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Random Thoughts! (March 30, 2010)

by  in Comic News Comment
Random Thoughts! (March 30, 2010)

Random Thought! I’ve got a cold. Dammit. It’s random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! Top 5 WrestleMania Moments (I have a fondness for Jericho kicking Michaels in the balls…). Wrestling 4Rs including my write-up of TNA Impact (they continue to hate me and I’m loving it). Roundtable WrestleMania preview part one and part two (Jack Swagger! I told you! I fucking told you!). High Road/Low Road on Bret Hart/Vince McMahon at WrestleMania (um, this turned out worse than anyone expected). Wrestler of the Week year-end finale (the champ of year five is crowned and year six begins next week). Robot 6 WrestleMania predictions (same picks that I gave 411mania, but with different write-ups). Quickie Reviews (Mar 24 2010) (comics! finally!). Art Discussion Month 2010 (it ends tomorrow). Five Years Blogging: A Life Well Wasted (David Brothers and I talk comics, blogging, and five years of our lives spent online). The Splash Page Podcast episode 10.1 and episode 10.2 (loose, mean, and just having a good time).

Random Thought! I am always annoyed at how few characters in comics (and in movies and on TV) have colds or allergies outside of the odd story where that’s the focus.

Random Thought! Was at my parents’s place on the weekend for a brief overnight stay since the girlfriend had a birthday celebration to attend in town and brought back a box of trades and hardcovers. Finally have all of my Marvel hardcovers here in Windsor including Morrison’s New X-Men, Milligan/Allred’s X-Force, Waid/Wieringo’s Fantastic Four… plus, I finally (FINALLY!) have Transmetropolitan here. I kind of purposefully let that stay in London for this long so I could avoid reading it for a few years. Let me come back to it with a fresher set of eyes and appreciate it from a slightly distanced perspective.

Random Thought! Also brought back: The Complete Calvin and Hobbes and the three Peanuts hardcovers I actually own (vols. 1, 4, 5… I believe). Showing Michelle the early style Schulz used in Peanuts was fun since it kind of surprised her. I’ve always (well, since I was first shown it) had a fondness for that initial style. I like the look of it more than his later work. Less effective at storytelling, but just more pleasing to the eye, I guess.

Random Thought! In discussing Avengers: Prime, Brian Michael Bendis says, “”It might seem like Steve and Thor have worked out any issues they had between each other already. And remember, regardless of whatever Thor and Steve’s problem was, Steve showed up to help Thor during Siege. Steve picked up the van and drove it to Asgard and fought for him without any question. So Thor, regardless of how bad he’s feeling about what happened to Asgard, he can’t help but look across the room and say, ‘That was cool man. Screw whatever shit we we’re fighting about – you’re the man.'” What problems/issues would those two have? The last time they were both alive, they were on very good terms and Thor talked to Steve when he was dead (er… kinda dead?) and they were cool. I’m kind of curious to know what problems are supposed to be there — and already resolved.

Random Thought! No comics tomorrow. Well, I have three to buy, but that’s not worth the bus tickets. Save ’em for next week.

Random Thought! By the end, Ellis had a pretty good structure in Transmetropolitan of three-issue stories and then three single-issue stories. I like that.

Random Thought! The inside of my mouth tastes like death.

Random Thought! Been rewatching Twitch City, a Canadian sitcom about a guy who doesn’t do anything but watch TV. That’s a life I aspire to.

Random Thought! Man, I can’t believe how much better Stefano Caselli’s art looks on Secret Warriors with Sunny Gho’s colours. Colouring matters, kids.

Random Fanboy Thought! All of you who voted for Hal Jordan over Wally West? You suck.

Random Thought! I’m still amazed that the consensus on the X-Forums at CBR is that Uncanny X-Men #522 was a case of bad writing and good art. It’s like those boards are their own little Twilight Zone episode.

Random Thought! I don’t like MODOK really… Ellis took that character to its natural conclusion.

Random Thought! If any of you are annoyed about the lack of fun superhero comics and aren’t reading The Incredibles, well, I don’t think you actually want to read fun superhero comics.

Random Thought! Man, when looking at Mark Waid’s career as a writer, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be divided into pre-BOOM! and post-BOOM! categories, because he’s doing career best work for that company. Not to say that he wasn’t great before, but he’s been consistently great there.

Random Thought! I’m thinking that Them Crooked Vultures by Them Crooked Vultures is my favourite album of 2009, edging out Horehound by the Dead Weather and We are the Same by the Tragically Hip. (Among the things I brought back from my parents’ place were Gord Downie’s two solo albums. Coke Machine Glow doesn’t really wow me, but Battle of the Nudes is fucking great.)

Random Thought! Jack! Swagger! I was actually really excited when he won Money in the Bank. That guy has ‘main event’ written all over him. He needs to improve his micwork and I think he needs to do the push-ups in his entrance up on the ramp, so the pyro goes off all around him. Otherwise, the guy is golden.

Random Thought! Okay, I didn’t do annotations for WWE Heroes #1. I thought that might be a little too mean. But, if anyone was curious, here are my best guesses for the guys in the Royal Rumble panel… (Back row, left to right): Tommy Dreamer, Great Khali, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Triple H, Undertaker, and John Morrison. (Front row, left to right): Chavo Guerrero (or, maybe, Jamie Noble…?), Mark Henry, Batista, Kane, and Kofi Kingston (though this is the 2008 Royal Rumble and Kingston wasn’t in it, so there’s a possibility, judging from who was in it, that that’s Elijah Burke).

Random Thought! I don’t do as many angry rants as I used to… that bothers me.

Random Thought! Despite my general distaste for Alex Ross’s writing, I do have a fondess for Earth X. Not so much for Universe X and Paradise X, though I haven’t read either since they were coming out since my dad bought them. I am curious how all three series would read as a whole.

Random Thought! Finally, when I return to do reread reviews, what book do people want me to tackle? Here’s a list of options: The Authority: Revolutions by Ed Brubaker and Dustin Nguyen; Alan Moore’s WildC.A.T.S. run, Marvels, Kingdome Come, Earth X, Waid and Wieringo’s Fantastic Four run, The Incal, Neil Gaiman’s Eternals… or just throw out some random books. I’d like to get back to it in April sometime and knowing there’s a demand for certain write-ups makes it easier to do.

Random Thought! Oh, and I gave up on Tristram Shandy… decided to finally read Underground by Haruki Murakami instead. That’s his non-fiction book on the Tokyo sarin gas attacks. It’s the only thing of his I own that I haven’t read yet. It’s really good. I’m amazed at how much it’s affecting me emotionally.


Random Comments People say shit, sometimes I respond here. Yay.

Mecha-Shiva said: But what if I want to call Chrad Nivlet an asshole? Are you so full of yourself that you’re going to assume I’m talking about you?

In the comments section to something I wrote? Um, yeah, I would assume that.

Spencer said: Only short boxes for those great writers! I’m offended! Haha!

They’re what I tend to buy. Given the mix of trades and singles, only Casey has managed to demand more than a single box — but Ellis would probably beat him for volume of comics… I just have a big chunk of his work in trades.

jjc said: Looking forward to the Deadpool Team-Up written by Dave Lapham.

As am I. That has the potential to be very good and very fucked up.

stealthwise said: Why would Peter have to give up being Spider-Man once he has a child? Granted, I probably would hang up the webs, but then again, I’m not the type to even pick them up in the first place. There are plenty of parents out there who are police officers, firefighters, infantrymen, etc, who risk themselves every day and are willing to put their lives on the line in order to help others. I don’t think Peter staying as Spider-Man would be out of character, but rather, would just be one more thing for the little catholic boy to agonize about.

Those are different jobs — and they are jobs. It’s not just the risking his life, but also things like financial security that I see driving Peter to give up being Spider-Man. If he were to die while in costume, there would be no benefits for his family and they’d be stuck without his paycheque. I think having a child would make him focus on earning a living more and not letting his time as Spider-Man impact that.

Matt S. said: I think Daken killing the Punisher is one of the most significant elements of “Dark Reign” as a whole. One of Osborn’s Dark Avengers taking one of Marvel’s major characters off the board is a highlight of Marvel’s Dark Reign plot thread.

And it hasn’t been referenced anywhere besides The Punisher really, so I’d argue how much it matters to the larger story.

Alan Coil said: Perhaps the name of this column should be changed to Random Sentence Fragments.

I wasn’t aware that ‘thoughts’ was synonymous with ‘complete sentences.’ My mistake.

Apodaca said: Sure we do. This is a website full of critical reviews! Including criticisms of superhero comics with one-note characters, predictable plots, and awful dialogue. I never said Chad and others can’t like wrestling. I just said they should stop pretending that it has some artistic credibility that transcends the dreck. Has there ever been a wrestling match on par with Seven Soldiers, We3, or Animal Man?

Yes. A couple of examples: the 2008 Chris Jericho/Shawn Michaels feud, the Bret Hart/Owen Hart feud… hell, the Michaels/Undertaker match from this year’s WrestleMania was a months-long story that was some of the best storytelling I’ve seen all year — anywhere. While not necessarily as common, the storytelling in matches and feuds can reach a higher level than you seem to think wrestling capable of. But, I don’t feel like getting into a ‘debate’ over it, because I won’t convince you, you won’t convince me, and it will just be a waste of time. That you dismiss it as dreck speaks volumes. I do love how pompous and elitist comics fans (especially superhero comics fans) are when it comes to wrestling…

Thanks for reading. Later.

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