Random Thoughts! (March 22, 2011)

Random Thought! Spring was here... now it's not. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

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Random Thought! As usual, I'm writing this on Tuesday (or, when it wasn't posted on Tuesday, the day it was posted) and I'm just not in the mood to talk about comics today. I don't know what to say, honestly. It happens. I've been more focused on wrestling and books and music and TV the past few days. So, if I hit on those topics a little more heavily than usual, that's why.

Random Thought! If you want to help out the Warren Ellis documentary that Sequart is doing and get some cool stuff in return, check out their Kickstarter page.

Random Thought! You want to figure out what TNA's problems are, watch last week's episode of Impact and then watch last week's Smackdown. Smackdown was such a focused, tight show with every story told through wrestling matches. Not all long ones, not exclusively through matches since there was some mic work and events beyond matches, but, still, every angle involved a match in some way. Impact, on the other hand, was just talking. And talking. And talking. It was pathetic how they seemingly had no idea how to develop stories and feuds through in-ring action. It was day and night. Now, I'll admit that Smackdown was a bit of an exception... but it was just fantastic.

Random Thought! When it comes to The Unwritten, Greg Burgas and I are of the same mind. We both seem to like the same stories, dislike the same ones, and constantly find ourselves wondering how much it will take to drop the title. Usually, something happens that sucks us back in. I wonder what the ratio of good to bad on that book is, though.

Random Thought! I'm looking forward to next week. Have an order placed with Amazon.ca for the new Radiohead album plus the three Queens of the Stone Age albums I need: the reissue of their self-titled debut (which comes out on Tuesday with the Radiohead one), Rated R, and live album/DVD Over the River and Through the Years. I finally picked up Songs for the Deaf a couple of weeks back for, like, eight bucks. Weird that I wouldn't have all those albums, I know, but I didn't get into the band until Era Vulgaris... just never got around to the back catalogue much for no reason other than never seeing the albums at a decent price or there being other things to buy.

Random Thought! Imagine, if you will, a trade paperback for Fear Itself. Now, imagine that it contains the main series plus the Book of the Skull one-shot. Now, imagine turning from a page of Scot Eaton art to a page of Stuart Immonen art. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.

Random Thought! Worse: I wouldn't be surprised if that eventual trade didn't include the prologue... and no one notices.

Random Thought! I was legitimately thrown by Deadpool wearing a different costume in Uncanny X-Force. In that way where I just laughed... at the book, not with it.

Random Thought! Currently watching season two of Night Court on DVD. I love that show. I wish the whole series was available on DVD. One thing that annoys me is that I have the 'TV Classics' DVD they did for the series that contains some of the so-called 'best' episodes from the show's run... including a two-parter where Harry is fired and Christine becomes a judge. Except, the story is actually a four-parter. Why would they only include half of the story? Anyway, a funny, funny show. We just watched the episode that almost certainly began John Larroquette's streak of Emmy wins for best supporting actor in a comedy. Michelle is, surprisingly, loving the show (surprisingly because she's not really a sitcom/comedy fan usually) and I think seeing Larroquette here is giving her a better understanding of why his casting on Boston Legal with the fourth season was so fantastic.

Random Thought! On April 1, there will be no Splash Page Podcast. It's the opening day of baseball and the Toronto Blue Jays are playing at 7pm that night. Seeing that Tim and I usually podcast around nine, the game will still be going. So, I'm choosing baseball over podcasting this once. I would try and blame it on my weekend working schedule, which means I won't be able to watch afternoon games on the weekends (which I usually do a lot of), but I'd make the same choice even if I was free to watch games on weekends. Opening day, baby!

Random Thought! I found it interesting that both Loki #4 and Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #2 had fill-in artists that attempted to draw like the regular artists on the book, both succeeding most of the time, at least in a superficial sense.

Random Thought! Also, if you're a Thor fan and didn't buy the Loki mini-series, you should either find the back issues or get the trade. It was really strong portrait of the character.

Random Thought! I'm in the process of my yearly reread of some of Haruki Murakami's books. I first got into his writing around this time of year in 2006 and it seems that every March, I decide to reread some of his books. Just whatever ones I feel like. This time, I began with after the quake, no doubt because of the earthquake in Japan. Then, I moved onto The Elephant Vanishes, because I'd never reread that front to back. I've reread various stories, just not all of them. Now, I'm rereading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, which I've only read once. It's the only novel of his that I've only read once. Most of them, I've read three times at least. I also finally ordered a copy of Pinball, 1973, his second novel, available in English only in Japan. Up until recently, it was much more difficult to find than his first novel, Hear the Wind Sing, which is likewise only available in English in Japan. But, the publisher did a new edition of Pinball, 1973 and I've ordered a copy. I plan to read it and, then, reread his first three novels in order since they form a loose trilogy referred to as "The Trilogy of the Rat." Maybe I'll also reread the sequel Dance Dance Dance after that...

Random Thought! Is it wrong that I kind of want that War Goddess series Avatar is doing featuring some of its old women characters to also bring back Avatar's old habit of variant covers with nudity?

Random Thought! I think I may buy the new Daredevil series. Still undecided; I'll see how the first issue is.


Random Comments! You talk, I talk back.

Agent said: Hellblazer’s going so well right now with Milligan. You want to ruin that with Ellis (best days are in the rearview)?

I meant reach out to Ellis when they're looking for someone new to write the title.

Christopher said: As for The Authority, I don’t think you need to wait five years, just throw Johnny Ryan on the sucker and let him go!

I'd buy that. But, I purposefully mentioned a period of rest. That title needs to sit untouched for years before anyone can make any sort of meaningful impact.

Matt Duarte said: Here’s a small proposal: PunisherMAX by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Come on, like you wouldn’t read it…

Yeah, I'd pick it up... but I doubt it would be better than the Ennis run or the current Aaron/Dillon stuff. Then again, Brubaker/Phillips have been impressing me less and less with each new project.

At said: Is ellis done with doktor sleepless or is it another of his hanging chads?

William Christensen was asked about that this weekend at C2E2 and said that the hold-up is Ellis. No idea why. Could have something to do with the infamous computer death that took out a variety of scripts that Ellis simply hasn't recreated yet.

I wouldnt trust him on constantine. He just thumbed his nose at the xmen with his laughably flat astonishing.

He had a brief run on the title. I rather like it.

Tom Fitzpatrick said: I don’t know if you know this or not, Chad, but Howard Chaykin did a four part mini with Garth Ennis called War is Hell for Marvel. Can’t remember if it was placed in WWI or WWII.

I own it, yes. I should reread it sometime.

Lando said: I could be wrong on this but doesn’t Ellis have a beef with DC? I’m pretty sure he has been quoted not saying good things about them.

There were issues with his first tenure on Hellblazer, not just not publishing "Shoot" but other problems. But, with the company under different management and obviously willing to do different things, I figured I'd wish for them reaching out to Ellis when the time was right and see about a proper run on Hellblazer free of the bullshit from the first time. Almost certainly will never happen, but it was my 'I'ds' post, right?

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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