Random Thoughts! (January 26, 2010)

Random Thought! In three days, I turn 27, but my due date was actually January 26th... which is Wayne Gretzky's birthday. Instead, I share my birthday with Oprah. That's messed up. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! Quickie Reviews: January 13, 2010 (only one week late...). High Road/Low Road on TNA getting rid of the six-sided ring (a week where I happened to agree with the low road side of the issue, which is always easier). Alone at the End of the World with the Bell Bottom Blues (a prose short story written in 2006). Quickie Reviews: January 20, 2010 (short! review! thoughts!). The first Splash Page podcast (recorded on Friday night with some problems and with my horrible mic). Wrestling 4Rs (more writing on TNA iMPACT! as I didn't really like last week's show). The latest Fourcast podcast (to which I provide the intro... and sound better than I do in the Splash Page podcast). Wrestler of the Week (BxB Hulk, bitches! Seriously, if you claim to like wrestling, are at the age where you can afford to buy yourself a $20 DVD online (plus shipping), and aren't checking out Dragon Gate USA's stuff, you don't actually like wrestling... you're a damn dirty liar is what you are... Sometime in the next week or so, I should be getting their second PPV DVD Open the Untouchable Gate in the mail as my wonderful girlfriend got me it for my birthday. First Open the Historic Gate for Christmas and, then, this for my birthday... who has the best girlfriend around? Yeah. This guy... at this point, you need to imagine me pointing my thumbs at myself...)

Random Thought! What's that, comic fans who hate wrestling? Is that Marvel.com editor doing a video interview with TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles on Marvel's site? Why I think it may just be... (They have a bunch of these under the 'fightin' fanboys' label.)

Random Thought! Oh, and Tim and I will be recording podcasts every Friday night now. Yay.

Random Thought! On the Vertigo blog, it's been asked what books readers would like to see mentioned in The Unwritten. Me, I'm just hoping for any books that Mike Carey wants to reference in an effort to further the plot and/or thematic development of the book... but, hey, my definition of 'fan-service' is letting the writer write what he or she wants without forcing things in to appease readers. Which, really, isn't what's going on here -- it's meant to be a fun little question that's really an excuse to promote The Unwritten, but I still don't like the implications.

Random Thought! I really liked the one-off nature of last week's Gravel #16. How have there not been more of those issues?

Random Thought! No teases about any of this week's books that I've gotten to read for review purposes. Regarding Dark Avengers #13: what did people think? I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know and the weird Biblical connection looks like it could be a rather lacklustre twist. Disappointing.

Random Thought! I'm tired.

Random Thought! Hard to tell if the Superman in Superman/Batman #68 is a pacifist since he doesn't do much. I did laugh at 'Death-Man,' though.

Random Thought! When will Jimmy Page be a nice guy and release some post-Houses of the Holy Led Zeppelin live material on CD/for download? Sure, some appears on the Led Zeppelin DVD, but... come on, Neil Young is opening up the archives with live material and that's great. Then again, Young's live stuff varies widely in set-lists and style. I just want one or two. I want "Kashmir." Plus, it would probably sell quite well.

Random Thought! I kind of hope that Daken did kill Norman Osborn in the pages of Dark Wolverine.

Random Thought! The internet was down at my place on Saturday and I read tons of comics. That was nice. Some stuff for the big reread review post where I'll discuss those various depictions of the JLA by Azzarello, Ellis, Ennis, and Milligan... and The Programme by Milligan and Smith. A quick preview of the former: Ellis writes Lois and Clark banter better than everyone else.

Random Thought! There was a fart joke in Outsiders #26. It wasn't funny. It kind of sums up the quality of the comic actually.

Random Thought! The music in the podcast was necessary to bridge the gaps as Tim strung together the fragments of conversation. It was Hawksley Workman covering Led Zeppelin's "The Ocean."

Random Thought! If you've listened to Augie's Pipeline podcast, you'll know that the best thing that could happen to comics would be a Rasl/Skaar crossover published by BOOM!

Random Thought! I wrote one of this week's reviews over a month ago. Normally, Past Chad just leaves Future Chad with more work to do, but, this time, he was helpful. Lovely.

Random Thought! Those Deadpool variants proves something I've long suspected: Deadpool works better as a visual gag on covers than as an actual character in comics.

Random Thought! How can the book be called Die Hard: Year One when the first story takes place on July 4, 1976 and the second takes place on July 13, 1977... more than a year apart?

Random Thought! How has Supertramp's fourth album Crisis? What Crisis? not been ripped off for the title of a DC-published issue during one of their events? Or even a Marvel issue poking fun at DC? (And, if there is... I checked and couldn't find one, so... cool?)

Random Thought! Question of the week: for those who have heard either the Splash Page podcast or my intro to the Fourcast, do I sound 'Canadian?'

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