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Random Thoughts! (February 8, 2011)

by  in Comic News Comment
Random Thoughts! (February 8, 2011)

Random Thought! “You know me, evil eye / You know me, prepare to die / You know me, you can’t resist /Devil’s grip, the Iron Fist!” It’s random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture. The Splash Page Podcast for the best comics discussion podcast online.

Random Thought! Wolverine: The Best There Is is like a Garth Ennis comic written by someone who doesn’t actually understand Ennis’s writing.

Random Thought! Both of the final issues of Thor: For Asgard and Ultimate Comics Thor disappointed me. The first because it didn’t actually conclude anything. The second because it became nothing more than filling in a few gaps in The Ultimates that didn’t actually need filling.

Random Thought! Got a one-disc Motörhead ‘best of’ album at Wal-Mart last week for ten bucks. Really digging it.

Random Thought! I did love the Kirbyesque way Pacheco drew the reveal of Balder in Ultimate Comics Thor #4.

Random Thought! I’ll sum up Invincible Iron Man #500.1 for anyone who missed it: TONY STARK USED TO DRINK AND FUCK. NOW, HE JUST FUCKS.

Random Thought! Mr. Sunshine may not debut until tomorrow night, but it aired in Canada last night. This was a show I was waiting for, because, well, Matthew Perry is just a funny, funny guy. Plus, there’s the absolutely fantastic Allison Janney and Thomas Schlamme is a co-exec and director of many episodes? Seems like a recipe for success. The first episode is decent. Not a great start, but there’s potential. When given the chance, the cast all show off their comedy chops, Janney especially. Give it a look if you’re a sitcom fan. (Also, in what I consider yet another Studio 60 connection since there are many between this show and that one: when Studio 60 was on, it aired on Monday nights in the US, but Sunday nights in Canada. Hopefully, Mr. Sunshine fares better than Studio 60…)

Random Thought! Batman: Odyssey is delightful. Delightful, I say!

Random Thought! I was planning to do one post every month for my blog under the ’28’ header and post it on the 29th of that month since I began with Jan. 29… but February only has twenty-eight days… of course, next year, when I turn 29, February will have 29 days, so maybe I should have waited another year…

Random Thought! Last week, I got a couple of Guitar Hero/Rock Band games for the PS2 cheap used (one track pack — that was available new at another store for three times the price of the used one, the other ‘Band Hero’) and have decided that we need a mic stand to make singing and playing at the same time possible.

Random Thought! I’m currently rereading Chris Jericho’s first book in preparation of his second one. One of the funniest, most enjoyable reads I’ve ever had.

Random Thought! A moment in comics history that always amused me: coming out of Warren Ellis’s ravamp of Thor, he was meant to get a new costume, but it kept not showing up… until the final issue before the title became Journey into Mystery once again and he just randomly had it on. After that, he disappeared into the ‘Heroes Reborn’ universe.

Random Thought! For the record: the terrorist attacks on 9/11 never happened in the Marvel universe. Steve Rogers took care of it.

Random Thought! I’ll admit it, Bill Murray trumps John Belushi for me. At least when it comes to motivational speeches. Just barely.

Random Thought! If Salvador Larroca drew Invincible Iron Man in his Moebius style from now on, I would begin buying it every month.

Random Thought! If Moebius drew the comic every month, I would buy two copies.

Random Thought! While writing this post, I went out and got a haircut. I am once again… DASHING.

Random Thought! Tomorrow is a big week for me with eleven or twelve comics to get… and I’ll be working, so Michelle is going to go get them for me. I say ‘eleven or twelve’ because I don’t know if my shop will have any copies of that new SpongeBob SquarePants comic. If they do, I want to give it a look and see if it’s worth adding to the pull list.

Random Thought! With the return of the Splash Page Podcast, Tim and I decided to return to our roots by making sure we agree on one comic to buy each week for discussion purposes. It’s how we started out the Splash Page columns and it’s a good focus for the podcast. After discussing Invincible Iron Man #500.1 last week, we’ve decided to discuss all of the Marvel.1 issues. So, expect lots of “Who exactly IS the target audience here?” talk.

Random Thought! Reread Punishermax #1-9 last week in preparation for issue ten… and I can’t wait. Bullseye is so fucked up. I love that character.

Random Thought! Um… if the Ultimate Avengers fight the New Ultimates, who’s side is Captain America on? OH GOD, MARK MILLAR IS WRITING ULTIMATE CIVIL WAR, PEOPLE! ALREADY! HIS OWN STORY ULTIMATE-ISED!


Random Comments! You know the drill.

Matt Duarte said: It was pretty obvious that DC didn’t plan the “Hold The Line” thing at all. Aside from not telling the creators anything about it (Jason Aaron mentioned that he found out at the same time as everybody else), just months earlier they started new backups like Jimmy Olson and the Detective Comics back-up, only for the plans to come completely undone. Poor planning and poor execution all around from the looks of it.

In some cases, it just didn’t make sense. Detective Comics benefited highly from the back-up strip, while T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents seemed design to be a longer comic to accomodate the main story drawn by CAFU and the guest artists that filled in the flashback scenes. The universal application of a business decision like that definitely hurt the content of some books.

Bill Reed said: Vanilla Coke is still around, guys. Unless I hallucinated that last twelve-pack.

Not in Canada. It and Cherry Coke disappeared a long time ago, replaced with (and I could be getting this wrong) Vanilla Black Cherry Coke, but even that has been gone for years. It sucks.

Jeremy J said: I heard this mentioned elsewhere, too, but the Gordon backups are going to be continued as the main feature in February and March’s Detective, both drawn by Francesco Francavilla. No ideal, but it gives more Francavilla art, so I’m game.

I know and I’m looking forward to those issues quite a bit.

Grim said: What do you think the 2/21/11 tease is for? I hope to god it is Sting because the Undertaker’s return does not need a tease like this.

This week’s teaser strongly hinted at the Undertaker. If it’s him, I’m with you — why does he need a tease? He returns two or three times a year.

TimCallahan said: Johns and Bendis have almost opposite styles, so anyone who says they seem similar isn’t actually reading the words in the comics.

As usual, Tim is right.

Matches Malone said: Clearly, you’re a Marvel guy, as it shows in all your reviews/comments/random thoughts/etc.

Could be. It could also be that the creative environment at Marvel currently lines up with my tastes better. Considering there’s little crossover of writers between the two companies, it’s pretty easy to favour one over the other and that having nothing to do with the characters, but, rather, the talent. Considering that there are DC books I buy and enjoy thoroughly featuring characters I have no affinity for and Marvel books you couldn’t pay me to read featuring characters I have a strong affinity for suggests that it goes beyond just simple Marvel/DC lines. Because, frankly, limiting yourself to one or the other seems fairly stupid.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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