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Random Thoughts! (July 21, 2009)

by  in Comic News Comment
Random Thoughts! (July 21, 2009)

Last week, the comments were dominated by a discussion of music amongst nations. I’ll try and stay on topic this week, forcing everyone to discuss comics. After all, that’s what we’re here for, right? COMICS! It’s random thoughts time! Get excited!

Random Thought! Marco Rudy is doing some amazing work designing pages in Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape. The layouts, panel shapes and sizes, the gutters… all are thought out and done in a manner similar to JH Williams III’s work — and, yet, no one seems to be noticing. Plus, Ivan Brandon’s writing is pretty good.

Random Thought! I apologise yet again for spelling Gene Colan’s last name as ‘Colon’ last week. I am a moron. Some people hypothosised that I was thinking of artist Ernie Colon, but, really, I was thinking of Carlito and Primo Colon, two second-generation Puerto Rican wrestlers in the WWE.

Random Thought! I’m torn on Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon on PunisherMAX, particularly the idea that they will be introducing the “MAX” versions of the Kingpin and Bullseye. I know that the “MAX” world of the Punisher exists separately from everything else and there have been pre-existing characters that have shown up like Nick Fury, but… something about this doesn’t sit right with me. I can’t pinpoint what, but it just seems really dumb to feel the need to introduce characters like the Kingpin and Bullseye into that world. Either they’re just variations on what already exists or they’ll be so divorced from the originals that it will be pointless. Neither alternative suits me.

Random Thought! That said, I will be buying that book.

Random Thought! I was really surprised by the reaction to my reread review post on “One More Day.” First, it didn’t descend into a lot of whining and usual reactionary negavity, but maintained a general level of thoughtful discourse that I don’t remember from when it was first released. Second, I was honestly expecting some people to react with groans and moans at the idea that the story was being discussed again. “Why can’t we all just ignore it and let it die?” That sort of thing. But, reactions have been rather positive, so… well, thanks for being a generally intelligent group.

Random Thought! I’m moving this week/weekend and I hate my comics quite a bit. The trades, too. I hate them all for being so heavy and taking up so much space. Bastards.

Random Thought! Check out Immortal Weapons #1 tomorrow. Jason Aaron knocks the history of Fat Cobra out of the park. Very, very good.

Random Thought! I pity all you poor bastards going to San Diego. Then again, I hate people, so I would say that.

Random Thought! As this was brought up in my Reread Review this week, I wanted to expand on it a little: I truly do think that a major driving force behind fans hating change of any kind is the hope/desire to write said characters. It’s not hard to see that when you look how current writers bend over backwards to put characters back into the status quo they remember from their childhoods. How many fans read Final Crisis #6 and, in the back of their heads, screamed out in frustration because, now, they may not be able to tell THE GREAT BRUCE WAYNE AS BATMAN STORY that’s been bubbling inside for oh so very long? I’m sure the regular ‘fear of change’ element plays a bit role, but fans wanting to write these characters… I think that may be the biggest influence.

Random Thought! I’m strangely amused that, while I’ve always had a fondness for Spider-Man, I’ve never really had any strong desire to write the character. The only time I wrote a Spider-Man story (that I can remember) was a script years ago that was meant as a one-off flashback sort of story that took place during the time when Harry Osborn was the Green Goblin. The story was basically that Peter and Harry meet for coffee/lunch on Harry’s birthday and talk about things, while we intercut with scenes of Spider-Man and the Green Goblin fighting the previous night. The idea being that this is one of the few times when the two will put aside their differences and try to be friends — Peter hoping that it will make Harry come around, Harry still drawn to his friend despite hating Spider-Man. Their relationship during that time period is very interesting and one that I think is more interesting than Norman as Spider-Man’s chief nemesis.

Random Thought!I love October solicitations: that in between time for comics. After the summer events and before anything new that companies want to announce at summer conventions — and don’t want spoiled by solicits. Unless, of course, both Marvel and DC just left certain items off like Marvel did for September’s books…

Random Thought! I love reviewing comics.

Random Thought! One more issue of Young Liars left. Dammit. (I have something planned to mark the end of the series that I will be doing on this very blog. Hopefully it works out.)

Random Thought! Tomorrow, Captain Britain and MI:13 ends. Dammit.

Random Thought! Those of you who don’t like Wednesday Comics have no soul. Or heart. Or taste. Or sense of value.

Random Thought! I really like the little character captions Matt Fraction does in Uncanny X-Men (and Dark Avengers during the current crossover). Quick ways to tell readers who a character is, what their powers are, and even something about their personality/perspective/role in the story. Those who find it annoying, I don’t know what your problem is.

Random Thought! A couple of questions: 1. Would any of you be offended if I took a week off from my reread reviews, but reposted something from GraphiContent? 2. Two years ago, I participated in the Blogathon — an event where people posts on their blogs every 30 minutes for 24 hours in an effort to raise money for a charity of their choice. This year’s event falls on this weekend and I can’t do it then (the afforementioned moving). However, would people be interested in me doing it sometime in August and sponsoring me then? When I did it last time, I did a lot of posting on Joe Casey. This time, I have some different ideas — and would be open to requests for material that I should cover (assuming I have the books). I’m interested in your feedback.

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