Random Thoughts! (February 9, 2010)

Random Thought! I'm still tired. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thoughts! Quickie Reviews (Feb. 3/10) (spoiler: I liked Siege #2). High Road/Low Road on Edge winning the Royal Rumble (I like that he eliminated Jericho, but wonder if him winning was the right call). Wrestling 4Rs including my write-up of TNA Impact (I nearly credited myself as Chad "Hates TNA and Everything It Does" Nevett in response to the over-the-top negative reaction to my deeming last week's show mediocre and a little dull... especially since I rather liked the most recent episode...). Wrestler of the Week (I ignored all of the great promo people this week and went for in-ring delivery). The Splash Page Podcast episode 3 (in which Tim and I talk a lot and love every minute of it).

Random Thought! I reread Hellblazer: Haunted on Friday and I think what I enjoyed most this time was the stuff about London that Ellis included throughout the story.

Random Thought! I miss Permanent Damage.

Random Thought! How is there not an Essential Alpha Flight book?

Random Thought! I would buy a monthly Ultimate Iron Man title written by Warren Ellis.

Random Thought! I'd much rather buy a monthly Doktor Sleepless, though.

Random Thought! Ed Brubaker's track run on team books has me somewhat wary about Secret Avengers. But, his work with the other Avengers and Marvel heroes in Captain America: Reborn was good, so... yeah, I'll be buying it.

Random Thought! For my reputation of disliking Geoff Johns's writing, people overlook that I not only liked Infinite Crisis more than Civil War, I liked Johns's writing more than Millar's...

Random Thought! Three days ago, GraphiContent turned five... and I totally didn't write a post about it. Then again, I've been working on some stuff for the past month or so with another blogger for something related. Still, five years of that blog... only three of which actually featured a good amount of content.

Random Thought! I've listened to The Wall by Pink Floyd all the way through.

Random Thought! I've still yet to read Alice in Sunderland by Bryan Talbot all the way through.

Random Thought! For all of you complainers, it could have been worse (in your view, at least): the Sentry could have acted like a real psychopath and had sex with Ares's remains after tearing him to shreds.

Random Thought! During Siege #3, when Captain America and the Iron Patriot square off, I hope you'll all join me by putting on the Team America: World Police soundtrack and playing "America, Fuck Yeah" loudly.

Random Thought! It's snowing! Snoooooooooooooooow!

Random Thought! Zodiac is just another Last Defenders, isn't he?

Random Thought! How many issues are required for something to be considered a run on a book?

Random Thought! I'm beginning to think that "Daredevil: The End" would just be Matt Murdock as a criminal mastermind. Or a mass murderer. Or it would be 22 pages of him brooding on a ledge in the rain before jumping off. Good times.

Random Thought! My take on the Authority. It's a one-shot. In it, the members finally decide that, yes, they all hate one another and decide to kill each other. No one survives with Jack Hawksmoor and Midnighter killing one another at the end. Except none of that happened, it was all Midnighter plotting out what would happen if things continued as they were going... so he just blows up the Carrier, leaving via Door seconds before it happens.

Random Thought! I like Thanos a lot more than Darkseid.

Random Thought! Something comics and wrestling have in common: an unhealthy obsession with the past and the inability to let characters or people go.

Random Thought! The Muppet Show Comic Book is really enjoyable.

Random Thought! I love the Marvel deluxe hardcovers. The omnibi are a bit too big as far as page-count goes, I'm worried about the spines and pages falling out, but the deluxe hardcovers of around 12 or 13 issues? Perfect.

Random Thought! Why, yes, I am looking forward to Matt Fraction writing Thor!

Random Thought! Joe Casey is an interesting fella.

Random Thought! Dr. Doom could beat up Wonder Woman. Discuss.


Random Comments! Last week's comments got off to a slow start (I thought this feature scared people away), but there were lots, so let's dive in! (Oh, and, as always, I may edit comments (aka pick and choose which bit to respond to) as I wish. I also don't respond to all comments. I avoided the whole diversity in comics thing, for example, because, well, I don't feel like addressing said issue. Not because I don't think it important, but because I don't really have anything to say about it... Or the various Avengers teams people came up with that I didn't have anything to say about either. Did enjoy seeing the various ideas thrown out there, though.)

Bill Reed said: Just to be on the safe side, you should use "hoser" at least once per sentence. And talk about curling.

I do enjoy watching curling. Curling is pretty great. My favourite sport, though, is baseball.

FunkyGreenJerusalem said: Original Sins, Fear And Loathing, Haunted and Hard Time are all collections I'd have no problem handing over to someone to check out Constantine.Maybe even Dark Places, as I reckon it would go down even better if you'd never read him before.

Setting Sun has some cool stories, the one about the guy in the room, and the one about the anti-christ in particular, but I don't know that they are the greatest for someone with no knowledge of Constantine - he's an enigma in all of them, and often a contradictory one between issues, without anything to tie it together (cut short as it was).

The first issue I read, #120, was pretty good. A big anniversary issue, and it was John, talking to the reader, taking you on a tour of London to meet his mates, and they all swapped stories and had laughs.And any time John had his back turned, his mates would tell you to get the hell out of there, as John only causes pain and misery.

[...] Was [the Sentry's beginnings] really a Vertigo revamp of Hourman?

I think Setting Sun presents a pretty complete idea of Constantine because he is so uninvolved, but does narrate a few stories. It also gives a good flavour for the character without giving you the idea that you must read a bunch more stories. Haunted is quite good and I always appreciate something new about it every time I reread it. Hard Time would actually be my second choice since it gets across the 'HBO vibe' of the character and series best, which may get an uninformed reader interested.

And I don't have my copy of The Sentry handy, but it includes the Wizard article that outlines the project and I belive Jenkins points the project's genesis going back to an Hourman revamp for Vertigo that never happened because DC didn't want to use the character that way. I could be wrong and misremembering it, of course.

Dan Felty said: Is Sean Phillips the artist whose current output is your favorite, or is his body of work your favorite among comics artists? Or both?

Current output. Especially with Val Staples colouring his art. Criminal is fucking gorgeous.

Tom Fitzpatrick said: Random musing: My favorite scene not ever shown in comics (?): The donkey show!

I have no comment, I just wanted to post this here...

Louis Bright-Raven said: Romita Jr.'s first run on Uncanny with Claremont was plenty enough practice for him to handle Bendis' style, I'm sure.

Nick Marino said: JRjr had one good run on Iron Man, one great run on X-Men, and another amazing run on Iron Man, all of which had plenty of dialogue-based scenes. i think he'll do just fine on Avengers. hell, even his JMS Spidey work had tons of dialogue and i remember thinking how well he pulled that off. THAT'S RIGHT CHAD I'M CALLING YOU OUT!!! YOU NEED TO READ MORE ROMITA Jr.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stand corrected. Then again, Bendis's type of wordy writing is different from the writers you mentioned since Bendis is less 'purple prose' and more 'fill the page with dialogue,' which demands a different artistic approach. I have no doubt that Romita can rise to the challenge, but do wonder how much of a fit it will be immediately.

Dalarsco said: My intro to Connstantine, other than Sandman and Books of Magic, was The Gift by Carey and Manco. I picked it up on a whim when there was a trade sale at my LCS. I started reading it regularly a few months later when Jason Aaron did his two issues.

Yeah, I think any Constantine can be a great entryway... he's a character who hasn't had too many flat out bad stories written using him. Even the lesser runs are entertaining enough, I find.

Enrique said: I like Hellblazer: All His Engines by Mike Carey. But I haven't read any other Hellblazer besides that.

I'm not a big fan of Carey's work on the book, including All His Engines. Why haven't you read any further Hellblazer stories?

azjohnson5 said: ZEPPELIN RULES!

Damn right.

Rebis said: Random thoughts sometimes beget random replies. I'm smiling about the title "strangest comment ever." Thanks. Hope you enjoyed your birthweek!

p.s. Have you been enjoying "The Great Ten"? I bought the first issue and intend to buy the rest but haven't yet . My comic shop appears to be buying so few, they sell out. Also, I like the characters, but the art bugs me.

I've been liking it. It's in that 2.5-3 star range. A decent, fun read. I didn't like the Superman parallels in the third issue much, but the concept and structure are intriguing enough. While McDaniel's finishes aren't particularly strong, I do like his energy.

Thanks for reading, people respected readers who I view as complete equals to me in every way!

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