Random Thoughts! (June 2, 2009)

Another week, another collection of half-formed ideas that will amuse some and annoy others. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Random Thought! For those interested, The Splash Page, my column with Tim Callahan has returned! We discuss the Final Crisis Aftermath first issues and you definitely want to know what we thought about them.

Random Thought! While the comics themselves didn't wow me too much, the art in both Punisher MAX: Naked Kill #1 and Skaar: Son of Hulk #11 caught my attention when I read the advance .pdfs for each. You can see Lawrence Campbell's art in Naked Kill here and Dan Panosian's art in Skaar here.

Random Thought! BOOM! Studios is an odd publisher. They put some good books like Mark Waid's output, The Muppet Show, and Unthinkable, and there are licensed books which have their own audiences, and then... THEN! there are the utterly mediocre failed movie pitch books like this week's Dead Run #1. And it seems whenever one of those books finally finishes, another one just up and starts again.

Random Thought! glamouspuss is a fantastic comic book and you should have been buying it since the first issue. Last week's issue had Sim continue his discuss of the history of 20th-century photorealistic art, focusing on Stan Drake, and also ditching his fashion magazine parody for an issue to deliver a bunch of new female superheroines like Ms. A (inspired by Steve Ditko's Mr. A), Girl Flash, and Leather Cleavage. No actual crime-fighting going on, but some rather amusing "Who's Who" type pages devoted to each -- except Ms. A who gets a magazine article.

Random Thought! In order to fill some space, I think I'll dip into my "Random Company Ideas Archive" file from time to time. It's the file where I keep a lot of my dumb ideas for corporate-owned superhero comics. This week, it's a cover idea for a Superman comic: Jimmy Olsen, in a tux, being dragged away by a succubus in a wedding dress while Superman watches.Jimmy: HELP, SUPERMAN! I MARRIED A SUCCUBUS!Superman: I WARNED YOU, JIMMY AND YOU DIDN’T LISTEN, SO ENJOY AN ETERNITY IN HELL!

Random Thought! Last week, I didn't get comics on Wednesday as planned, because a shipping error delayed books in Southwestern Ontario by a day. I knew that on Tuesday, because my shop called me to let me know. Wasn't that nice of them? Border City Comics in Windsor. If you're in the area, give them some business.

Random Thought! I didn't really have a problem with Captain America and guns in last week's New Avengers. It sure seemed to upset a lot of other people -- would they react the same way if Hawkeye had a few spare bows and offered them to the Avengers before going into battle? Or if Daredevil gave Spider-Man a billyclub? I'm pretty anti-gun, because it was a bunch of people going into a dangerous situation, and the guy asked if they wouldn't mind having some weapons... What I find funny is that Spider-Man's over-the-top reaction reads like a pre-emptive parody of fan reactions.

Random Thought! I have nothing to say about comics this week really. I'll try better next week.

Oberon #5

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