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Random Thoughts! (January 1, 2013)

by  in Comic News Comment
Random Thoughts! (January 1, 2013)

Random Thought! 2013 is here. Doesn’t it look all shiny and new? It’s Random Thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture. 411mania for wrestling reviews and the occasional CD review. My Twitter account for random thoughts as they happen in real time.

Random Thought! Direct Message 07 with Alec Berry on Amazing Spider-Man #700! GO READ!

Random Thought! Yes, it would be rape. Yes, it’s a hypothetical sort of rape that can’t really happen (yet) in the real world. No, I don’t care that it’s in a Spider-Man comic.

Random Thought! Christmas was pleasant for me. I only had Christmas Day off (but didn’t work until 4pm on Boxing Day), so it was a bit condensed and spread out (my family’s stuff was this past weekend). Received many big, thick books, some DVDs, some CDs, some records, some clothes, some gift cards… the usual sort of stuff. A personal highlight was seeing my buddy Adam on Christmas to finally give him his best man’s gift (it arrived literally the day AFTER we left town for the wedding). It was all quite nice. A bit tiring. Ah well.

Random Thought! Last week, I bought a copy of the trade of Daredevil: Ninja for less than Amazing Spider-Man #700. I don’t know if that means anything.

Random Thought! I had fun participating in the annual 411mania Top 5 Wrestling Predictions for 2013 column (the ‘2013’ part isn’t annual, obviously). I just went as crazy as I could (within SOME reason). It was hard once I realised how insane the WWE had been this year. Let me give you examples: the Funkasaurus, the Miz turns face, CM Punk is WWE Champion all year, Daniel Bryan was World Heavyweight Champion at the same time CM Punk was WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar returned, Triple H cut his hair, Team Hell No, John Laurinaitis and People Power, the Big Show openly wept in the middle of the ring, the Miz turned face, everything to do with AJ, Chris Jericho’s return was a grand experiment in putting everyone he faced over, Ryback, Alberto Del Rio possibly turned face, Damien Sandow, the reunion of DX, and, of course, the Miz turned face. I… I can’t compete with that sort of stuff. But, now, I’ll do some for comics…

Random 2013 Prediction! DC announces After Watchmen. I come out of ‘retirement’ to review it all with Brian.

Random 2013 Prediction! Marvelman ‘debuts’ in the pages of Avengers.

Random 2013 Prediction! SEX sells (out).

Random 2013 Prediction! Gail Simone is fired off Batgirl again. People are just as upset, but in a more tired, cynical sort of way.

Random 2013 Prediction! Vertigo folds by October.

Random 2013 Prediction! Batman, Incorporated‘s ending is fucked with by editorial, causing Grant Morrison to quit comics again. For two months.

Random 2013 Prediction! We get the finale of Doktor Sleepless. Further issues of that second Anna Mercury mini-series still do not come out.

Random 2013 Prediction! People finally pay attention to Ultimate X-Men.

Random 2013 Prediction! Young Jean Grey joins old Cyclops’s new Uncanny X-Men.

Random 2013 Prediction! A New Gods series is spun out of Wonder Woman, but it is not written by Brian Azzarello.

Random 2013 Prediction! By the end of the year, Spider-Man begins to resemble Firestorm as Peter Parker’s mind begins to slowly come back and regain some control of his body.

Random 2013 Prediction! People will continue to not care about Nick Fury, Jr. They will continue to mock the very idea of the character.

Random 2013 Prediction! Constantine will be a massive success for DC. I will cry myself to sleep a lot.

Random 2013 Prediction! Image’s success will reach its peak with a massive sweep at the Eisners, but Eric Stephenson’s take on the Macho Man’s “Champion’s Prerogative” promo with a fan at a panel the next day leaves a poor taste in everyone’s mouth and a general “Fuck Image” attitude quickly sweeps the industry.

Random 2013 Prediction! Rob Liefeld takes over the writing and art duty on Cable & X-Force. Tim Callahan begins buying the series.

Random 2013 Prediction! One of the major comic conventions will feature a panel where a psychic conducts a seance to contact Jack Kirby.

Random 2013 Prediction! People generally agree that the second Thor movie is better than the third Iron Man one, which is better than the new Superman one.

Random 2013 Prediction! Hank Pym destroys the Marvel Universe.

Random 2013 Prediction! Dark Horse begins releasing a Dreadstar omnibus series.

Random 2013 Prediction! Batman wins.

Random 2013 Prediction! Frank Miller’s Xerxes is released to much hatred followed by a quick secondary wave of critical love.

Random 2013 Prediction! People continue to love Scott Snyder.

Random 2013 Prediction! When Peter Parker begins to return, Dan Slott is confused, because he, again, gets death threats. A Twitter post asking “What do you people want?” is deleted approximately four minutes after being posted, but still gets a story on Bleeding Cool.

Random 2013 Prediction! Age of Ultron is awesome. Or, at least I think it is. It receives the usual reactions that a Marvel event book like that receives from everyone else. Pft. Predictable.

Random 2013 Prediction! Thomas Pynchon writes a Punisher series set in the ’70s.


Random Joe Casey Question! Do you have any plans to return to Krash Bastards? How did that book come about?

Random Joe Casey Answer! That book started out as a new project that I was gonna do with Ashley Wood, post-Automatic Kafka. He had a title — a different title — and I took it from there, I came up with the characters, the names, the conflicts, etc. I’d written about ten or twelve pages when he fucked off and got busy drawing more robots or whatever he was doing at the time. But I’d liked what I’d written. I was experimenting with dialogue and language and trying to create some weird new slang/vernacular for the characters and, at the time, I thought it was kinda interesting. So I just changed the title and kept on writing. Somewhere in there, I got the notion to really go for the full-on manga thing, as authentic as I could make it. I don’t quite recall how the curiously named “Axel 13” entered the picture. Probably through Larry Young. But he was willing to draw this monstrosity so we were off to the races. As it turned out, he took quite a bit of time to draw it, which can sometimes dampen one’s enthusiasm for a project… which is why I’m probably in no hurry to do another one. I loved the characters and I dug the set-up, but it was really more of an experiment that, as it turns out, hardly anyone read. Oh well. Fuck-a-doodle-do.


That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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