Random Thoughts! (June 8, 2010)

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Link Thought! GraphiContent. butterbeatleblog. If I write something, it will be for one of those or get linked there.

Random Thought! Batman #700 will be awesome.

Random Thought! Rewatching Babylon 5 has made me more and more willing to give J. Michael Straczynski's Superman and Wonder Woman stuff a chance. I may get burned, but what the fuck. Still unsure about Superman: Earth One... Will wait to see what people say and maybe get the softcover.

Random Thought! I support Donald Glover in his quest to audition for the role of Spider-Man. I do agree with the mentality that a character's race matters -- if only because it does. But, I also think that Spider-Man/Peter Parker isn't exactly that tied to being white. It's not too hard for him to be a black nerd from the suburbs... Mostly, I agree with what Glover represents: a dorky-yet-funny Spider-Man.

Random Thought! Okay, The Boys being delayed a couple of weeks isn't too bad, because, without it, I would only have two books next week. Now? Three. Rock and roll.

Random Thought! Tim had various commitments this past weekend, so we're recording a podcast tonight -- and I'll edit it immediately. So look for it sometime in the 10-12 range. I'm away this weekend, so no idea what we're doing for that. Maybe another Tuesday one next week or the return of the solocasts.

Random Thought! Were people pissed off at the idea of Nick Fury being black? I wasn't paying attention at the time...

Random Thought! I really, really, really, really hope we get a third Nemesis mini-series by Ivan Brandon, because Nemesis: The Imposters clearly requires a follow-up.

Random Thought! I was very glad last week that there was such variety in guesses for my 'Guess the Real Spoiler' game. I'm always worried that the real spoiler will be obvious. I even enjoyed that some of the spoilers I made up entirely got votes as opposed to the ones that were more like tweaks... My question: was there any fake spoilers you wish had happened instead of what really happened in the comic? Also, with another week like that coming up at the beginning of July, I believe, do people want to see something different?

Random Thought! After the end to last night's episode of Monday Night Raw, wrestling beats comics this week. Sorry, but it's true.

Random Thought! I never noticed how little heavy blacks Juan Jose Ryp uses in his art until last week's Veangeance of the Moon Knight.

Random Thought! For the record, there was a white Black Panther... sort of... Well, half white/half black... And he wasn't called Black Panther exactly... But, still. ...what was my point?

Random Thought! Man, Phil Noto draws an awesome Asgard...

Random Thought! I should reread Batman #666...

Random Thought! Idiocracy is the most realistic and terrifying future I've ever seen in a movie, TV show, book, or comic. Rewatched it this weekend and it scares me every single time. Funny movie, but also the scariest one ever produced probably. Because it could happen.

Random Thought! I want to like The Thanos Imperative #1 more than I actually like it. The art is just so distracting in its heavyhanded colouring and cut-and-pasted art, though. Fuck.

Random Thought! I still want "Infinity Forever" by Jim Starlin. I'll mention this from time to time until I get it.


Random Comments! It makes you feel a part of these posts, doesn't it? You love my feedback to your feedback! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!

Scavenger said: DC What if: seriously? How many "What if Barbara Gordon Wasn't Shot" and "What if Tara wasn't evil" stories can you tell?

Plenty more.

Rome said: The other day I was rereading JMS "New Avengers" story in Amazing Spider-Man (519-524) and I kind of felt like that book, along with MK: Spider-Man #13-18 and New Avengers #15-16 had a weird vibe.. I know it sounds lame, but it feels like at the time, pre-Civil War, pre-Invasion, and almost pre-House of M, Marvel had like this thing, like "Anything CAN happen! Watch out, just around the corner, everything is possible!" don't you think? Maybe it's the art, that had like an "blue skies" look or something, but it really made me feel like this was a great time, like they were really throwing seeds across the different comicbooks which at the time one wouldn't notice..Well, obviously they were (or at least that's what were supposed to believe), but reading those stories again, it had a really nice vibe around them. Have you ever read them? Did you like them at the time?

Never read the Amazing Spider-Man or Marvel Knights: Spider-Man stories. I've, of course, read the New Avengers issues you mentioned and... those issues come after House of M. I think there was a different feeling if only because the status quo was different. There wasn't a unified story across the MU yet. Something that I enjoy, sure, but I also liked the broader plots, too.

TimCallahan said: District 9 was the best movie of 2009. Even if it falls apart in the end, a little.

More like 30-40 minutes in and a lot.

Nitz the Bloody said: I said that the Authority-in-the-Oval-Office status quo was a dead end because we could very easily guess the conclusion to the story-- that they'd fail to do any good through proper administrative channels. The Authority may be more powerful than any nation, but they're still just a military force. They aren't suited to more complex social problems, and unless the characters change dramatically from coming up with creative ways to kill super-villains, they aren't going to be suited to actually running a nation. Thus, unless the Authority are going to become an ideological power fantasy, or the series is going to end happily, they're going to fail in that endeavor. Brubaker handled it pretty well until the second half of his story, revealing that Bendix was responsible for their disintegration, instead of having it just be a natural consequence.

Somehow, I always hoped for more nonetheless. With minds like the Engineer and the Doctor, I wanted writers to really explore some 'out there' and innovative ideas. See what a group bent on radically changing the system could do, especially with the power to make it happen. Guys like Apollo and Midnighter would be useless, yes, but the others could have roles. Then again, me and about two others would buy that comic.

Dalarsco said: Yay! Someone else who put Forty on his Constantine top ten! That being said, I disagree with Heartland. Those stories were about Kit, not John. They were wonderful, but they didn't have John in them at all.

Oh, they had John in them... just not physically.

Grant Wilson said: Have you tried going back and re-watching Babylon 5? That is one monstrously unwatchable show in my opinion, whereas I think Deep Space Nine has by-and-large aged remarkably well.

Yup. I've done it before and am doing so right now. My girlfriend and I have watched through the ninth episode of season three. Still fantastic. One of my favourite shows of all time easily.

Daryll B. said: I'm really curious where you would have taken District 9 ...

I would have followed through on the original premise -- maybe shown more of the alien interactions with humans prior to the move. Kept to the documentary footage exclusively, too.

That's it, I'm done, thanks for reading. Later.

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