Random Thoughts! (January 19, 2010)

Random Thought! For some reason, I've begun calling my girlfriend 'Ladygirl' as a nickname. She hasn't dumped me yet. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! The top 5 wrestling returns (my list is very subjective, particularly my number one). High Road/Low Road on ECW Homecoming (plus, lots of comments regarding Jeff Hardy and TNA from last week). Wrestling 4Rs (commentary by me on Thursday's TNA Impact). Wrestler of the Week (Massive Q, by the way, is a writer for the site, so his inclusion is partly a congrats to one of the team and partly a way to piss off people who hate the mention of anything non-WWE).

Random Thought! Before anyone asks, Tim and I have no plans of doing a weekly Splash Page column devoted to DC Universe: Legends. A comic set in the MMO world... christ, what the fuck, DC?

Random Thought! Out of curiosity, how many times have Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man been on the Avengers at the same time? How many issues were they all teammates? I'm just curious, because those three are seen as being the classic/tentpole members, but I don't really remember them being on the team at the same time much... In the original book... uh... during the Busiek/Perez run... and... um... other times maybe? A little help?

Random Thought! Also, I get that another reason why those three are the 'big' ones is because the team always seemed to have one of them one it, but... was there ever a time when Thor was on the team, but neither Captain America nor Iron Man were? If so, how did Thor get put into the big three? Why not Hawkeye or Vision or the Scarlet Witch or one of the other members who have actually been around a lot more?

Random Thought! Brian Michael Bendis launched New Avengers with Captain America and Iron Man on the team and people still bitched. So, did they need Thor... or is that proof that those three aren't actually as important to the idea of 'the true Avengers' as we all like to make ourselves believe right now?

Random Thought! Marvel's Siege #3 variant cover DC comics exchange promotion is a dick move, sure, but... well, I like dick moves. Some are angry at Marvel implying that the ring books mentioned were ordered in such large numbers solely for the rings and aren't worth reading and... well, even ignoring the very possible truth in that statement, isn't that what a competing company is supposed to say? Marvel is supposed to say those books aren't worth reading and that fifty of them equal one Marvel title. Part of promoting yourself is saying your competition is worthless. Plus, it has people debating if those books were actually worth ordering in such large numbers -- and whether or not people just wanted little plastic rings. Dick move, of course, but an effective one. Dick moves usually are. (And that doesn't mean I think people at Marvel or DC actually dislike one another or the other company, it's just that they're in competition, so that implies a certain amount of 'the other guys aren't worth paying attention to' vibes going out...)

Random Thought! Is it just me or does "Square One Here I Come" feel like it should be the last song of The Black and White Album by the Hives? Every time I get to that point in the album, I expect it to end and am always surprised when the next song comes on. The final three songs of the album aren't bad or anything, I quite enjoy them, but "Square One Here I Come" is the song to end that album. The same thing with the title track of Franz Ferdinand's You Could Have it So Much Better.

Random Thought! On Friday night, Tim and I will record the first Splash Page podcast. Anything anyone wants to hear us discuss?

Random Thought! The asshole in me always feels the urge to shit on those 'save my favourite comic' write-in campaigns. Why is that? As Kieron Gillen pointed out with regards to the one designed to save S.W.O.R.D., it's a good way to at least show the publisher that there is a dedicated and passionate fanbase there should they wish to return to the property in the future. Then again, I look at the other write-in campaigns and notice how the books that are 'saved' usually just get cancelled within the year. Now, that's extra time/issues, but I just have to wonder if it wouldn't be better to let it go. Accept and move on. Maybe it's also that the book this time has only shipped three issues... really, it's a book you love and feel that passionately about after three issues? It usually takes me six before I've decided if a book is worthwhile or not.

Random Thought! I also dislike the blaming of other books for the cancellation of yours. I'm sorry, but I doubt that a lack of Dark Avengers would have caused all of those readers flocking to S.W.O.R.D. While Marvel putting out so many titles, particularly numerous titles featuring the same character (Deadpool, for example) does impact the sales of other titles, I have to wonder if the impact is large enough to make a huge difference. Why do people assume that just because Comic A exists that it's preventing people from buying Comic B? Maybe Comic B simply doesn't appeal to those people. It's frustrating when a comic you love isn't appreciate by others, but can you really expect others to like what you like? (And that sound you just heard was everyone who's ever met me laughing with shock and surprise that I would ever say such a thing...) I ranked Young Liars as my number one book of 2009 and was apparently the only person to rank it at all out of the 130 lists that Sandy used for 2009's meta-list... does that make the other 129 people idiots? Nah, it just means that they forgot about the book, didn't read it, or didn't like it enough for it to crack the top ten. Does that affect my enjoyment of it? No. It was a book that spoke to me in a way where I can understand others not digging it. (Though it did make Greg's list. Because Greg is smart.)

Random Thought! And critical consensus does not mean that a book has widespread appeal. Believe it or not, but comics critics are somewhat like-minded. Yes, there is diversity in opinion and all of that, but there's also a lot of similarity in opinion, particularly when it comes to those cult-like books. We like to champion that unappreciated underdog book that stands out simply because it's different from the standard corporate superhero comic fare.

Random Thought! Bearing all of that in mind... fuck those people who didn't like or didn't buy Young Liars or any other book I loved that was cancelled. What the fuck, assholes? Are you allergic to quality or something? Or is your head so far up your ass in search of yet another comic featuring some overexposed character that's appearing in twelve titles this month, all of which you buy despite actively loathing eleven of them because they just don't understand the character properly, that you wouldn't know a good comic if it walked up and introduced itself? Fuckers.

Random Thought! "Yes, I know, I know Character X is your favourite character of all time and you only buy every single one of their appearances because you want to stay current in case one of these stories is referenced in a future book that's actually good. Yes, I know, I know it's hard sometimes loving a character so much and watching them being so misunderstood by hack writers and stupid editors. And, yes, while the current writer may have written a series of issues that made you angrier with each one for the past three years, I'm sure that next month's issue could be better and the writer will finally understand the character the way that you do. Yes, I know, I know..."

Random Thought! Oh, and all of you who went to your shop, got those plastic rings and didn't buy the comics that retailers had to order in large quantities in order to obtain said rings? You're not exactly in the best position to criticise Marvel's exchange promotion, because you've already made their point for them.

Random Thought! If I find out that a writer I like likes the work of a writer or artist whose work I utterly detest and loathe, I find that harder to get past/ignore than if a writer I like turns out to be racist or sexist or homophobic. That's very, very fucked up.

Random Thought! Who in their right mind names their daughter Lolita? Do you want to screw your kid up for life?

Random Thought! My first reaction to Dark Avengers #13: "I think Bendis has lost his mind..."

Random Thought! I enjoyed Punishermax #3 last week...

Random Thought! What do people think of my including star ratings of each story in my review of Nation X #2? Seems like an obvious thing to do really...

Random Thought! Later.

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