Random Thoughts! (July 20, 2010)

Random Thought! I'm back, which means... It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! Comics: GraphiContent. Popculture: butterbeatleblog.

Random Thought! Blogathon 2010 has concluded. The archive post can be found here. So far, $105 has been raised for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, but I think that you can do better. You can donate to the CBLDF for the rest of the week as part of this. Please do so. And let me know so I know that you've donated to keep track of what's been raised and to thank you for giving. It doesn't need to be a lot of money. Five dollars is just fine and is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Random Thought! And, no, I'm not sick of Hellblazer at all. In fact, I'm kind of jazzed up to read all of the issues I don't have.

Random Thought! I am a little tired of writing about comics, though.

Random Thought! This week, "One Moment in Time" begins and I'm looking forward to it.

Random Thought! Superman being a snarky bastard does appeal to me a little, yes, even though I admit it doesn't fit with his character too much.

Random Thought! Won't be in San Diego. And I'm more than okay with that.

Random Thought! I will be at my sister's stag and doe instead... not exactly thrilled about that, but whatever.

Random Thought! You know what's sitting atop this Tootsie Roll container I have on my desk that I keep pennies in? Spider Jerusalem. He just sits there, staring and sneering. I think he hates me.

Random Thought! I still get a chuckle out of the fact that Brian Azzarello wrote John Constantine/Batman slash fiction and DC published it. The day that doesn't amuse me on some level is a sad, sad day.

Random Thought! In the past two weeks, I've given 5 stars to three comics on CBR: Demo vol. 2 #6, The Playwright, and Daytripper #8. I'm not getting soft in my old age, I've just had the pleasure of reading (and reviewing) some very good comics.

Random Thought! I have The Spirit on DVD finally. Oh yes.

Random Thought! And someone on Twitter offered to send me Constantine... not as excited there, but I'll take it.

Random Thought! I will take most things people offer to send me.

Random Thought! I love how one week we get Batman and Robin #13, one of the best issues of Morrison's run on the character, and, the next, we get Batman #701, one of the worst.

Random Thought! Since my last random thoughts, Michelle and I finished Babylon 5. Damn, that show was fantastic. When I visited home last weekend, I found the six novels I own relating to the show, the Psi-Corps Trilogy and the Legions of Fire trilogy. I prefer the latter, but that's only because the former is more three separate stories united by a common idea. I need to reread those.

Random Thought! What do I think about Neveldine/Taylor doing Ghost Rider 2? I'll add it to the other three movies they've made that I have on DVD. Hells yes. Hells yes! (I'll see anything they do at this point. Jonah Hex doesn't count, because they didn't have much to do with the finished product.)

Random Thought! Edward Norton didn't wow me that much as Bruce Banner anyway...

Random Thought! I remember a time when I would mock DC for their weird symbolic teaser posters. Now, I just don't care.

Random Thought! Announcement: I have been made Chief Creative Officer of the Splash Page Podcast. Tim is still just the Junior Assistant Editor (Legion of Super-Heroes Dept.), sadly.

Random Thought! I've been thinking about what announcement I'd want to happen at San Diego the most and I don't have any. I want a surprising, exciting announcement that gets me excited. Just one. Something that makes me immediately go "I WANT THAT!" That doesn't happen a lot and I would love for that to happen.

Random Thought! A "Cosmic Avengers" book would be cool, though.

Random Thought! Since I haven't posted one of my ideas for a comic that I've thought up over the years for a while and because it ties into the blogathon...

Hellblazer: Hero Worship (Six-issue arc)Aron Jacobs is a young magician with a talent for seeing the coincidental connections of the world who travels to London to seek out his hero, John Constantine. Once there he finds it difficult to find Constantine and the locals are no help. His only lead is a serial killer who is tormenting London without anyone knowing really. The pattern of the killings is one that only a magician would see, because it’s based almost entirely on coincidence and patterns. This puts Jacobs on the killer’s trail and shit happens. That case eventually ends with Jacobs being forced to kill the killer and immediately after, he hears a voice say “All right, squire?” Standing there, lighting a cigarette is a blonde guy in a trenchcoat smoking a cigarette who then says, “I hear you’ve been looking for me.” This is John Constantine and the last issue of the arc has Jacobs and him talking, where Jacobs learns that Constantine is not the man he thought he’d be and ends up returning home, disillusioned, but ultimately satisfied with himself.

Nothing groundbreaking, but an idea I had one day and wrote down. Nothing I'd ever be interested in pursuing, I must admit.

Random Thought! The Man with the Getaway Face was a must-buy last week. Two dollars for an oversized comic by Darwyn Cooke? C'mon, son...

Random Thought! You know, I'm genuinely curious about why Peter and Mary Jane didn't get married, but stayed together still. That's something that doesn't really happen much (planning a wedding, not going through with the marriage, but staying together -- not just not getting married and staying together, because that happens all of the time).

Random Thought! Is there anything else by Warren Ellis that DC could collect?

Random Thought! I still can't believe that only three people not from England/Scotland/Ireland have written Hellblazer. Only one of those was for more than two issues.

Random Thought! The only costume I hate is the Loki one. Thor and Odin look fine to me.

Random Thought! Stop sneering at me, Jerusalem!

That's it. Thanks for reading. See you next week.

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