Random Thoughts! (June 22, 2010)

Random Thought! I have my girlfriend's sister's old Game Boy Color... awesome. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture.

Random Thought! Reading New Avengers #1 last week, I was amused by the knowledge that a certain segment of fandom probably lost their minds when Tony Stark sold Avengers Mansion to Luke Cage for a dollar.

Random Thought! I really, really loved the idea of faith as the eighth deadly sin in Azrael, but the final issue of Fabian Nicieza's run is just so rushed. I could be wrong, but it really seemed like a longer story that was cut short, which is a shame since it was the more original/intriguing things I've seen in superhero comics lately.

Random Thought! Some people weren't on board with Luke's reaction to Steve Rogers asking him to join his Avengers, but it made perfect sense to me. Luke wasn't going to sign up to be under the thumb of anyone representing the government. It doesn't matter if Rogers is in charge, it's still working for the government -- a government that has a different agenda than Luke's. I thought it was a really strong piece of character work by Bendis.

Random Thought! Then again, I'm starting to get sick of the 'Steve Rogers is god and can do no wrong' idea that was always there, but has become even larger in recent years.

Random Thought! On tonight's Splash Page Podcast, Tim and I are going to discuss our top five/ten (I'm not sure how many we'll do) books of the year so far. A halfway check-in if you will. I've also written a post to go up on my blog in a day or two with my list and some other stuff.

Random Thought! For any wrestling fans who don't watch TNA Impact, this interaction between Ric Flair and Jay Lethal doing Ric Flair is a must see. I laugh every time I watch it. Brilliant.

Random Thought! Seriously, this Game Boy Color is becoming a big distraction. I'm playing Kirby's Dream Land 2 in random ten minute intervals. What I can't wait to do is get my old Game Boy games from my parents' since I kept them to play on my Super Nintendo via the Super Game Boy.

Random Thought! Bill Sienkiewicz inking/finishing Keith Giffen's pencils/layouts is oddly effective and good looking in Joker's Asylum II: Mad Hatter #1. The art has that dual pull between order and chaos that works with the writing. I'd still have preferred just Sienkiewicz, obviously, but this was pretty cool.

Random Thought! I'm a little unsure about DV8: Gods and Monsters if it keeps up this 'one issue, one member' approach. Great Ten does it, but it's two pulls: the member and the main plot. So far, DV8 hasn't really gotten going on a plot level.

Random Thought! I really like this week's 411mania wrestling top five topic: top five finishing move names. (That goes up later tonight, I believe...)

Random Thought! I'm still surprised/amazed/saddened that Final Crisis didn't involve the use of the Worlogog to defeat Darkseid. (Also, for anyone who hasn't seen it or wants to: The Final Crisis Dialogues by Tim Callahan and myself.)

Random Thought! ComicsAlliance's link-filled version of Dan DiDio's comments on Ryan Choi and race in the DCU is fantastic.

Random Thought! I found five dollars in the laundry room last Thursday. That was awesome. I bought a five dollar WWE PPV DVD at Wal-Mart since they have around five or six older PPVs on DVD for five bucks each. (Oddly, that day, I also found someone's bank card on the ground a block or so away from the bank... as I was heading to the bank. So, I just turned it in at the front desk. Still: last Thursday was the day of me finding things related to money on the ground.)

Random Thought! I hate allergies.

Random Thought! As a whole, is there any ongoing series that has been as consistently good as Hellblazer?

Random Thought! I would totally see a Neveldine/Taylor Ghost Rider movie. Then again, I'll see any movie those two do, so...

Random Thought! Except Jonah Hex, but doing the screenplay at one point isn't quite good enough necessarily.

Random Thought! If "Grounded" is anything like the walkabout JMS put Dr. Franklin through in Babylon 5, I don't care if all Superman does it walk across America.

Random Thought! Huh. Sunny Gho isn't doing the colours for Secret Warriors #17... this may or may not be good. Gho's colours have made the art on that book much better.

Random Thought! I really do love comics.


Random Comments! Whatever comments catch my fancy, I'll respond to. Because people like to feel 'involved' in these things, right?

ryan said: On the Raw/NXT point, I loved the ending last week. However, I wanted the NXT group to have an impact on Smackdown, as well. Actually, I already don't care. With the release of Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett is the only NXT member left that is interesting. I like the others as a group, but on their own, I don't see how they would fit.

It's definitely been downhill since that initial Raw finale. Having them all on Raw doesn't seem like the right way to go either. But, I'm still giving it some time to play out before I pass final judgement. The lack of Danielson is definitely a big negative, though. That decision was just stupid.

Jeff said: Daniels' art AWFUL? Finch's pages HORRIFIC? Man I'd hate to hear what you say about bad artists.

Like who? I really don't understand the love/like/positive things said about either man's art aside from a few random panels.

Rome said: Hey Chad, no comments on "Marvel Vs Capcom 3"?

Considering I've never played it, no.

Ultimate Matt said: I genunely cannot undestand how you could call Daniel's pages "horrific". They weren't Michaelangelo, but they were perfectly workmanlike superhero art. It was head and shoulders above his RIP stuff, easily. Beyond even simple differences in taste, "horrific" seems a bit ridiculous.

I've been reading/hearing people say the art was better than his previous work with Morrison and I'm not seeing it. The pages were cramped, messy, characters looked inconsistent from panel to panel. Aside from the Joker-centric page, I hated all of it.

s1rude said: Jeebus...exactly how may words per minute do you read?

I read somewhere between 60 and 100 pages per hour on average, depending on the book. Imperial Bedrooms was a short book (169 pages) and a brisk read. Ellis's prose is sparse with lots of short sections ala Less Than Zero. It took me around two-and-a-half hours to read the whole thing.

stealthwise said: Although I gotta say, The Good Guys is a hilarious show. My favourite cop show currently on tv, and a nice change of pace from the standard grim and gritty Law and Order/CSI ripoff (or spinoff) crap that's populating the airwaves these days.

Finally watched last Monday's episode yesterday and, yeah, it's good fun. Bradley Whitford with a moustache coming straight out of the '80s is just entertaining.

Daryll B. said: Hey, why doesn't Mike Perkins has a steady gig? I can think of a few regular books *cough*Uncanny X-Men*cough* that would benefit from him....

Isn't he drawing The Stand for Marvel?

Travis Pelkie said: Anyway, here's one for random comments next week -- given that my reaction to the New Pornograpers album Challengers is so different from some other people, I have to ask you, Chad, (although I hope other people will respond) -- what happens when you encounter a work of art (be it comic, album, movie, book, whatever) that you love and think other people would love it too, but find that other people think it's garbage? And not just that the people dislike everything of this artist, but are fans themselves? (I think I'm starting to babble) In other words, when you love some artwork a lot and figure other people must too, but find they don't, does it cause you to reassess your opinion? Does it CHANGE your opinion? Or on the flip side, say you HATE something with a passion, but someone like Callahan or Cronin or Burgas loves it, and has well thought out reasons for loving it, do you reassess your opinion and change it?

If I hate something, but someone whose opinion I respect really likes it, I'll generally try and see where they're coming from to see if they're seeing something in the work I'm not. If they can make me see it in a new light, I'll change my opinion. If not, I won't. It's far less likely that people hating something I like will make me change what I think, though.

Deco said: how does imperial bedrooms compare to luna park? I though LP was excellent, fun, funny, sad, scary, and totally engrossing -- with meta-games that were critical to its true and emotional heart (yeah, I know, but that's what makes it so good imo) -- and talk about an ending. If IB is 2/3s as good I'm all over it

Head on over to the butterbeatleblog and read my thoughts on Imperial Bedrooms.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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