, and, if it exists, the pitch for the series about the Warning Casey mentioned a few times. Yes, I would pay a hundred bucks for that.

Random Thought! Whenever people discuss casting a DC hero, almost every suggestion sounds just fine to me. Why? Because those heroes are so broad and open that almost anyone can play them. I want to see a Justice League movie where one guy plays every hero.

Random Thought! No Nostalgia November this year. Mostly because I forgot. And, then, because my new schedule still has me thrown. Maybe next year. Or I'll just do in December. Who knows!

Random Thought! Going to see Red today with my girlfriend. Looking forward to it. And, so, I'm done here. Thanks for reading.

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