Random Thoughts! (January 25, 2011)

Random Thought! I would have thrown a curveball at everyone and made it so three members of the Fantastic Four died. SURPRISE! It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics (and the best of 2010 as I finally do those posts this week). butterbeatleblog for popculture.

Random Thought! I don't actually care who died in Fantastic Four #587... I'm sure I will when I eventually read Hickman's run in trades. But, right now? Don't care.

Random Thought! Not sure what I think of Marvel's decision to allow the issue to be sold a day early. Honestly, I can see why they'd do that, but, fuck, I don't want to ever make a special trip to my comic shop for one comic the day before having to go back to get the rest. Nice to know that my shop not being conveniently located for a special trip puts me a day behind automatically...

Random Thought! To follow-up on something I said last week: every issue of Marvel Boy had a Canadian cover price for $4.50. Every issue of The Filth was $4.95. I say again: PRICE DECREASE FOR ME. You whiners.

Random Thought! Last night, Michelle and I went to Detroit to see WWE Raw. We left Windsor a little after four since we wanted to buy our tickets at the box office (a product of no horrible Ticketmaster service charges that way and both of us having a bunch of American cash). It was a wonderful day of no problems. Crossing the border was easy, finding the Joe Louis Arena parking garage was easy, and getting tickets was easy. We also lucked out as we ran into a guy working for the WWE asking if we wanted to participate in a survey for them. I had read online reports of the WWE holding a screening of some kind for people attending Raw, but that was all I knew: it was happening. Well, it was a screening of a trailer for their upcoming movie The Chaperone starring Triple H. It was just filling out a survey, watching the trailer, completing the survey, and getting paid twenty bucks. Our tickets were $18. Basically, if you wanted to make two dollars, you could have come across this guy, bought the cheapest tickets, and then did the survey. Excellent timing on our part. From there, we walked around a little looking for a place to eat and decided to hit up the Hard Rock Cafe when we saw its sign. I had a burger and it was good. Michelle treated herself to a glass she could take home. Very pleasant meal. We walked back to Joe Louis, waited for around half an hour before they let us in and, then, hit the merch booth. I had decided that I wanted one of those new Nexus t-shirts and, when we got to the booth, I also saw that they had the Bobby "The Brain" Heenan DVD set for ten bucks. So, I got the shirt, the Heenan DVD, and I also got The John Cena Experience DVD set (with a signed card by Cena) for twenty bucks (my joke is that the WWE paid for that...). Of course, when I went to the bathroom, I changed into the t-shirt. Our seats were facing the Titantron, slightly off to the side. The thing I love about wrestling is that you can get the shittiest seats and still be able to see perfectly. Our seats weren't the shittiest, thankfully (pretty good for just saying 'Two of your cheapest tickets, please'). Good crowd. I mostly cheered and booed who I was supposed to, but made a few exceptions. In my new shirt, I had to cheer CM Punk and the New Nexus... I also learned that people LOVE R-Truth. I thought I knew that until he came out and received one of the biggest pops of the night. The show was good. When I see it live, though, I tend to get a little more distracted -- watching for the things you don't see on TV, usually, like setting up the pyro. Partway through the show, I was thirsty and sprang for a pop in a collector's cup. Though, as I was getting my straw, I discovered they had cherry coke. It never occurred to me that that would be an option! GAH! Leaving went very smoothly as well. No difficulties finding our car, traffic wasn't too bad, and no problems crossing the border. Hell, the border guard didn't even look at our passports and we were home at around 11:40. Everything went right -- so amazingly right that I'm still a little surprised.

Random Thought! Wondering what a relaunched Captain America comic would be called if it follows suit ala Iron Man and Thor (as Brevoort and Alonso have implied it will). Is there an adjective associated with Cap like 'invincible' or 'mighty?'

Random Thought! If "Flashpoint" does involve an alternate reality story that has comics renamed/renumbered, I will definitely pick up parts of that. Sorry, but nothing Geoff Johns writes. I'm done with that, son.

Random Thought! Okay, maybe something he writes... we'll see...

Random Thought! There's something fascinating about Scarlet that keeps me on board... I'm not sure what.

Random Thought! Fuck you, Cronin, the 'they were all cloned' answer is legitimate!

Random Thought! Having a hard time deciding which I'm looking forward to most this year: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami or Undisputed : How To Become The World Champion In 1,372 Easy Steps by Chris Jericho. Good thing I don't have to decide really since I'll be getting both. BOTH I SAY!

Random Thought! Am I alone in seeing the Pynchon influence on Deadpool MAX? Anyone?

Random Thought! A video store is closing here and that only means one thing: CHEAP DVDs! I got the first season of Life for six bucks. Michelle splurged, getting the first season of In Treatment, the sixth season of Nip/Tuck, and getting me Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder since it's 'buy one, get two free' and she had another spot available (they go by each disc... In Treatment was NINE discs, while Nip/Tuck was five). All I need now is season two of Life. That show was fantastic. Still amazed it never caught on. It's a British actor playing an eccentric American... I thought that was the recipe for success. Or, was Damian Lewis not shouty enough like Laurie and Roth?

Random Thought! In order to see the Royal Rumble on Sunday night, I must work 13 hours on Saturday instead of the usual 12 (my co-worker will come in an hour early on Sunday and I said I'd stay an hour late on Saturday). The kicker? Saturday is my birthday. Ouch. But, it's worth it to see the Rumble. It's my favourite PPV of the year. (Yes, I like it even more than WrestleMania...)

Random Thought! In my mind, someone other than Jesus Merino drew Superman/Batman #79-80.

Random Thought! I was watching the episode of M*A*S*H where Alan Alda's dad plays a civilian surgeon come to the camp to teach some new technique and immediately came upon the idea of a made-for-TV movie that they could have done where Hawkeye does the same sort of thing for the Vietnam War.

Random Thought! Tempted to spend the rest of the day rereading the Waid/Wieringo run of Fantastic Four just because.

Random Thought! I wish Marvel put out more of the those deluxe hardcovers. Those are sweet.

Random Thought! There was a time I would watch the State of the Union and write about it live for a weekly column I did. Now, I don't give a fuck.

Random Thought! Just because, I will buy the final issue of Wizard.

Random Thought! I don't have a lot to say about Wizard. For years, it was where I got news about comics and was one of the highlights of my month. Then, I discovered the internet and didn't find a lot of use for the magazine except as bathroom reading (which it was useful for). When I moved out, I got rid of all of my issues. A decision I both stand by and regret. More the former than the latter. I've tuned in a couple of times since then to check out the year-end issues and wasn't that impressed. Just not my thing. I'm not happy to see it disappear, though.


Random Comments! Because reader feedback is important.

funkygreenjerusalem said: Because Age OF Apocalypse and House Of M were so awesome?

Actually, AoA was awesome when I was 13 (which sounds like a backdoor compliment – I’ve never re-read it, but damn I loved it then… though, I did think it was for realsies at first.)

Hell yes they were. I need to get the complete Age of Apocalypse at some point.

I think the hold the line campaign is aimed more at getting people to come back to books they dropped, not necessarily getting people to try out everything (though I’m sure they’d love it).

Again, not something aimed at me then, because I drop books based on quality, not price.

Richard Bensam said: I hadn’t looked at the cover art for Shot in the Face before now. Damn! Kevin really knocked it out of the park! I’m beginning to think I was too easy on the boy.

I was demanding in my vision and Kevin exceeded all expectations.

Randy said: Since when has bendis give a damm about continuity? He didn’t give a damm about noh-varrs continuity when he turned him into THE PROTECTOR!

He never contradicted anything really... seriously.

comixkid2099 said: I never read your Dreadstar December posts because i’ve never read Dreadstar, but do you have any recommendations on the best way to get the series in trade? I noticed there’s a couple of collections, some in color, some in black and white, and some are definitely out of print, while others are around the ball park of 4 bucks.

Well, any trades you find will only get you to issue 12. From that point on, you need to get the back issues. I'd suggest Dynamite's reprints if you can get them for the first 12 issues plus the pre-Dreadstar material.

Randy said: Actually, I mean character consistency, not continuity.

Oh. Well, I'm writing a post to address that. Look for it on Saturday on my blog.

Apodaca said: I felt similarly underwhelmed by Black Swan. I also had a hard time feeling any sympathy for a character who’s main problem is being too perfect. And the peripheral characters were so cliched, from the stage mom to the creepy male instructor.

I wasn't underwhelmed. I just expected more 'fuck me up' scenes. Not complaining that they weren't there.

I’m compelled to check out Age of X, just because I have a fetish for alternate versions of characters. Just alternate costumes, really. I don’t even need stories. Remember that book Marvel released in 2001, “Millenial Visions”, where it was all the alternate versions with one-page summaries? I was the ideal audience for that book.

Yeah, that was a collection of stuff for their Marvel Vision magazine. I need to find it. I loved that feature.

I’m surprised to hear that anyone under 40 still reads Rolling Stone. Other than this issue that disappointed you, are you normally pleased with the content?

I don't read it regularly. I used to subscribe. Now, I'll pick up the odd issue and the year-end one. The only thing that consistently wins me over is Matt Taibbi's writing.

Mary Warner said: There are Babylon 5 movies?

TV movies. Four of them (five if you count the pilot). They're all in a DVD collection of their own.

Travis Pelkie said: Ooh, I see why you like it. It does seem to combine elements of the Batwoman costume with the Red Robin one. Which maybe says something about Tim Drake…

More about you, because I don't see any Batwoman influence. It's a cross of Red Robin, Nightwing, and Tim's Robin costume.

stealthwise said: Holy shit, Hawksley Workman produced something somewhat useful? (albeit in an entirely different context, and likely by accident.)

Fuck you. Hawksley Workman is awesome.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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