Random Thoughts! (November 1, 2011)

Random Thought! Seven days of work in a row... I can die now? It's Random Thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture. 411mania for wrestling reviews and the occasional CD review.

Random Thought! Direct Message 01: A&C: DC Part One! It's the beginning of my new conversation series with Alec Berry. Our first discussion, on the new DC books in September, was pretty long. No idea if future editions will be so long. But, it's a fun conversation, especially once we get into a rhythm and grow more comfortable with one another.

Random Thought! If you didn't buy Spaceman #1, why not? Seriously. It's Azzarello and Risso for a dollar.

Random Thought! If you aren't buying The Ultimates, you're really missing out on some fantastic comics. Esad Ribic and Dean White are absolutely killing it on art.

Random Thought! You have until 11:59 pm PST to vote for the greatest Joe Casey stories. I submitted my list and have almost convinced Brian to simply run it as the official list, ignoring the rest of your votes without telling you. It seems like the right thing to do.

Random Thought! Risso, Martin, Bachalo, Ribic, Aja, Huddleston, Guera, Samnee, Starlin... this was a damn good week for art in comics.

Random Thought! I saw The Rum Diary on Friday and have mixed feelings. It seemed to deviate from the book quite a bit, but I also realised that I don't remember the plot entirely, so maybe I'm wrong. I don't know... it just never seemed to get there. Too high of expectations perhaps...

Random Thought! I'm a bit over a hundred pages into 1Q84 and enjoying it. It's got a slow, methodical pace so far. I wanted to be further into it, but work and girlfriend and comics have seriously cut into my reading time this past week. Doing this post doesn't help either.

Random Thought! Okay, Best Buy, why was Bored to Death season one on Blu-Ray $20 while the DVD was $42? That's just not right.

Random Thought! At Value Village on Friday, I picked up a WWF DVD from 2001: The Rock: The People's Champ. It's basically an hour-and-a-half detailing some feuds the Rock was in mixed with some public appearances. Odd DVD.

Random Thought! Was there any noteworthy comic news this past week? I'm trying to think of any and coming up blank...

Random Thought! Has there ever been a wrestler with as many awesome entrance themes as Triple H? He had Beethoven, the DX theme, "My Time," -- and, then, "The Game," "The King of Kings," and the Evolution theme all by Motorhead. Plus, "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica. The man has been blessed.

Random Thought! Incredible Hulk #1 did absolutely nothing for me. My gut said that it wasn't worth trying, but I ignored that feeling and went for it. Always listen to the gut.

Random Thought! Conceptually, I'm on Team Cyclops. And I goddamn hate that 'Team ____' bullshit. (Also, Uncanny X-Men #1 is pretty good.)

Random Thought! Max Damage owns the Plutonian... and is finally the hero he wants to be. Great issue of Incorruptible.

Random Thought! I did nothing for Halloween.

Random Thought! While doing this post, I listened to Lulu by Lou Reed & Metallica. Strange stuff, but good. Takes a little bit to get into what they're doing. Almost like Lou Reed reciting poetry over Metallica guitar riffs. But not quite.

Random Thought! Weakest edition ever? Quite possibly. Sorry.


Random Comments! Because, honestly, this is one of the best comments sections on the blog.

Randy said: I have only read the first two issues of Fear Itself, but from that, it really seemed that Fraction was trying to channel Final Crisis in those issues. (I like Final Crisis)

He was aiming for Final Crisis and wrote Civil War instead.

Also, the whole new first issue for Batman Odyssey which is part seven in a 12-13 mini, makes me think that dc secretly wants to get the book canceled through confusion without having to tell Neal Adams that his comic is seriously out of touch.

If they wanted the book cancelled, they'd cancel it.

Travis Pelkie said: My problems with new Watchmen are that DC acted in bad faith in the original transaction (offering the rights back after it went out of print, then never letting it go out of print), and new stuff/prequels are a WASTE of the talents of people who should be doing other stuff.

It wasn't so much that they didn't allow it to go out of print, it's that the demand was so strong that it wasn't able to go out of print... unless DC felt like not making money. And nothing is a waste of talent. If the talent is there, the work will be worthwhile.

Robert Eddleman said: People’s costumes changing when they lift Mjolnir is pretty inconsistent. Cap’s didn’t change back when he first lifted it (back when he was “The Captain”), and neither did Superman’s in the JLA/Avengers mini. But Wonder Woman’s did. I guess it’s up to the writer/artist.

That's bullshit. (Not your explanation -- thanks for that.)

Elpie said: I think I have seen one Steve Harvey episode of Family Feud, ever, but by the end of it we were taking iPhone pictures of the man’s deadpan reactions. I think the one that shocked him most was:

“Name something that a woman to do to get out of a speeding ticket that a man can’t”

Someone said


And someone said

“Having a baby”

My favourite thing from a recent Family Feud was in Fast Money where the second guy was going. The question "Which country has the smartest men?" Man: "America." *BUZZ indicating his partner gave that answer* Man: "Asia." America was the number one answer, of course (they asked Americans!) and this man certainly proved that right.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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