Random Thoughts! (May 25, 2010)

Random Thought! It's so damn hot and humid. I hate it. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! Top Five Wrestling Misconceptions (some of the items on my list could be applied to comics without any effort). High Road/Low Road on Randy Orton's face turn (RKO!). WWE Over the Limit Roundtable Preview (I did okay, but not great in my predictions). Wrestling 4Rs including my write-up of TNA Impact (Sting isn't the only one feeling uninspired when it comes to TNA...). Wrestler of the Week (BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!). Quickie Reviews (May 19 2010) (I took people's advice and got Hellboy in Mexico, so, thank you, people). The Splash Page Podcast episode 17 (recorded and edited on Saturday night, posted on Sunday morning). Review: Forty-Five (I didn't really like this...).

Random Thought! Saw Iron Man 2 yesterday with the girlfriend. We both enjoyed it -- me being the comic geek that I am and she having not even seen Iron Man. Were I to rate it out of five, I'd probably got three-and-a-half stars. It was good, not as good as the first one, but not a huge step down either.

Random Thought! We were the only ones in the theatre to sit through the credits for the post-credits sequence. At which point I had to explain it all to Michelle. A question I've never heard before: "What's Thor got to do with Iron Man?"

Random Thought! If you haven't seen it, you should read Gavok's comparison of the movie and novelisation.

Random Thought! Lunch break! Leftover pizza and a bottle of coke.

Random Thought! While eating lunch, I continued to watch random episodes of Chappelle's Show. Today was the ninth episode of the first season and it contained one of my favourite sketches: the Player Hater's Ball.

Random Thought! I'm around 120 pages into Spider-Man: The Venom Factor by Diane Duane and it's not that bad. Oh, it's pretty bad, but it has its moments. Getting more depth on what being a photographer at time meant was interesting. Otherwise, it isn't great. Expect a proper write-up/review on my blog when I'm done. It will kick off my series of superhero prose posts that I'll do from time to time because... it amuses me? I'll even do a big post comparing Crisis on Infinite Earths to the novelisation Marv Wolfman wrote.

Random Thought! Didn't mention last week, but Peter Milligan and Juan Jose Ryp doing a Punisher one-shot? Yeah, I'll be buying that.

Random Thought! Oh, and the first Vengeance of the Moon Knight issue that Ryp is drawing comes out next week. I'm still undecided about buying it. On the one hand, I like Ryp's art. On the other, the writing of the book has never impressed me. We'll see...

Random Thought! In other geeky matters that I've gotten my girlfriend into: we're almost done watching the first season of Babylon 5. One of my favourite shows of all time and she's digging it enough to keep watching. I expect her interest level will get higher when the second season kicks things into gear. That show is why I usually give Straczynski my time when it comes to his comics work.

Random Thought! Still trying to determine my top ten John Constantine stories... Have never read the Gaiman one and was never overly impressed by "Shoot." I like it just fine, but I think it's banned/unpublished nature gives it a bit more of a reputation than it warrants by itself as a story. It's not even the best story from Ellis's run on the book.

Random Thought! Caught most of Empire Strikes Back on TV Saturday night and, then, Return of the Jedi on Sunday afternoon. Haven't seen either in a long time and enjoyed them. Enjoyed them more than I thought I would. Though, it was the 'special edition' of each, so I had to show Michelle the real end of Return of the Jedi and, like everyone, she agrees: Ewok song is much better than the new one.

Random Thought! On Saturday, I bought a couple of previously viewed DVDs out a bin at a grocery store for $5 each. One was The Spirit and I was very annoyed to open it to find that the widescreen side of the flip-disc was scratched up extensively -- it looks purposefully scratched. I know most people hated that movie, but I enjoyed it in theatres and wanted to give it a good view at home. Had to return it and they had no other copies, sadly. The copy of Vicky Cristina Barcelona I got was just fine.

Random Thought! The Thanos Imperative begins this week with the prologue Ignition issue before next week has the story proper kick off. I'm looking forward to this. Thanos is one of, like, five characters that I have an unabashed love of.

Random Thought! I'm curious about how Secret Avengers #1 will turn out. Brubaker and team books haven't been a good match in the past, but he's done good ensemble work. Should be interesting.

Random Thought! Today's soundtrack: Situation by Buck 65.

Random Thought! Quote of the Week by Star Trek: Deep Space 9 supervising producer Hans Biemler from back in 1997: "Anybody who makes the claim that they have the next five years planned out in every detail and knows how everything is going to happen is either full of it, or is limiting the series to his or her own very small imagination." Wonder who he was talking about then... huh...

Random Thought! I enjoyed the first episode of The Good Guys last week. Fox show about cops in Dallas. Bradley Whitford plays a cop who was a big deal in the '80s but hasn't been able to keep up with the times, operating (and looking) like it was still then. Kind of cheesy in that purposeful way. It made me laugh a few times, which is enough to warrant some future time. Plus, Whitford in mustache?

Random Thought! Am I reading too much into Azrael #8's storytelling?

Random Thought! One final Sentry thought: all we need is a book where the Sentry's retconned existence is retconned out of existence. That would be interesting. Especially if people remembered him, but there was no evidence of his existence.

Random Thought! Finished replaying The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time last week. I love that game. Still debating about replaying Majora's Mask. That game had some cool elements, but was also very tedious in places.

Random Thought! Inspired by Tom Spurgeon's list of the top ten finales in comics, here's my list (in no particular order -- since I'm just dashing this off): 1. The final Calvin and Hobbes strip; 2. Animal Man #26; 3. Preacher #66; 4. Transmetropolitan #60; 5. Automatic Kafka #9; 6. The Authority #12; 7. The Dark Knight Returns #4; 8. Punisher: The End; 9. The Invisibles vol. 3 #1; 10. The end of the original Incal.

Random Thought! It's looking like I'll be spending a month or two in Winnipeg this summer. Any of my dozens of readers from Winnipeg? Can anyone point me in the direction of a good comic shop? One that tends to order copies of stuff beyond the superhero books of the Big Two?

Random Thought! Off to reread the first year of Batman and Robin to finally do that post on it for my blog...


Random Comments I'm ignoring all of the stupid Sentry stuff from last week. Except for my own, of course.

Brian Cronin said: My thought when I read that comment was, "Wow, people sure do like to be dicks about comic books." I mean, what possesses somebody to post a comment just to be a dick to...a comic book company? Yeah, take THAT, Marvel!!! So foolish, and yet we see it frequently in the comments (I was really embarrassed with some of the comments made towards Geoff Johns in a recent blog entry - geez, people, there's "snarky" and then there's just being plain ol' mean).

I'm with ya, man. I will never understand the mentality of preferring one company over another to the extent of trashing the other company just because. Trash them for their faults or because their competition is genuinely putting out better books at the time, but even then... who cares?

Michael P said: I like the Sentry too. Both because I think the character is interesting, and because the butthurt he engenders in fanboys is fucking hilarious.

Yes, that second quality is a pretty funny one -- and one reason to like the Sentry.

Squashua said: DC had a The Sentry. Her name was "Moon Maiden" and was published in JLA Giant Size #3 about a month or so after The Sentry's first comic book appearance. She was unceremoniously shoehorned into continuity and the JLA via a blatant retcon, almost as harsh as Triumph was. In fact, Triumph's retcon happened way before The Sentry concept. I guess DC has two The Sentry's. Of course, Triumph was actually used at later dates; Moon Maiden (who was a pretty slick character) was summarily discarded.

I forgot about Triumph! Man, we need more of these 'never before seen' characters. They're fun. You can tell the same old stories, but with new characters! Which makes the stories new again! Hells yes.

Jeff Holland said: Yeah, it's not an actual sporting event. There's not, like, a physical winner or anything. "SUCK ON THAT, PUBLISHER-A! BY MY SUBJECTIVE REASONING, YOU SHOULD FEEL EMBARRASSED THAT YOU EVER TRIED TO PROMOTE YOUR BOOK!" I imagine him doing a little dance after posting his comment.

Post-snarky comment dances should be the next internet video craze. Geeks posting snarky shit online and then celebrating with dances in front of their computers. People would love that.

Ian A. said: I wonder if you and I were the only people to vote for Scars. If we weren't, I wonder if it cracked anybody's top five. I had it at number ten. I'm surprised "World Engine" didn't make your Ellis list.

I can't see it cracking the top five really. It's a good story, but Ellis has done better. "World Engine" would probably make my top 15... maybe top 20.

St. Michael said: First thing off the bat you have to remind me of Katie Vick? Bastard.

Hey, the list was the worst feuds in wrestling and... well, come on!

buttler said: Now I want Triumph and Sentry to have had a bonding/commiseration moment in JLA/Avengers. You know, retroactively. That's probably the first time I've ever thought Kurt Busiek and George Perez could possibly have improved on that series, because hooboy, they knocked it out of the park.

That WOULD be an oddly appropriate improvement/addition. Slot in a new page in future printing and laugh about it. I like that idea.

funkygreenjerusalem said: I think the companies encourage it, or at least, certain people at the companies encourage it. Comics really are the only business I know where company heads spend so many interviews talking about what their competition is doing, or even marketing things as a response to the competitors product. So I'm not shocked to see people sticking it to the company they don't like - the companies themselves set it up - unfortunately, that of course bleeds over into the personal attacks.

Another business that acts the same way: wrestling.

Mario said: Oh cool, nice of you to provide your top ten lists. I was surprised to see that Fraction's Thor one-shots did not make the top ten Thor stories as voted by us yet, at the same time, I was pleased to see that Simonson got some love. I feel like i've read a lot of Warren Ellis comics yet there are three in your top ten that I haven't. Guess I should track those down. From what I gather from your other posts/blogs you are a serious Ellis fan and must know what you are talking about! Nice to see Aetheric Mechanics are the list. It is sublime!

Which three, Mario? And I wouldn't call myself a serious Ellis fan... I just dig what he writes, so I wind up reading a lot of it.

Jack Norris said: Just a heads up: "Philip K. Dick Is Dead, Alas" was also published under the title "The Secret Ascension" so you might want to keep an eye out/do your searches using that as well.

Thanks, Jack!

And that does it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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