Random Thoughts! (May 3, 2011)

Random Thought! I love Sunny D! It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

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Random Thought! Well, that election went both incredibly well and incredibly horrible. It's great to see the NDP succeed so well, but that's kind of killed by Canadians giving the Tories a majority. That baffles me, it really does. But, hey, I'm just the kind of guy who thinks being thrown out of power for contempt of Parliament is a bad thing that speaks to the way that Stephen Harper has chose to run this country. I'm crazy like that.

Random Thought! Because it jumped out at me in last week's Detective Comics, how long ago was "No Man's Land?" The idea of a bank prospering in Gothan over the last six years strikes me as strange if "No Man's Land" happened within that time.

Random Thought! Was there a plot in The Mighty Thor #1?

Random Thought! Got WWE All Stars on Friday and have been enjoying it quite a bit. I love the over-the-top style. I don't like the cage match rules. I've been stuck on the Kane/Jimmy Snuka fantasy warfare cage match and just can't get the job done. Still, it's definitely a newbie-friendly game.

Random Thought! Fuck, I may just have to get the new Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men books. Though, the stuff I've seen from Nick Spencer on Iron Man 2.0 and Secret Avengers has bumped him out of the 'will give a look' category and made me a little wary.

Random Thought! The more I listen to Raw Power by Iggy and the Stooges, the more I like it. Picked it up last week along with a few other CDs. The Leonard Cohen Live at the Isle of Wight 1970 album was my soundtrack for work for most of Sunday. Page One by Steven Page hasn't blown me away yet. Some decent tracks, but it's missing that special something. Heart On by the Eagles of Death Metal is just awesome. Glad I could finally find a copy of that in stores.

Random Thought! Finished the first Marshal Law novella contained in Origins, "Day of the Dead." It's alright. Pat Mills's prose style is fairly straight forward and no-nonsense. The story continues to push Marshal Law into the territory of insanity with that persona becoming a personality separate from Joe Gilmore. Curious to see what "Cloak of Evil" does.

Random Thought! You know what's great? Getting the first Essential Thor book and then noticing that the second is out of print. Bravo, Marvel.

Random Thought! I do have to wonder: why weren't all of the 'point one' books designed to be 30 pages of story with no ads? Why not go all-out on books meant to entice new readers instead of just another comic like any other?

Random Thought! Finally watched Death Before Dishonor VIII yesterday. Really good show. Felt I should watch it after buying four more Ring of Honor DVDs this weekend when they had a sale on all in-stock 2002-2008 shows. I actually asked Ari, 411mania's ROH expert, which DVDs he'd recommend and went with his top three plus another. He gave me a pretty big list of shows worth checking out and picked a top three. So, those three were a no-brainer. The fourth was a little more difficult. I was torn between a show that had Christian Cage vs. Christopher Daniels and the Dragon Gate show. Ultimately went with the latter.

Random Thought! Well, I've pre-ordered Supergods by Grant Morrison. That should be an interesting read.

Random Thought! Jane Eyre was surprisingly good. The direction was strong and really brought in the gothic elements of the book. I found some of the character stuff a little too convenient/superficial, but, overall, I enjoyed it.

Random Thought! This month's "28" post went up last week: Fear and Self-Loathing (Why Children Should or Maybe Shouldn't Read Marshal Law).

Random Thought! I love how all of my questions about James Barnes's deportation were answered with one word: Gyrich. That explains everything!

Random Thought! John Steele simply being a victim of mind control? Lame.

Random Thought! After Secret Avengers #12 and 12.1 this week, Warren Ellis cannot arrive on that book soon enough for me.

Random Thought! Bryan Hitch can't draw Moon Knight apparently.

Random Thought! I'll forever be disappointed that the soundtrack to Thor isn't just a bunch of Led Zeppelin songs. It's irrational, but that's how it is.

Random Thought! It just occurred to me that I never got the soundtrack to Inglourious Basterds. That's just wrong.

Random Thought! I hate allergies.

Random Thought! I really enjoyed Thursday's episode of The Office. The departure of Steve Carell could be a really good thing for the show. Then again, Michael was often a character that I found far more annoying than anything else. His goodbye with Pam was just perfect.

Random Thought! So, what's going on with Batman Odyssey anyway?


Random Comments! Because the right to tell me what you think is guaranteed in the American constitution or something.

Tom Fitzpatrick said: E-bay has a bunch of stuff regarding Marshal Law. Check ‘em out, if you got the bucks.

I own it all now. That's what I said...

Cattleprod said: What’s the Deadpool/Black Widow scene? I’ve been expecting him to denounce her ever since Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson broke up.

Black Widow visual allusion, not scene. And go buy the fucking comic. You should be already. Deadpool MAX is fantastic.

Travis Pelkie said: Savage Dragon/Marshal Law — I was going to say something that might be spoilery, but I won’t. The B&W is pretty cool, really. It’s a neat little bit of comics. If you have those 2 issues, there is a feature in the back of one of the issues that has the listing of all the Marshal Law appearances to that date, so the Toxic stuff is listed there. As I recall, part of the Toxic material reprinted either the original mini or the “Takes Manhattan” one shot (which is awesome, btw). I think some of the later Toxic stuff was collected as Kingdom and/or Hateful, but I’m working from memory there. If those books have obvious “stops” every 8 pages, then yeah, I think that’s the case. Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think there is any Toxic stuff that didn’t get collected later.

According to the bibliography listed in those comics, Toxic! #1-8 was collected as The Hateful Dead and #14-15 contain a new prologue to the first mini that was later reprinted in the Fear and Loathing trades. So, all I'm technically missing is that little prologue story.

Jason Faris said: Unwritten comments made me realize I have never heard you mention Lucifer that I can remember. I gave up on Unwritten pretty early but the push me pull you response seems familiar. Lucifer was in the end worth the long haul. What is your side by side comparison?

Haven't gotten around to that series yet.

Brian said: I actually think Bendis making the Avengers’ history his is depressing and pointless, no offense to you. I’ve been entertained by some of Bendis’ comics and do enjoy his current big name Avengers title, which is the only one of the franchise I’m buying. But as a die hard fan of the team/series/concept (it’s the one title that I’ve followed on and off for 25 year and will likely keep reading well into old age) I just don’t get this sense of “importance” folks attach to Bendis. It’s so easy and cheap to accumulate back issues these days, what with the Essentials line and other collections, do fans of Bendis really need him to put together a Cliff notes version of the nearly 50-year history? They can at the very least buy and read the actual Lee/Kirby, Thomas, Englehart, Shooter, Stern, Harras and Busiek runs or key story arcs. Heck, there are even trade paperbacks out reprinting the issues in which members joined the team. And do we really need all of this boiled down in Bendis’ “voice”? It just strikes me as – egotistical? – for the guy to think that he should be the one to try to summarize the history of a comic that is so rich because of the different voices/perspectives other writers/creative teams have brought to the series over the decades. How many people really want Bendis to summarize what Roy Thomas wrote, or Englehart, or Stan Lee? I mean, really? What does this accomplish, exactly?

It allows him to recontextualise those past events into one throughline of continuity. It allows him to apply his voice to the characters from the beginning and craft an Avengers narrative that is all his, even if he didn't write the original stories. By looking at where he places emphases, you get a window into his perspective on the Avengers. It's pretty hit or miss, but I find the feature interesting. Is it 'necessary?' No. But it does reconcile comics created on the fly with little regard for consistency or a larger narrative into one. It may not be one that you like, but it does serve that function nonetheless. Also, it's pretty easy to skip if you don't want to read it.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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