Random Thoughts! (June 15, 2010)

Random Thought! I spent the weekend in nature... I don't really remember comics all that well... It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

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Random Thought! I normally don't care about price. I'm not one of those people who view comics or any other artistic medium as a place where you look at the amount of pages or whatever for a certain amount of price necessarily. I do think that context matters. That's why Batman #700 left me disappointed and why I felt the need to mention the price/packaging as a contributing factor in my review of it. Not something I've done any other time. The sad fact is that, if Batman were regularly $3.99, the price wouldn't have bothered me. It's the two dollar jump that did it added to the fact that 'extras' were pretty lame. Unused covers and some shit about the Batcave... that's how you celebrate 700 issues? Okay. The story also underwhelmed me. Tony Daniel's art was horrific, Frank Quitely's lack of finishing was disappointing (for whatever reason it happened, legitimate or otherwise, it's still disappointing), and David Finch's pages were flat-out awful. I plan to reread the issue again today in preparation for podcasting with Tim, but, yeah...

Random Thought! Is it fair to look at something like Amazing Spider-Man #600 and hold other books to that standard? I think so.

Random Thought! There's a reason why I rarely consider non-Starlin Thanos stories to be canonical...

Random Thought! I'm beginning to think that my current favourite superhero is Hughie. Then again, I've read the pdf of this week's issue of The Boys and Hughie is pretty awesome in that stupid heroic way.

Random Thought! Today: Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis.

Random Thought! Butch Guice brought his A-game to Captain America #606. I love that splash page involving Cap and Falcon at the beginning of the issue.

Random Thought! "Extreme Ways" by Moby is a pretty great song.

Random Thought! S.H.I.E.L.D. #2 knocked me on my ass.

Random Thought! Spider-Man: Fever is an awesome comic for kids. I have no proof of this beyond reading it and going "Hey, this would be awesome for kids!"

Random Thought! Unsure about picking up Superman #700... will probably begin JMS's run with 701.

Random Thought! Simone Bianchi drawing a Thor comic is just pefect.

Random Thought! Well, Imperial Bedrooms just arrived in the mail, so I'm going to go read that now. Alas, this post must be cut short a little.

Random Thought! Have finished Imperial Bedrooms. I enjoyed it. Not entirely sure what to make of it yet. Definitely falls into the tradition of Ellis's last couple of novels, though. Not quite a direct sequel to Less than Zero, but that makes it the best kind of sequel. The metafictional games he plays at the beginning of the novel give it an interesting dynamic despite those elements not being carried through for the rest of it. The final line knocked me on my ass.


Random Comments! I'm highly selective... and lazy... comments! YAY!

Mary Warner said: I was upset that they decided to use the Ulimate version of Nick Fury for the movies. I would much prefer everything to stick as close to the real Marvel as possible.

Why? How is one any more valid than the other? They went with Sam Jackson, because the guy is incredibly talented and immediately gets across how much of a badass Nick Fury is. No such thing as the 'real Marvel.' It's all fictional, all maleable, and... films are another medium. People really need to get it that that means changes will be made to suit that medium.

Jeremy said: Batman #700 is tomorrow? OH SHIIIIIIT SON I guess that means you should start working on that "Morrison's Third Year of Batman" retrospective >_>

I should, yes. It will cover Batman and Robin #1-12. I've started the blog post (aka wrote the intro and have the picture coding in), but haven't written the actual content yet. I will soon.

Mario said: I somewhat enjoy that Nick Fury is black in the movies (or is going to be). The Marvel movies will never be like the comics and because of that I think they should try to do their own thing. There are plenty of Marvel alternate universes so why not have a Marvel movieverse? It's a whole other medium and you don't need to comic book movies panel per panel like 300 or Sin City. I believe there are other ways to make a successful comic book adaptation.

Adapting anything to film means taking liberties. While Sin City and 300 were both very faithful in many respects, they also deviated from the source material. There's just no way to take something from one medium to another without making changes -- and, if you don't, you're stupid. Different media require different storytelling techniques, structures, and approaches.

Chris Johnson said: Preach on about the greatness of Babylon 5 Chad!

Will do. It's really great, people! Michelle and I just watched another 'shit gets even worse' episode. That show is so good at making you think things are as bad as they could get and then BAM! something big happens and you're like "...what? REALLY?" Masterful show.

dl316bh said: Raws ending last night was indeed pretty rad. I like to think I'm savvy to wrestlings workings, but the end to yesterdays Raw still caught me by surprise. It was kind of a goofy, comedic show and then BAM, the NXT rookies come down and absolutely tear up the ringside area. Only thing I would have preferred were a few pro's coming down from the back and getting beat down to make it more believable; I was actually waiting for that, since I figured in-story a couple guys would come down to at least try and stop what was happening. How do you think it's going to play out? I'm interested in where this goes.

The lack of guys coming out is especially odd given last night's episode where many made the save when the NXT guys were attacking Cena -- but then no one went to help Bret Hart at the end of the show. Very inconsistent storytelling. But, I'm digging the angle. I think they gave the NXT group a loss a little too soon with the superstars chasing them away. The WWE doesn't seem able to book strong heel factions -- or doesn't understand that they need to be dominant to be taken seriously as a threat. That's one of the reasons why Legacy never fully worked or why the Straight Edge Society isn't as serious a threat as it should be. CHIKARA is doing the story right with their current Bruderschaft des Kruzes storyline.

Travis Pelkie said: So even though several of you didn't like the end of District 9, it's still decent? Just prepare to be disappointed that the ending goes big/dumb/loud, huh?

Yeah, the movie lost me from thinking it's brilliant after the first 30-40 minutes, but it's still pretty good. It just had the potential to be MUCH better.

I hope you all are watching the Good Guys on the TV. Bradley Whitford is hilarious in it.

I am. And last week's episode was funny as hell. I was quoting Whitford's character on Twitter while watching the show on my computer the next day.

Thanks for mentioning Batman 700, Chad. I hadn't realized Morrison was coming back to the main Bat title. Is he going to be doing both Batman and Batman&Robin for awhile? Is B&R supposed to go just to issue 18, as I've heard tell before? I see he's writing at least 700-702, but is GMozz supposed to be writing Batman beyond (heh) that? Will I shut up? Will you all promise not to spoil B&R and Return of BW because I'm a few issues behind in my reading?

Morrison appears to be on the book just for 700-702 since Peter Milligan is writing #703. Not sure about Batman and Robin entirely. I get the impression that Morrison will stay on that book longer since he just loves writing it and keeps coming up with new ideas.

Chad, are the New Pornographers awesome music heroes up there in their and your homeland of Canadia? (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose, for fun) I've been listening to their stuff again (the new album Together is really good, as is expected from them, but their older album Electric Version is even better. However, I vacillate between whether Twin Cinema or Challengers is their best. Of course, they have another album too, which I'm not sure what it's even called, so who knows, it may be the most awesome. And the solo AC Newman disc and Neko Case's stuff is similarly great). I brought them up, um, because Fraction's a fan and the new version of Casanova's out next month. Yeah, that's it.

I've never really gotten into them. Heard the odd song and liked it, but that's it. They're respected like most indie bands of that stature, though. Generally praised by those that know their music.

stealthwise said: I like money.

Sheeyeah! I like money, too. And chicks. Yeah.

garbonzo said: "Random Thought! Batman #700 will be awesome." Based on what? I have to ask because these anniversary issues tend to be over-hyped extravaganzas that sound like a good idea on paper, but really have NO impact in the long-term storytelling and rarely pan out in the manner in which they were planned. They end up being over-sized and stuffed with one-offs and filler material and pin ups that read more like a superficial annual than an important piece of mythos.

I based my assessment on Morrison writing it. It was disappointing (to me) though.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #17

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