Random Thoughts! (November 10, 2009)

Random Thought! Brian Cronin is a pretty cool guy. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Random Thought! Last week's High Road/Low Road where Sat and I discuss Hulk Hogan signing with TNA.

Random Thought! While I contributed a list of my top ten storylines in comics to Brian, I won't publish it until the results of the whole thing are in.

Random Thought! Wow, after Nightwing, Scott McDaniel's art suffered horribly. What happened? (At this point, someone points out that he had some sort of accident that affected his hand/arm and I look like an asshole, right?)

Random Thought! My favourite Bob Dylan song is the version of "I Don't Believe You (She Acts like We Never have Met)" off Biograph. Listen to it and then listen to the original off Another Side of Bob Dylan if you want to have Dylan going electric being a good thing spelled out for you. Honestly, I've listened to this song more times than I can count. It's worth getting Biograph just for that one song. Seriously. My favourite part of the song is when Dylan sings "Oh how her skirt it swayed as the guitar played" and then -- THEN! -- we hear the guitar play a few notes that we never hear at any other part of the song. Fantastic. (What's weirder -- and, here, I get slightly personal -- is that this has been one of my favourite songs for years, ever since I got Biograph back in... I want to say 2003... and I actually had a situation similar to the one described in the song happen to me a bit over a year-and-a-half ago. Not exactly the same, but similar enough to give the song that bit of personal meaning that it was lacking...)

Random Thought! Not paying attention to the sales charts is hard when all of the sites you read do stories on them. The key: not caring. That fixes everything.

Random Thought! Someone mentioned this somewhere, but here it is... Why Warren Ellis's Stormwatch and The Authority are One Big Story and Count as a Single Run: Stormwatch vol. 1 #37-50 comprise the first act where stories are all self-contained, building to "Change or Die," a three-part story wherein the idea of superheroes doing more than fighting bad guys to make the world better is the central concept and things change. Stormwatch vol. 2 #1-11 (plus WildC.A.T.S./Aliens) has the group attempt to continue on after "Change or Die," but told in three-issue stories that get progressively bigger in scope and moral ambiguity, culminating in the destruction of the team just as it wrestles with its mandate. The Authority #1-12 has the three outsider members of Stormwatch introduced when Ellis took over (save Swift, though she was altered considerably) form their own group, coming out of the shadows to replace Stormwatch and operate on the scale that they were afraid to. The Authority happened because of story and storytelling changes that evolved over the course of Stormwatch... and, you know, featured the same creative team as the previous volume. It's clearly a straight line.

Random Thought! While I had my doubts about bringing the Kingpin into the MAX Punisher series, the first issue of Punishermax (stupid stupid stupid stupid title) is pretty good. Though, it's a crime that Steve Dillon never illustrated the MAX series while Ennis was writing.

Random Thought! In a short review of New Avengers #58 on my blog, I raised the issue of superheroes killing and that's spurred some responses -- most notably at 4thletter (one, two, and three).

Random Thought! If you missed them the first time, check out the Grant Morrison/Gene Ha Authority issues tomorrow via The Authority: The Lost Year Reader. I love that first issue.

Random Thought! I hate ironing shirts.

Random Thought! Nostalgia November is late today because of real life stuff. But, it will be on Primortals #1. Oh, sorry... Leonard Nimoy's Primortals #1.

Random Thought! Sleeps is for the weak.

Random Thought! For some reason, I'm sticking with Greek Street despite its utter lack of creating a strong story that engages you. Seriously, what is that book about beyond a vague idea of redoing Greek stories?

Random Thought! Ah, that's it.

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