Random Thoughts! (July 27, 2010)

Random Thought! I had an awesome weekend that had nothing to do with comics! It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture.

Random Thought! Batman --> Batman and Robin --> Batman Inc. I love that progression.

Random Thought! While I don't actually care, the CrossGen announcement from Marvel was a surprise. But, it was that nice kind of surprise where you hear the news and go "Wow! That totally makes sense! How did no one call that?" (Did anyone call that?)

Random Thought! I don't think I have much else to say about the San Diego convention. That's probably not true, but nothing is coming to me.

Random Thought! Oh! Jonathan Hickman writing an Ultimate Thor mini is great. (Though that doesn't seem like convention news to me since Rich Johnston announced that a few weeks back...)

Random Thought! As I said on Twitter on Sunday: "Last year: Marvelman. This year: CrossGen. Next year... Malibu? Again? Maybe?" It was then pointed out to me that there are possible legal issues/redtape bullshit involved. Me, I just would have guessed that Marvel noticed how no one cared last time and learned from that. Then again, that's not stopping them from bringing CrossGen back. And, of course, legal issues didn't prevent them from getting Marvelman. So, who knows.

Random Thought! As much as I like Paolo Rivera's art, I really do wish Marvel had simply done art that blended as much as possible into Amazing Spider-Man annual #21 in Amazing Spider-Man #638. It makes sense to make the changed elements of the story stand out, but a smoother looking book would have been great.

Random Thought! How I'd rank the NXT rookies of season two so far: 1. Kaval; 2. Michael McGillicutty; 3. Husky Harris; 4. "Showtime" Percy Watson; 5. Alex Riley; 6. "Lucky" Cannon; 7. Eli Cottonwood.

Random Thought! Yesterday, I tried to record a solocast on Secret Warriors, but, when I hit 'stop,' the program crashed and I lost everything. But, my plans to find a fill-in for Tim while he's on vacation seem to be back on, so perhaps a special Splash Page Podcast episode will be coming soon.

Random Thought! I need to get Red Mass for Mars #3...

Random Thought! So, Tim Meakins sent me his copy of Constantine on DVD, but it didn't occur to me until it arrived that, yeah, he's from England and that means it's region 2... and I don't have a region free player. Not to worry, because I went online looking for hacks and... yeah, my DVD player has no known region free hacks. If I were desperate to watch it immediately, there are programs to allow me to watch it on my computer, though. My next DVD player will be region free, though.

Random Thought! Part of me does look forward to rewatching Constantine, I must admit.

Random Thought! Have I ever mentioned that my official happy song is "Day One" by Sarah Slean? If not, I'm mentioning it now. BECAUSE THE SONG IS ON AND I AM SO HAPPY! *dances*

Random Thought! Darkwing Duck is some good comics.

Random Thought! Something I always thought would make for a nice snack: communion wafers. I really need to test this theory at some point. I did look into it at one point and they're not that expensive to order. Little pieces of bread... yeah, a nice snack food.

Random Thought! Screw you, "Out in the Park!" You may be good, but "Day One" is amazing...

Random Thought! The news that the Red Hulk will be joining the Avengers has left me... well, concerned. But we'll see...

Random Thought! A Rocket Raccoon/Groot mini-series? Marvel may hate money, but they sure do love me.

Random Thought! I am looking forward to Red. Oh yes I am.

Random Thought! Remember when William Regal was General Manager of Raw, won the King of the Ring tournament, and then stopped the show during the Triple H/Randy Orton main event because people weren't showing him enough respect? Yeah, that was awesome.

Random Thought! "Day one day aoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone ah-AH-ah-AHHHHH!"

Random Thought! This past weekend: staying in a lovely hotel with the girlfriend to attend my sister's stag and doe. This upcoming weekend: long weekend at a cottage. Can you blame me for listening to my happy song on repeat?

Random Thought! Yeah, Atlas leaves me cold. I love Gabriel Hardman's art, but the writing just doesn't do it for me.

Random Thought! Brian Michael Bendis understands what people want: Devil Dinosaur and Killraven!

Random Thought! On to random comments, because I've got nothing left...


Random Comments! Like a phoenix, it rises from the ashes and people just wish it stayed dead...

Greg Burgas said: You really should go to San Diego once in your life. Even if you hate it, it's quite the spectacle.

Doubtful. There are plenty of other comic conventions to attend that are far less crowded and generally unpleasant for someone who hates being in large mobs of people as much as I do.

Manglr said: I thought B5 was amazing up until Season 5 in which the luxuriously coiffed telepaths took over. I think the rushed wrap of Season 4 really hurt the remainder of the show.

I'll never quite understand why people dislike season five so much. I liked that it was a little more relaxed and told some one-off stories or did short arcs. After years of big stories, scaling it back was good. Also, most series would have ended after the plot events that ended season four and I like that we got an extra season to see what happens after all of the wars are won and things should be perfect but aren't. The gorgeous telepath hair, though, was something my girlfriend and I laughed at.

funkygreenjerusalem said: You say that, but some of the chapters in the initial Batman run a terrible - the return of Ra's issues are terrible (though to be fair, he could have just been trying to fit in with the style of the crossover), and some other pre-RIP issues as well - like the one with Ryan Benjamin on art, with the guy who sees through his fingers.

I said ONE of the worst issues. There have been some other clunkers like you mentioned, but I don't mind that Benjamin-drawn pre-"RIP" issue too much. At least, not from a writing standpoint. The art was awful, but Morrison's script was on-point.

Sincerely said: Hey, please tell me what you enjoyed about Babylon 5. What makes it good? I need a reason to watch it. What makes it better than the Star Treks?

It's darker and more cynical than the Star Treks, but maintains the strong level of hope and wonder of those shows. Its characters change and grow throughout the five seasons. JMS uses the ensemble cast very well, willing to drop characters for episodes when needed and pick them back up. It's one big story that builds slowly and pays off well. It was one of the first (if not the first) shows to go in with a large multi-year plan and JMS pulls it off. Every time I watch the series, I pick up on new things and appreciate different nuances. I don't dislike the Star Trek stuff in general (save Voyager and Enterprise), but this is different. I think JMS handles the idea of alien cultures a lot better. I like how Earth isn't one of the most powerful worlds there is. Very ahead of its time.

Travis Pelkie said: I'm not sure your Hellblazer idea would hold up for a 6 issue arc, but it might make an interesting 3-4 issue arc. What's the Azzarello JC/Batman slash? (read the blog a thon, right?) And who besides Azz and Jason Aaron is non-English/Scottish/Irish that have written Hellblazer? It's someone after Aaron's stuff, isn't it, because I remember him saying in an interview that he was glad that Azz had been there first (being an American that wrote Constantine), so...

Yeah, six issues is pushing it. Then again, I know more about structure and pacing now than I did when I first jotted that idea down years ago. And, as was stated later in the comments section, Darko Macan (Croatian) did two issues of the book between the Ellis and Azzarello runs.

I'll ask this, even though I asked it on Sunday Brunch before -- my gf liked Fell (for the crime and the psychological element of it), liked the UnMen series Vertigo did a few years back, and likes some superhero stuff, although some of the art she seems to like has a manga flavor to it -- so what else can I use to lure her to the dark side, if you will, and turn her into a comic geek (she's willing on this, btw)?

Transmetropolitan maybe? Sandman seems to work well, too, I hear. I don't know really -- I don't have a lot of experience trying to get people in comics.

Philip Ayres said: There's a third trilogy by Jeanne Cavelos concerning the Technomages which is well worth a look as it tackles some of the themes Crusade was developing into (left over Shadow tech for a start) But if you're a Babylon 5 fan then you *need* to read To Dream in the City of Sorrows by Kathryn M. Drennan and The Shadow Within by Jeanne Cavelos which fill in some of the larger gaps.

I'm aware of those books. I have a nice Babylon 5 wish list on Amazon.ca that has all of the books and DVDs that I still need in it for easy reference.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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