Random Thoughts (July 6, 2010)

Random Thought! I had 27 items on my "to do" post-it last week...I accomplished 24 of them...that's gotta be a record.  It's random thoughts time with guest poster Kelly Thompson!  Get excited!

Link Thought! You can find Chad's writing at GraphiContent (comics!) and butterbeatleblog (pop culture).  You can find my writing at 1979 Semi-Finalist (mostly comics, but really, hodgepodge!) and on my newly launched website.

Random Thought! The Wire is the best television I’ve ever seen.  It can only be downhill from here, I should just unplug my TV.

Random Thought! I wish most of my comics could be more like The Wire...not necessarily in content, but definitely in quality and consistency.

Random Thought! I don’t have room for one more book in my apartment…yet every week…new books.

Random Thought! What if I end up on Hoarders: Buried Alive?

Random Thought! If Alec Baldwin can’t make a thing good, that thing never had a shot at being good.

Random Thought! Imagine Alec Baldwin on The Wire.  The universe just exploded.

Random Thought! How did I miss Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen’s Nextwave?  This is what happens when you leave comics for a while – you can’t ever fully catch up.

Random Thought! I just ordered Nextwave.  One step closer to Hoarders: Buried Alive!

Random Thought! I’ve totally painted myself into a corner with this whole “women in comics” stuff…I mean, I wouldn’t go back and do anything differently but sometimes I just want to talk about stuff that has nothing to do with ladies, like Daniel Clowes’ WILSON!  I love it.

Random Thought! I held off on totally loving and embracing Conner, Palmiotti, and Gray's Power Girl because the boob hole and unrelenting boob/hot bod jokes annoyed me...I just wanted to tweak it slightly...and then it would be the PERFECT comic.  Now I know that I should have recognized a good thing when I had it.  The Wonder Woman/Power Girl team up by Conner in Wonder Woman #600 has made this all crystal clear.  I'm an idiot.

Random Thought! I like everything Brian Wood does.  Why haven't I read DMZ?  Probably time to rectify that.

Random Thought! My friend Anis Mojgani is the greatest slam poet ever.  Listening to him slam is like drinking creativity straight from a hose in the hot summer when you’re nine.  I always feel like I can do anything after seeing him perform.  But you have to act fast…it definitely wears off.  Usually I just feel good for a while and then take a nap.  I'm a jerk who wastes inspiration with naps.

Random Thought! Double bonus points - Anis also loves comics.  This video has a few of my favorites of Anis' poems (not necessarily suitable for work...listen with caution).

Random Thought! Batman is my favorite superhero.

Random Thought! I would buy more Batman books regularly if there weren’t so many goddamn Batman books.  This is also true of Superman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Deadpool, etc.

Random Thought! Even I have Wonder Woman burnout.  Don't get me wrong, it's great that she's in the news on crazy mainstream places like The freaking New York Times, and maybe all the controversy and discussion will help convince DC or Warners or whoever that she deserves a film...or something.  But the saturation got so intense that I found myself wishing that ignorant johnny come latelys would get out of my nerd corner.  I propose some kind of nerd equivalency test before people are allowed to comment on comics related things.  A series of 5 comic nerd questions perhaps?  Anyone want to prepare a sample quiz?

Random Thought! Everything I wanted to say about the Immonens’ excellent Moving Pictures has already been said better by Greg Burgas.  In other words, “Curse you Burgas!”  Oh, and buy Moving Pictures.

Random Thought! I suspect none of you bought (or are going to buy) The Last Unicorn comic book but the shit is BEAUTIFUL.  You should reconsider.

Random Thought! I hate summer in New York.  Every year I say this will be my last summer in New York...I've been saying this for three summers now.

Random Thought! I want a summer house in Maine.  How does one achieve such things?

Random Thought! Even though the Heralds miniseries wasn't perfect and had too many artists, I'm so depressed it's over.  More Kathryn Immonen Tonci Zonjic team up!!!

Random Thought! This week is the last issue of Demo Volume 2 (issue #6).  The series has been amazing. I think I liked it even more than Demo Volume #1.  Also, Casanova starts up this week...I'm pretty excited about it.

Random Thought! And in honor of Chad - a wrestling related random thought.  Ex-CEO of the WWE Linda McMahon is running for Senator in Connecticut.  Better yet, she's using her WWE experience - AND CLIPS - in her ads.

Random Thought! This was WAY more fun than doing a She Has No Head! post...what's up with that?

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