Random Thoughts! (June 1, 2010)

Random Thought! Air conditioning is so nice. So sweet and lovely. It makes my days wonderful. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! Isn't happening here anymore. I'm going to be moving the weekly roundup of what I write to a post on Tuesdays over at my new blog butterbeatleblog. It's a popculture discussion blog that I'm sharing with my girlfriend that went up on Sunday. So far, I've written about some music, wrestling, and prose, while she hasn't had the time to do more than introduce herself. Hopefully, that changes soon. But, yes, no longer will you have to deal with a link dump at the beginning of these posts. The link roundup post should go up shortly after this post since Tuesdays are generally a good day for me to divide between weeks of writing.

Random Thought! My top ten John Constantine stories:10. "Original Sins"9. "Good Intentions"8. "Forty" (#63)7. "Heartland" (both issues -- #71 and the special, I believe)6. "Happy Families" (#200)5. "Haunted"4. "One Last Love Song" (#142)3. "Rake at the Gates of Hell"2. "Hard Time"1. "Dangerous Habits"

Random Thought! Comics on Wednesday for me! Fuck you, America.

Random Thought! And, I'll get my comics a day before you a month from now, too.

Random Thought! As a result of new comics a day early for me, I'll be bringing back my "Guess the Real Spoiler" game tomorrow since people seemed to like it last time. Of course, this is an odd week for books -- mostly stuff that 90% of you (at least) don't care about.

Random Thought! Dostoevsky wrote good indie comics leads -- young men that think too much, have anti-social views, and generally spend all of their time mentally masturbating over things.

Random Thought! I abandoned Spider-Man: The Venom Factor due to boredom. I just didn't care. Decided to read The Idiot by Dostoevsky instead.

Random Thought! Jason Aaron. David Lapham. Go read

Random Thought! Yes, I was saying that Dostoevsky is better than Spider-Man. It's a fact. Deal with it.

Random Thought! I rather liked Secret Avengers #1. It reads a lot like a spin-off series from Captain America right now, which is perfectly fine with me. Though, I grow more and more weary of Rain Beredo's colours.

Random Thought! I'm a little put off by there being no new issue of The Boys this week. That book always comes out on the first Wednesday of the month! Though, by that logic, in the US, that wouldn't be until next week... BUT it's not on the latest shipping schedule for then either!

Random Thought! Avengers: Prime: five issues of Thor and Steve Rogers kicking the shit out of Tony Stark until Tony finally says 'sorry.' Okay, probably not, but I'd read that.

Random Thought! Who will be the first reviewer to post a review of the upcoming Mark Millar/Leinil Francis Yu comic that contains the phrase "Superior is inferior?"

Random Thought! The first Scott Pilgrim vs. The World trailer was okay and made me a little more inclined to see the movie. The latest trailer, though, has me excited to see it. Great fucking trailer.

Random Thought! Part of me misses the Skrulls.

Random Thought! A bigger part of me doesn't.

Random Thought! I reread Ultimate Comics Avengers #1-6 last week and did enjoy it as a whole piece. Was amused by Captain America hiding out in France wearing a Toronto Blue Jays cap circa 1997-2002. Where did he find that? Also, I love that he was in Europe pretending to be a Canadian. Was it because he was on the run or was he secretly ashamed of being American? U-DECIDE!

Random Thought! The minute I hear that anyone is asking the readers/fans/viewers what they want and allowing them to make creative decisions, I always know that things are going to get shitty.

Random Thought! I mean, fuck the audience. Democracy barely works for government, what makes anyone think it will work when it comes to writing things?

Random Thought! Yeah, watched that second trailer again and really, really liked it.

Random Thought! Saw District 9 on the weekend. Loved the first 30/40 minutes and then it became so fucking typical and I lost all interest. Great looking movie with a fantastic original premise that went off the rails. Kind of reminds me of Pineapple Express: the original concept of a process server who smokes too much weed, loves radio call-in shows and is dating a high school girl is so strong that all that drug dealer killing bullshit just seemed like a stupid way to make things 'interesting' when they didn't need to be.

Random Thought! I wonder if DC could make a What If...?-esque series work for them since they've never had one. They had their Elseworlds stuff, but those were a lot different. Whereas Marvel exhausted the concept somewhat over time. Could a DC version work because it has so many untapped stories that it could do new spins on?

Random Thought! You know why 2010 will be a better year than 2009? New ACME Novelty Library!

Random Thought! One final thought: Secret Warriors is the best ongoing title Marvel currently publishes.


Random Comments! I do love your comments. All of them in fact. But, I am a lazy, lazy man and only respond to the ones that require little thought and short answers. Sorry.

Rome said: You like Chris Bachalo's art? Thor or Cap?

Yes. Thor.

Michael P. said: Fans don't want the same old stories with new characters; they want the same old stories with the same old characters, but more blood, swearing and rape.

Man, I cannot wait for the retelling of "Operation: Galatic Storm" where they don't just kill the Supreme Intelligence, they skullfuck him to death! Hells yes! I love comics!

Nitz the Bloody said: To be fair, the team books Brubaker did in the past were teams that were strongly established prior to his arrival, and were in dead-end status quos at the time ( the Authority in the White House, the X-Men having just been DeciMated ). When I saw Brubaker speak at the UCLA Book Fair last month, he mentioned that Secret Avengers was a team he had greater freedom to put together. He also commented that the characters would have several missions where they weren't in costume. This is good, because I never got why these characters would wear their uniforms when not on mission-- wouldn't it be extremely uncomfortable for, say, War Machine to be wearing a heavy robot suit with massive guns hanging off when he's just chilling at the Avengers headquarters?

I wouldn't say that the Authority in charge of America was a deadend status quo at all. It doesn't necessarily lead to kicking in skulls, but it could lead to some very interesting ideas as they reshape and rework the government and country. I was really interested when they finally had the Authority take over and was very underwhelmed by what came after. And I don't know... War Machine seems like the type of guy who might want to just chill out while wearing his suit and guns.

Mario said: In response to your comment about my comment last week (see above). The three Ellis comics in your top ten that I have not read at Scars #1-6 (which i've heard about) Red #1-3 (which i've also heard about) and Lazarus Churchyard (which i've never ever heard about). I assume they're worth finding? Or at least reading?

Lazarus Churchyard in particular is worth tracking down. I don't know if the Image collection is still in print, but that book is a good precursor to Transmetropolitan. The other two are pretty good, too.

Jeremy said: I think I can change all five of those wrestling misconceptions to comic ones:

5. Comics were better in the old days - I don't think I have to explain this one

4. Stan Lee's success was because of his artists - There's this stupid internet backlash against Stan the Man, that most of the work and crazy ideas came from his artists Kirby and Ditko, that they are the real geniuses and creative masterminds behind some of comic's greatest characters and concepts. Hey buddy; FUCK YOU. I may not be able to stand reading anything he wrote, but show the man the respect he deserves.

3. Mark Millar Can't Write - Playing Devil's Advocate here, Millar's got a niche. His characters all talk in "witty" run-on sentences, there's lot of crazy action, and some clever ideas spread throughout. The guy is clearly talented, even if he may not be to your liking.

2. PG Means Low Quality/Extreme Violence Equals Great Comics - There's a crapload of all-ages stories that are intelligent, well-written, well-drawn comics, that don't have to have Invincible's gorn or The Boys' ugliness.

1. The Idea of Marvel vs DC vs Everything Else - Again, I'm not a Marvel or DC guy, I'm a Good Comics guy. I don't care which company does it, just make good comics, and I'll read 'em. Don't shut yourself off because of some stupid ass fan loyalty. You're only hurting yourself, and the industry.

Nice job altering #4 and #3... I knew how the others could be shifted to comics without any problem, but those two... well done, sir.

Layne said: Oh hey, I live in Winnipeg (Someone has to, okay?). I've been meaning to put together a review/survey of all the funnybook shops in this hellhole for a while now, but for what it's worth, I do my buying at Comics Factory IV - it's small, but they have great deals on used stuff, Jarett(?) is a swell guy, and you aren't made to feel like a scumbag or potential shoplifter when you walk in the door, and you don't feel like a schmuck or a rube when you leave. I used to shop at Cover To Cover's now-defunct sister store, the Book Shelf mostly due to geographic convenience and was never very impressed, but haven't been to the CtC store. Never been to Mighty or Galaxy, but Maxx Collectibles is pretty negligible, Book Fair has always been pretty mediocre, Red River Books is an episode of Hoarders just waiting to happen (But not in a good way), and Comics America is an embarrassing mess.

Thanks a lot, Layne! (And Tom Fitzpatrick, too, since he gave a list of places as well...)

Tom said: Adventuring into comics prose? Here's a helpful little website...

For DC ones...ask me.

Tom, thanks! Definitely a resource that I'll be using if I decide to get back into this project.

Carl said: The thing about Biemler's quote is that he obviously didn't get it. JMS stated at the time that he knew things could and would come up. Heck, he lost three main characters in the year gap between the pilot and series. He left himself enough room so that storylines could be altered, yet still move in the same general direction.

I know. JMS had it all planned out pretty solidly, but always adjusted when he had to because of cast issues or the show possibly not being picked up for a fifth season. And, of course, the best part about that quote: the show that was driven by one man's small imagination was still far superior to the show that stemmed from dozens of small imagination and had lots of flexibility to change as it went along. I say that liking Deep Space 9, but... come, Babylon 5 was amazing.

Matt Duarte said: Oh man, the ending of Incal! I read that book not that long ago, and the ending was a total mindfuck. I thought about re-reading it again, but honestly, I felt that ending worked better if I did not go back into the story and looks for hints (if there were any). Just taking it for what it was on the page, without further analysis. Also, I'm surprised you've read it. As far as I knew, it wasn't widely publicized in the US, was it? I know there were some reprints in the late 80's, but it's not easily accessible in English. I was lucky to find a copy in Spanish.

I've got the two collections that DC put out when they were associated with Humanoids as well as the two Humanoids-published Avant L'Incal collections they put out before joining forces with DC. I just wish we'd get the rest of the material here.

That's it, I'm done, thanks for reading. Later.

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