Random Thoughts (June 29, 2010)

Random Thought! Two years with the same woman... it's been pretty damn good. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for all your comics blogging needs. butterbeatleblog for popculture.

Random Thought! Note of correction from last week: it's possible that Sunny Gho himself isn't colouring Secret Warriors anymore, but the company he belongs to, Imaginary Friends Studio, is doing the colours, so there really hasn't been a change, thankfully. So, yay.

Random Thought! Noh-Varr isn't the same character at all as he once was. "I know my place"? Fuck...

Random Thought! After a few small weeks, next week is a big one for me -- which means lots of books for "Guess the Real Spoiler!"

Random Thought! I skimmed the prologue to "Grounded" and while it was pretty lame, I still like the idea of the story... some people want Superman hitting things, I like the introspective nature of the character, that willingness to examine himself and what he believes in.

Random Thought! Still, Superman isn't in the business of curing brain tumors and never has been, lady. Maybe he should be, but blaming him is just stupid.

Random Thought! However, there is something very Forrest Gump about getting frustrated and just starting to walk/run across the country.

Random Thought! I'm awesome at Tetris. Then again, is there anyone who had a Game Boy that isn't?

Random Thought! Goddamn, Yanick Paquette has stepped up his game.

Random Thought! And what's with the lame facial hair that Noh-Varr has now? Is John Romita trying to give him at least the suggestion of a personality?

Random Thought! I want Ramon Bachs to work with Joe Casey on an offbeat superhero title.

Random Thought! My top five superhero characters that I have a somewhat fanboyish sense of ownership over: 1) Noh-Varr; 2) Thor; 3) Adam Warlock; 4) Thanos; 5) Cable. Wait, does that make me a Marvel guy?

Random Thought! Lois Lane and Clark Kent are the worst couple ever.

Random Thought! While everyone was talking about DC's digital stuff last week, I was reading my paper comics. I like paper comics.

Random Thought! I've had to use digital comics for a while now with reviews and I don't like them. Obviously that's partly the hardware, but I simply prefer paper to screen. Stupid bias, but that's me.

Random Thought! Hmm... end of the month... will WWE Heroes #4 arrive this week for me?

Random Thought! We're almost at the end of season four of Babylon 5 and Michelle is really excited to keep going. Although my weird Asian bootleg DVDs that I bought on eBay years ago wrongly thinking them to be legit copies have a weird error on the fifth disc of season four: the fourth episode of the disc is put first with the rest moved back one. Michelle almost saw a big spoiler with a character. Damn you, Asian bootleggers!

Random Thought! Since J. Michael Straczynski has shown that his strengths lie in television, I'm kind of surprised that neither Marvel nor DC have simply gotten him to showrun/act as head writer for a TV adaptation. Maybe they have, but that would be really cool.

Random Thought! Been rereading Secret Warriors over the past couple of days at random times. Man, the bigger picture is much more apparent when you read this book in chunks. You don't necessarily know anything new, it just fits into a pattern... mostly surrounding the Zodiac Event.

Random Thought! I'm looking forward to Thor: The Mighty Avenger #1 next week. Same with that Steve Rogers book. And Scarlet. And Casanova. What the hell, Marvel? You want all of my money in one week?

Random Thought! I own all 14 issues of Casanova. I will be buying the Icon reprints. You should, too.

Random Thought! Tim and I both think Daytripper is the best book of 2010 so far. That should mean something. (Well, to the people who care what we think...)

Random Thought! I'm still amazed at the fantastic job Jason Aaron is doing on Punishermax. A lot of us thought no one could do it after Garth Ennis. We were wrong.

Random Thought! Man, I've got a few big things to write soon about comics. Why do I put everything off until the last minute?

Random Thought! I want to write the story where Guardian walks across Canada to gain a new sense of purpose and to remind himself about why he does what he does.

Random Thought! I also kind of want to see an issue of The Boys devoted to Hughie doing the same across Scotland. Okay, not really, but I think Ennis could make it work.

Random Thought! Seriously: "Infinity Forever" by Jim Starlin.

Random Thought! The more I think about it, I don't like the number of characters on both of Bendis's Avengers teams. I'd much prefer them to be separate completely.

Random Thought! But the Thing is still a great choice for Luke Cage's team.

Random Thought! Has there been a story where Bruce Wayne walks across Gotham? Because that seems like something that would have happened already.

Random Thought! If you haven't, go track down the Mr. Majestic series from 11 years ago by Joe Casey, Brian Holguin, Ed McGuiness, and Eric Canete. You'll like it.

Random Thought! It's hard deciding what few books to bring with me to Winnipeg...

Random Thought! Because of the upcoming six-week trip to Winnipeg, I'm taking the next two weeks off from Random Thoughts! Partly to make sure I can have everything done that I need done before I leave and, then, to make sure we're settled in fine (and, because, well, after a few days driving, I don't really want to turn around and write one of these posts). Assuming there aren't any problems, a couple of members of the Comics Should be Good team have agreed to do the Random Thoughts! posts for the next two weeks. I'm sure you'll like them both better than me, but I don't care, I'm coming back anyway.


Random Comments! Reader interaction means bigger hits... right? Please? (I don't actually know the hits stats. I don't really care either.)

Jeremy said: I also came here to say Daredevil. That thing has been consistently good, sometimes great, for ten years now. Then you got the classic run by Miller, the underated stories from Nocenti and Chichester...There's a lot of great DD stories.

A few people said Daredevil as an ongoing series that's been consistently good like Hellblazer, but I wondered about the pre-Millar stuff. Even the post-Miller stuff was hit-and-miss in places and for big periods of time. Hellblazer has had some misses obviously, but even the bad runs aren't that bad. Not knocking Daredevil, just wondering about the book as a whole from #1 until the present.

KCViking said: Chad-I can't thank you enough for the Ric Flair/Jay Lethal link.Absolute gold.Watched it four times already and it gets better each time.WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

That segment was pure brilliance. I'm convinced that Lethal will beat Flair at Victory Road and turn heel in the process, becoming a member of Fortune. (This is without reading spoilers on the latest TNA taping since I always avoid those. I like to find stuff out when I'm watching the show when possible...)

funkygreenjerusalem said: I haven't seen it in shops yet, so I'd assumed it was Glamorama or Luna Park sized, and was very impressed. You still read faster than me, but that's a more reasonable speed.

I read Lunar Park in a day, but it took a bit more time than Imperial Bedrooms. Nah, the new one is more like Less Than Zero in length.

Tom Fitzpatrick said: How're you enjoying Winnipeg?

Not there yet. Plans got delayed a little after I first mentioned it. We're leaving here on the ninth (a Friday) and should arrive on the twelfth (a Monday).

Scott Harris said: I'm not sure what you guys are talking about regarding Steve Rogers doing no wrong. The guy was written like a total d-bag throughout Civil War and it seemed to me that part of the point of that series was to specifically show how screwed up even Captain America could get when his buttons were pushed. Then he died and has been absent ever since up until, like, this very issue you're talking about. Maybe the attitude that Cap can't do wrong exists within certain segments of fandom, but nothing like that has been shown in the actual comics for several years.

I believe you're thinking of Tony Stark for that first bit...

jidasfire said: I can't say Steve Rogers' unassailable morality bothers me. That is, I think, the point of the character in many ways, as he is the only Marvel hero to have that. Some would argue, and perhaps rightly, that someone as idealistic as Steve isn't perfectly suited to make the hard decisions necessary to be leader. However, I say this is superheroics, not Battlestar Galactica. Not every story has to be about how many innocents the heroes murder to save just a few more (or less, on occasion). Even if it doesn't last forever, and nothing does, I don't think having the guy up top being completely good is a bad thing.

There's being morally right usually and then there's Steve Rogers who is revered... sort of like Superman, except in a larger way for the past five or so years. He's at the point where his only use is someone for other heroes to look up to. I just liked Luke Cage standing up to him and not being wrong in doing so.

Dalarsco said: I'm looking forward to the next Joker's Asylum trade especially for the Seinkwicz art. I also wish he'd go back to penciling. I've loved his New Mutants work, and I'm almost done his Moon Knight run. As much as I enjoy his inking, I want the pure madness of his penciling again. On a related note, I really want to see the guy who did New Mutants #5 (the return of Warlock to Earth) on more stuff, especially that book. His style is definitely Sienkwiecz inspired, with some shades of Skottie Young.

The mixture of Sienkiewicz and Giffen on art is pretty good. They pull in two directions in a manner that mirrors the writing.

Daryll B. said: Jay Lethal is the living proof of something Steve Austin and Mick Foley always used to reiterate: "Just give the performer the key points and time limit for their promo then let their personality hit the audience. Not everything has to be scripted." Jay has taken his love for wrestling history and his energy and taken this ball and ran with it. I kinda wished the WWE had let Charlie Haas run with this gimmick with more freedom when he had it....

Lethal has been really impressive lately. I like his 'regular' character, too, of the wrestler who is just star-struck being where he is. The guy who hears that he's teaming with someone and responds "That's so cool!" He's got a real genuineness to his character that makes him easy to root for.

Jason said: In reference to the worlogog, wasn't Element X alluded to through the art as possibly being a proto worlogog or some sort of component/replication of it? Visually I could've sworn it was the same design, and conceptually I think it served a similar purpose, didn't it? But I agree... I kept expected it come into play. I would've loved to see Tyler (the android Hourman) get some use there too. It seems so strange to me that he had to be disassembled and shelved the way he was. But yeah, I always kind of assumed the worlogog was implied just through how much ground the book shared with Rock of Ages.

Until the end, I thought Final Crisis was going to be the invasion of Earth that was shown in "Rock of Ages" as having succeeded because the Worlogog had been destroyed. That made its use seem pretty obvious as the key to defeating Darkseid. Throw in the idea of Metron providing a weapon (as he provided the Worlogog) and it just seemed like that was what was going to happen. That's one of those things I would like to hear Morrison discuss -- just to satisfy my own personal curiosity.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. See you in two weeks.

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