Random Thoughts! (February 28, 2011)

Random Thought! First it snows, then it rains... make up your mind, weather! It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture. The Splash Page Podcast for two new episodes last week. The first, I'd call my worst podcast ever. The second, probably one of the best episodes we've done.

Random Thought! I'm on vacation from CBR reviewing for the next two weeks. My first break from the weekly grind of reviewing since I started writing for the site in October 2008 (excluding that week at the end of 2009/beginning of 2010 where Diamond didn't ship any comics and, even then, I wrote two reviews of trades so we could fill the gap a little and give review content to the site). I've been feeling the grind a lot lately and a couple of weeks away will be nice. That also means that, for the next two weeks, the CBR review team has a temporary member and it's someone from Comics Should be Good. So, watch for that these next two weeks.

Random Thought! My shop had a sale on Saturday, including 25% off all trades. Except, I work on Saturdays! So, my lovely girlfriend took my debit card and used it to pick up all 13 volumes of 100 Bullets for me. I've read the first seven. I am loving it.

Random Thought! In deciding if I wanted to spend the money on all of 100 Bullets or just get the first six or seven (or eight or whatever) trades, I did the math and also consulted with Amazon.ca where they offer the trades at 37% off the Canadian cover price. And you know what? 37% off the Canadian cover price is still more than the US cover price, let alone 25% off the US cover price, which is what my shop uses. When in the last decade was the Canadian dollar even CLOSE to being 37% less than the US dollar? I genuinely want to know who determines those prices and how, because it's fucked up.

Random Thought! Thinking about the end of Captain America #615, I decided to check into things and discovered that the US has no extradition treaty with Russia. But, there have been many cases of extradition between the two countries, most often (from what I could see) from Russia to the US. So, while no formal treaty exists, I guess they do negotiate these things on a case by case basis. Then, I wondered about whether or not James Barnes would be someone the US government would approve extradition for considering he's Captain America. However, he did plead guilty to his charges in the US, making any arguments for why he shouldn't be sent to Russia somewhat moot.

Random Thought! I picked the wrong weeks to take my CBR vacation since First Wave #6 comes out this week and I've reviewed every issue of that series so far, including that Doc Savage/Batman special. Was looking forward to finishing the job. (Especially since no one has signed up to review it...)

Random Thought! Watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World last night on DVD and enjoyed it a lot. It reminded me of university.

Random Thought! Was anyone else reminded of the giants from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask when reading Thor #620? I kept waiting for the giant Thor and three others to hold up the moon or some shit...

Random Thought! If "Age of X" keeps any characters the way that Dark Beast and Nate Grey stayed after "Age of Apocalypse," my early vote is for Basilisk to remain.

Random Thought! I still say that using James Gordon, Jr. was one of the coolest ideas of the past year... Scott Snyder definitely hit on one of those "Of course, it's all so obvious NOW!" moments when he showed back up.

Random Thought! Got my first Ring of Honor order last week. They had a sale on a couple of weeks back, so I ordered Death Before Dishonor VIII since it got such high praise last year (I almost went to that show live since it was in Toronto at the same time Michelle and I were... but it was a visit to her parents' for her birthday, so the timing wasn't right) and Allied Forces since it comes with a disc containing the Samoa Joe/CM Punk trilogy of matches. Haven't had a chance to watch either DVD set yet, but am looking forward to it. The Joe/Punk trilogy especially. All I need is the first Ric Flair DVD set and I'll have the Flair/Steamboat trilogy. If I get Judgment Day 2009, I'll have all of the Jericho/Mysterio trilogy of matches from that year, too... What is it about trilogy of matches? Though, the one I really want is the trilogy of Jericho/Michaels matches from 2008. I still wish the WWE had just released that entire feud on DVD -- package it with two other big feuds from that year and sell a three-disc set (include not just the matches, but the promos and such). The minute the WWE starts allowing people to build their own DVDs using their library (and you know it will happen at some point), a Michaels/Jericho one is the first on my list. But, until then... Joe/Punk!

Random Thought! Okay, so Spawn/Batman wasn't that great. But, Miller's Batman cracks me up. The issue falls down on the plot and... well, the fact that Spawn is there. Miller seems to have no idea what to do with Spawn and just has a ball writing Batman as a gruff jerk. Which suits me just fine.

Random Thought! Of the comics coming out this week, I think I'm looking forward to Secret Warriors #25 most of all. We learn about the Zodiac Event! FINALLY! The Boys takes a downturn with John McCrea on art, though, so that has me a little bummed out.


Random Comments! I talk, you talk, I talk back.

Christopher said: Tranquilize is imediately disqualified due to it being a Killers song.

That's a dumb thing to say. Stop that.

I used to go on buying sprees like the one you described on a fairly regular basis back in my early 20s when I didn’t have any responsabilities. I don’t think it was the responsabilites that killed it, either, I think Netflix, streaming internet radio and downloadable music killed it for me. It’s rather bittersweet, actually. On one had, I spend less money on entertainment and have a heck of a lot less clutter around the house, and on the other I miss that feeling of walking out of the store with a big bag of possible great times under my arm. And browsing, I miss that, too. Just looking at all the album and DVD covers.

I did big buying sprees in my early 20s as well. This was my first one in a long time and not one I plan to repeat any time soon. It was just nice to walk into the store and just get what I wanted, not worried about money for once. But, that's also coming out of a two-year period where I was constantly worried about money. This was the official end of that and now I'll return to more responsible spending habits. And you also point out why I stick with CDs and DVDs.

Michael P said: Wait… you’re *happy* about receiving a copy of Spawn/Batman?

Frank Miller writing Batman? Always happy about that.

MarkAndrew said: Yeah, Solo’s great. Definitely my favorite thing to come out of DC comics proper – not Vertigo or Paradox etc. in the last couple decades.

Oddly, I think I like Wednesday Comics more...

Tom Fitzpatrick said: I like Miles High Comics, but those UPS /Fed-exes charges just kills me, especially when I’m just getting one or two items. Why in the seven levels of Hell does International Shipping costs so damn much?!?

Yeah, but Mile High charges a flat $11 no matter the order. That sucks if you're only buying one or two things, but that's why I never just buy one or two things. I milk those $11 for everything I can.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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