Random Thoughts! (March 7, 2011)

Random Thought! What is America's obsession with Mountain Dew? Why so many flavours? It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture. The Splash Page Podcast for the best comic book podcast by an American and a Canadian online.

Random Thought! I am looking forward to SVK by Warren Ellis and D'Israeli from (or through) Berg. The gimmick aspect is one that, honestly, I'd normally dismiss if it was from Marvel or DC for some lame-looking event book. But, Ellis has a long history of trying to do different things with comics and really pushing himself, so I'm intrigued to see if he can pull off this gimmick. Plus, even ignoring that... it's Ellis and D'Israeli. Anything else needed?

Random Thought! On Friday, Michelle and I hit Detroit for some shopping. We didn't go to many places, just Wal-Mart, Target, and Meijer. It was nice to see that Wal-Mart is pretty much the same. Different DVDs and CDs on sale, but none that wouldn't be out of place on sale here. Mostly, the prices were in line. I picked up a few wrestling DVD sets (the Edge one for $13, which was a great find as well as the most recent Shawn Michaels one and the 10th anniversary one for Smackdown), that Iron Man 2 soundtrack by AC/DC for ten bucks, A Few Good Men on DVD, and Mystery Team on DVD. Also got Guitar Hero: Metallica, while Michelle got that AC/DC live Rock Band track pack. Got a couple of bags of chips that are different from what's available here, but, really, Americans have a lot less chip selection. It's kind of shocking how few flavours there are... But, what they lack in chip flavours, they make up for in pop flavours. Stocked up on cherry and vanilla coke, and tried some raspberry Mountain Dew. Even got a couple of Hungryman meals that aren't available here (I eat them for lunches on the weekends during my 12-hour shifts at work). A fun day of consumerism.

Random Thought! Having played Guitar Hero: Metallica for a small amount of time, I will say this: it starts off really cool with how it gets into career mode with the live show and intro with "The Ecstacy of Gold." But, "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger is just shit to play.

Random Thought! Reread First Wave #1-6 this weekend at work (along with the Batman/Doc Savage special on Friday) and it all makes a lot more sense, reading better that way. I'm still confused about what the Golden Tree's plan was. Some vague stuff about tidal waves and turning blood into gold ending war.

Random Thought! The Boys #52 makes Highland Laddie 15% more interesting in retrospect.

Random Thought! Do American comic book writers ever think about how non-Americans will read comics they write featuring Captain America? Tim Callahan says no and I think he's right. I ask because... well, aside from his tactics, Frank Simpson makes a lot of great points about the American government in Ultimate Captain America #3 and Steve Rogers's stubborn refusal to recognise any of it just makes him look... stupid. It also makes me think that I'm going to hate the fourth issue, because I'm going to think the wrong guy wins.

Random Thought! So... that was the Zodiac Event, eh? Not much of an event...

Random Thought! Azzarello. Risso. Johnson. Alternate reality Batman. SOLD.

Random Thought! But, the rest of those "Flashpoint" titles? DC is kidding, right? We'll get the real announcements soon... right?

Random Thought! It occurs to me that I own a lot of Brian Azzarello comics. If I went by writer, I think the five writers I own the most comics by would be: Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, Joe Casey, Brian Azzarello, and Garth Ennis. For some reason, Azzarello being on that list surprises me.

Random Thought! I hate the point given in the NHL for overtime and shootout losses. If you're not going to have ties, then stop that shit. There are winners and losers, quit pretending otherwise. There are no rewards for surviving regulation only to lose later... It's the only one of the big four that does that and it's lame. Also, get rid of the shootout. Play the game as it is until there's a winner. The whole four-on-four overtime is funny. It would be like extra innings in baseball with only two outfielders and no shortstop... idiots.

Random Thought! X-Men Legacy #246 means another edition of the Age of X Dialogues this week!

Random Thought! Yes, I will be buying 'Breed vol. 3, Greg. Still need to get the first two volumes. Debating between just buying the back issues and buying the new trades Image is releasing.

Random Thought! I had that AC/DC album on repeat for much of the weekend because it's good music to work to and every time "Highway to Hell" came on, I was instantly reminded of SummerSlam '98 and the Undertaker vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Random Thought! Also, I really like the idea of just having one band for an entire soundtrack like that. Every Marvel movie should do that. Thor would be Led Zeppelin, obviously. Captain America would be Bruce Springsteen (maybe Bob Dylan?) (or, just the soundtrack to Team America: World Police). The Avengers would be Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. The Amazing Spider-Man would be Justin Bieber...


Random Comments! One of these weeks, I'm going to turn comments off just because. And then what will you do? Huh? Nothing, that's what.

Jeremy said: John McCrea on a Garth Ennis book is a bad thing now?

On The Boys and its two minis, it has been, yeah.

Annoyed Grunt said: I’ve thought that the WWE should release feud based DVD’s for years. You could have a great Austin/Rock set that covers the IC title feud in 97, the world title in 99, the Invasion era of 2001 and their final confrontation in 2003.

As was pointed out later in the comments section, the WWE is releasing a Rock/Austin feud DVD set this year. I'm looking forward to it quite a bit. A lot of their matches are already available on DVD, but not the promo segments. Plus, seeing it all (well, not ALL, because that wouldn't fit on three discs) in one package will be awesome.

stealthwise said: Chad, have you tried ordering via Amazon.com? I haven’t done it in years, but the last time I did, our dollar wasn’t nearly as strong as it is now, and it STILL saved me money. The drawback is that it takes so damned long to get your order…

I've done so twice in the past. Once to get Huff season 1 when it was on sale for a fantastic price. And the other time to get The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier when it came out since it wasn't going to be available outside of the US.

Apodaca said: Disliking the Killers is very far from dumb. It’s just a guy doing a bad David Byrne impression over generic dance-rock. “I got soul, but I’m not a soldier” is one of the stupider choruses in recent history.

People can dislike the Killers. But, dismissing a song featuring Lou Reed, because it's a Killers song? That's stupid. Lou Reed trumps disliking of any band. Lou Reed could do a song with Ke$ha and Flo Rida and it would still be worth listening to.

Jay said: Okay, how come the comic book fan who talks about wrestling has NOTHING to say about the return of The Rock?!

Because I discuss that when I do my Instant Analysis of Raw over at 411mania.com.

Michael P said: Since you’re on the review team, please tell James Hunt that Ed Brubaker has two issues of Secret Avengers left, not one.

Tell him yourself. He's not a hard man to contact.

Travis Pelkie said: Solo and Wednesday Comics are 2 faves of yours? Then I guess you think Mark Chiarello is the most important man at DC…

No, I don't. I think he's spearheaded some great projects.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later

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