Random Thoughts! (March 29, 2011)

Random Thought! Baseball is coming! YAY! It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

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Random Thought! It's Batman, Incorporated, dammit! Not Batman Incorporated!

Random Thought! Man, Thor #620.1 was just an inventory issue, wasn't it? Still, way to baffle everyone with that one, Marvel.

Random Thought! I'm pretty sure Nick Fury wants Steve Rogers back as Captain America just so he can have his old job back. And that's fine by me.

Random Thought! I am so looking forward to comics this week. Butcher Baker, the Righteous Maker #1! Age of X Universe #1! Avengers #11! Detective Comics #875! Captain America #616! Thor #621! Plus, Scalped, Halcyon, Secret Avengers, and some other cool stuff. We'll see if my shop has any copies of Caligula #1, too.

Random Thought! Haruki Murakami's novels, in order of most liked to least liked: South of the Border, West of the Sun, Dance Dance Dance, Kafka on the Shore, Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Sputnik Sweetheart, After Dark Hear the Wind Sing, A Wild Sheep Chase, and Norwegian Wood. I love them all and haven't yet read Pinball, 1973. Short story collections and non-fiction not included, because those are entirely different beasts. Though, after the quake is a singular work of fiction in its own way...

Random Thought! A part of me is seriously considering not buying Deadpool MAX without Kyle Baker on art.

Random Thought! Hey, big fans of Domino: it's been almost a week and Wikipedia page hasn't been updated to include the version of the character that appears in Deadpool MAX. You guys suck. Every other big fan of some marginal, D-level character is laughing at you right now.

Random Thought! On Sunday, I briefly confunsed Amy Adams with Amy Smart and wondered what it would be like to go from Chev Chelios to Superman. A letdown no doubt.

Random Thought! Found myself briefly sucked into the debate about Tim Drake being gay yesterday... I don't even know what to say about that.

Random Thought! For the record, I voted for: Dick over Bruce, Steve Rogers over Wolverine, Thor over Silver Surfer, and Martian Manhunter over Superman.

Random Thought! What happened to my life? I've had the new edition of Hellblazer: Original Sins sitting on my desk since Thursday... unread. I'm beginning to understand Tim a bit better...

Random Thought! It's looking like I'll be able to see three Jays games this season, at least. My work schedule (Sat/Sun, Wed, Fri) makes going to a game in Toronto a little difficult. But, they're playing a couple of games in Detroit in May, so we'll be attending one of those. Purposefully went for outfield seats since I've never sat in the outfield that I can think of. Then, because of travel issues to Toronto and times of games, that left Monday night games as the only practical option. There are very few of those, so it's looking like one against the Indians at the end of May and another against the Rays at the end of August are the best options. I finally have money to go see the Jays and the means by which I earn said money prevent me from going... it's like a fucking O Henry story, but for people with horribly unimportant problems that aren't actually problems.

Random Thought! I would buy a WWE All-Stars-esque video game featuring superheroes. Hell, I'm this close to getting WWE All-Stars. It looks so wonderfully over-the-top. Forget regular fighting games for superheroes: stick them in a wrestling ring.

Random Thought! Say a second Marvel vs. DC series happened, what match-ups that didn't happen last time would people want to see? Obviously, Daken/Damian springs to mind... maybe Cassandra Cain/X-23. But, I can't really think of any others. So, what's the point?

Random Thought! Quote of the week: "But [Ultimates Adventures] was pretty pointless!" -- Duncan Fegredo, artist of Ultimate Adventures. (I've never read the series, but have often wanted to go back and check it out of perverse curiosity.)

Random Thought! Placed a fantastic Mile High Comics order last week: Marshal Law #1-6, Ronin #1-6, and Hellblazer: Pandemonium (the last one for seven bucks!).

Random Thought! Fuck, you know a comic just isn't for you when you have a hard time making it through a Tucker Stone piece on it.

Random Thought! For the record: it wasn't just the art that made the the 'box falling' shit in New Mutants #23 cheesy and laughable, it was the idea itself. Yeah, it was a criticism of the writing and a disrespectful one at that. What's your point?

Random Thought! I am looking forward to WrestleMania XXVII despite some of the weaker looking matches on the card. I really do hope the Miz retains the title, because that would be the final step in making him a legitimate longterm main event talent. Not that he couldn't retain that status otherwise, this would just solidify it.

Random Thought! I would watch the Wonder Woman TV show if it had William Shatner as Zeus basically playing Denny Crane again. Okay, no, I wouldn't.


Random Comments! Because people like seeing their names mentioned.

Christopher said: Love “Songs for the Deaf”, an excellent album and a very cohesive whole, not a lot of valleys in terms of quality songs and the interludes add a lot of atmosphere. I hadn’t heard of Queens of the Stone Age until that album dropped and it was originally Dave Grohl’s participation that caught my attention, but it’s become a perenial in rotation in my car. And “Go With The Flow” is an absolute blast to play on Rock Band.

I hadn't heard the band until then, but, for some reason, didn't get the album. I picked up Era Vulgaris after it came out because I'd read some good reviews and needed another CD in a two for $20 sale, I believe. I saw it and thought I'd give it a shot. Liked it so much that I dropped the cash to get the two-disc 'Canadian tour edition,' which contains five bonus tracks and a second disc of live stuff from a show in Amsterdam.

I kinda like Deadpool in black and white, actually. It’s the entire idea of X-Force-specific uniforms that I find rediculous. I guess I could kinda understand it while it was an X-Men approved team, but now that it’s supposed to be underground and unsanctioed, why have the team uniforms that stick out like a sore thumb? Doesn’t make sense in any way other than as a “kewl” visual and the lazy short hand that superheroe teams have to have some sort of unifying theme.

What I don't get is: wouldn't it make more sense to have completely different costumes? Wearing your regular costume with different colours isn't much of a disguise.

funkygreenjerusalem said: From reading the first trade, I totally disagreed with Greg on it. But from reading the second – I can see what he means.

Ah, but both Greg and I dug the first trade's worth of issues. It was the second arc that had us both scratching our heads. That's the way the title seems to go: one good/great arc/story, one mediocre/bad arc/story... and then repeat. It wins you over and makes thing you think the bad days are behind you, and, then, tries your patience and makes you consider dropping it.

Unless small elements I missed come back in a big way, that whole prologue could be covered in a couple of panels of exposition flashback.

Try one sentence on a recap page. Which is my big argument against that issue.

Pete Woodhouse said: The jury’s still out on QOTSA post Nick Oliveri, but the Queens are still the most exciting heavy rock band of the last decade. Enjoy Songs of the Deaf, Chad! – it’s Josh Homme, Mark Lanegan, Nick at their peak – plus Dave Grohl drumming like a madman – what’s not to like? Most consistent effort. However all the albums are great in their own way. I liked 4th album (sorry, booze addled brain!) even though it was bound to divide people as the was the 1st post- Nick album. Era I got used to after a while. Great band!

Jury's not out for me since I love Era Vulgaris. Lullabies to Paralyze is pretty good, too. I have a strange amount of fondness for "Skin on Skin."

Zolton said: Regarding Book of the Skull, I’m not seeing the problem here. It’s essentially Captain America meets Hellboy, not sure how that’s in any way something to complain about. Events bring out the worst in critics, in my opinion.

Because it was fairly generic and mediocre. I gave it three stars, so it's not like I hated it.

Mike said: Ellis is pretty unequivocal in the comments here about there not being any more Hellblazer stories from him. I know it puts me in the minority around here, but it kind of bums me out since his is one of my three favorite runs on the book. The standalone about the guy who had the devil’s kid in a box was the first time a Constantine story had creeped me out in years.

Never saw that comment (tend not to read the comments sections on Ellis's site... if only, because he drops them often enough that it never occurs to me to look), but it was still just an idle wish, not something based in reality.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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