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Random Thoughts! (February 23, 2010)

by  in Comic News Comment
Random Thoughts! (February 23, 2010)

Random Thought! Snow, no snow, snow, no snow, snow… pick one, nature! (I pick snow, by the way…) It’s random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! Quickie Reviews (Feb. 17, 2010) (only two books in this week’s post). High Road/Low Road on WWE NXT (featuring my favourite response to comments section yet as I trash the Nasty Boys quite a lot). Roundtable preview of WWE Elimination Chamber (where I went… two for three? Only three of the matches we gave predictions for actually happened…). Wrestling 4Rs including my thoughts on TNA Impact (a good show on paper with mediocre to baffling execution). Wrestler of the Week (Jericho!). The Splash Page Podcast Episode 5 (curling!).

Random Thought! Oh my god, it’s Tuesday again and I haven’t written any of these! Shit!

Random Thought! For the record: no dead creators are ever rolling over in their graves based on current books/editorial moves at Marvel or DC. If you say that they are, you’re a moron.

Random Thought! I don’t have too many thoughts on the DC news from last week and they’re all, pretty much, in the podcast. (Yes, I’m making you download and listen to it, because I’m a shill for my own stuff.)

Random Thought! Question: when will issues of Dark Avengers and New Avengers actually begin tying into Siege? I don’t really mind that they aren’t since I’d be buying them anyway and continuing plotlines works for me, but I’m just curious…

Random Thought! Next week, there is only one Marvel book that I’m going to be buying, while there are seven DC books that I’ll be buying. That’s weird. Normally, the ratio is a little more opposite.

Random Thought! Flipping through Alan Moore’s WildC.A.T.S. run, there was some awful art in there. Even Travis Charest, whose work I tend to enjoy, doesn’t exactly knock it out of the park with some good-looking pages that are so static that the idea of trying to read from panel to panel never occurred to me.

Random Thought! Any time I reread that run, a part of me always wants to attempt to read the entire “Fire from Heaven” crossover, but I tried that once or twice and failed. Awful.

Random Thought! Interesting post about 5 graphic novels Sadie Mattox lies about having read. I never say I’ve read something that I haven’t, preferring to fall back on a couple of different responses depending on the attitude of person asking. If the person is someone like Tim and it’s just asking to ask, I’ll tell the truth: there is simply so much great stuff out there that reading it all is difficult and I intend to read [whatever work it is] at some point. If the asker is an asshole, I’ll usually turn it around on them by asking about a long list of works that they haven’t read and demanding to know why in most dickish way possible (and, maybe, to be a bigger asshole, I’ll throw in some prose books, too). Most of the time, it’s the former rather than the latter. Do any of you lie about having read any comics?

Random Thought! I can’t wait for the Marshal Law omnibus. Flipping through a trade that contains the Marvel and X-Men/Legion of Super-Heroes parody books plus the crossover with the Mask… insane violent twisted fun. The Marvel one in particular has some great jokes. Over-the-top superhero-hating insanity. Lovely.

Random Thought! The original Marshal Law mini was really great… a good story mixed with the same parodic elements of later books. But, it worked as its own things rather than just a bunch of jokes strung together.

Random Thought! I don’t care if it would be completely stupid and pointless, I kind of want a Marshal Law/Boys crossover.

Random Thought! I also want a Craig Ferguson-written Aquaman comic… still. Make it happen, Geoff Johns! I’ll totally buy one copy of Green Lantern or Flash for every copy of a Ferguson-penned Aquaman book… that’s how much I want it.

Random Thought! Someone paid a million dollars for Action Comics #1… I don’t get people. I really don’t.

Random Thought! Shut up, I am not ‘people,’ too.

Random Thought! This week was .pdf week with me having five reviews written by the end of Monday. That’s never happened before (having so many reviews written so early in the week).

Random Thought! I think I would read a comic about a guy superhero whose costume exposed the top of his giant genitals and many jokes revolved around how big his penis is… I’m actually surprised that that comic hasn’t been done yet. Hell, for the fun of it, let’s just make that the concept of a new Luke Cage, Power Man series…

Random Thought! Frank Ironwine #1 is one of my favourite Warren Ellis comics. Of the four books in the Apparat Singles Club, that’s the one I’d read more of without question. The scene where Ironwine bitches out his new partner for her behaviour in the interrogation room is fantastic stuff.

Random Thought! While I’m not usually a comic book movie guy (though I’ve seen plenty), I will see Red when it opens. Oh hells yes. (I think I shared a list of books and comics I’d adapt for TV or film (depending on the book/comic) and Red was on that list.)

Random Thought! Tom Spurgeon’s critique of House of M is pretty good.

Random Thought! Yes, it is possible to both enjoy something and recognise its faults. It’s not all love or hate in the real world, asshole.

Random Thought! I’ve spent far too much of my day doing this post…


Random Comments! I pick whatever comments I want to respond to and do so. Sometimes, I edit comments to pick out points or combine different comments from the same person.

Michael P said: I imagine a Bendis Kang story as a conversation that keeps looping back around to its original subject, until the reader loses all sense of time.

That would actually interest me quite a bit. I like it.

Greg Burgas said: Yeah, Scars is wildly underrated. Very few people seem to have read it, which is a shame.

I definitely agree. Ellis’s Avatar work in general is overlooked by a lot of people and it’s some of his best in places. It’s also some pretty average stuff at other times.

Jeff Holland said: RE: Hellblazer – I felt like Azzarello’s run was trying WAY too hard to be edgy, to the extent that a lot of the Agent Turro stuff felt almost like self-parody – and what was up with the bisexual Bruce Wayne analogue at the conclusion?

So Mike Carey’s run, at the start, was a welcome return to a more familiar Constantine, until, as others have pointed out, the heavy-magic and amnesia plots overwhelmed it (also not helping was some incredibly muddy printing, which made a lot of Leonardo Manco’s art practically indecipherable). Also, it violated one of my primary Hellblazer rules: Please do not irrevocably screw with Chaz. That almost felt like Carey wanted to leave a memorable mark, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I think Azzarello was just pushing the book (and character) in a direction that he found interesting. The Bruce Wayne stand in was pretty funny, I found. You’d be surprised how many people don’t get the reference there. I don’t think the character is meant to be much more than a little joke.

I agree that Carey’s run was marred by his efforts to ‘make his mark’ as he really went to town on some of the supporting cast, most notably Chas. I’m not sure that his pushing Chas in the directions that he did was a bad choice or a wrong thing to do, but it definitely came off as an effort to shock people more than anything else (whether that was the intention or not).

FunkyGreenJerusalem said: Why would you discuss [The Matrix] in film class though?

I forget, honestly. That class was a pretty good mix of unknown, indie, avant garde work and well known popular films. Probably, the crowd-pleasers were thrown in to keep interest as it was a first-year film studies class, so it was bound to pick up a lot of people there just because they thought it would be a breeze.

TimCallahan said: The Matrix is the second most important film of the 1990s. Pulp Fiction would be #1. And I’d argue that the Matrix is THE most influential film on popular culture (including comics — especially comics) in the 2000s as well. I made fun of it repeatedly on Twitter today, but that doesn’t change its impact on an entire generation. And Chad should see it because it’s a lot of fun, regardless of all that.


Rome said: I have something I’ve been wanting to ask: What did you think about the Onslaught saga/crossover? I know it comes out of the blue and all, but i’ve recently come across those books, and I remember the story as beeing cool (just to be clear, I was really young back then, so, go figure!), but I don’t know what other people think.. any opinion??

That happened when I was 13/14 and I was into it when it was first happening. The revelation that Professor X was Onslaught was fantastic, but, then, it got muddled by including Magneto in the equation and, suddenly, Onslaught was its own entity separate from Xavier who was trapped in a bubble on Onslaught’s back? What the fuck? They came on strong and then backed off when they realised just how far they were pushing things. The disappearance of the heroes at the end was an interesting idea, though. Shame about “Heroes Reborn”…

Dan Felty said: Speaking of Jamie Delano, what’s happened with Narcopolis? I really liked the first issue, but never read more or heard anything about it. Did it conclude, is it still coming out, or is it on hiatus or something? Does anyone have any information? That’s the one Jamie Delano comic I’ve ever read; I should probably check out more of his stuff.

As was mentioned by JackKing, this did finish and it was alright. It’s another book on my list of potential reread reviews. I loved Delano’s attempt at creating a different language for the future. While that’s been done before by many people, I always like each new attempt for the sheer fun of it.

Steven R. Stahl said: Thanos was a good character, but Starlin took him as far as he could in INFINITY GAUNTLET. From that point on, Starlin opted to write him as an undeveloped character, apparently afraid that if he had Thanos choose a particular philosophical stance, he’d no longer be mysterious. INFINITY ABYSS and THE END were. . . not good.

I really disagree. Thanos post-Infinity Gauntlet was much more interesting as his focus shifted from his obsession with Death to finding his direction in life and place in the universe. Marvel: The End is one of my favourite Thanos stories as that brought the character to a logical, satisfying conclusion with him destroying the universe, finally earning the love of Death by not seeking it, and recreating the universe without him… While Starlin brought him back, it was a good ending for the character.

stealthwise said: Hehe, I just watched that episode of Earl as well. Go reruns on Comedy Network! I miss that show already…

Yeah, it can be a pretty inane, stupid show at times, but I do like the world building of it. By the end of its fourth season, they managed to create a pretty complex little world for the characters. Plus, it was funny. I do love inane, stupid sitcoms. Today, the last episode aired and, man, NBC fucked that show over with that ‘to be continued’ final episode. A shame.

Bill Burns said: I hated Scars. A soggy compendium of cliches about the cop who just cares too much to play by the rules, combined with racism–heroic (white) cop protects or revenges (white) women against evil men of color. Also, the text pieces by Ellis about how serious and realistic it all was were pretty grating.

I can see your argument here, but I don’t agree. I really like the slow breakdown of John Cain over the course of the six issues. I don’t quite understand your ‘evil men of color’ comment… I’ve always read the book with the teacher/criminal as being white… is he not meant to be? Or are you reading him as non-white?

Carl said: Thanos – For a guy who worships death, he seems to have a lower kill number than Wolverine or The Punisher.

He killed half of the universe in Infinity Gauntlet. Someone else brought those people back. That’s a pretty high ‘kill number’ than Wolverine and the Punisher.

garbonzo said: Global Frequency is one of my all-time favorite Ellis pieces. 11 of the 12 issues are note-perfect and pack all the punch and enjoyment possible in a 22 page floppy. It is solid work. I would plunk down my hard earned $ for more of it! A regular dose of Global Frequency with a chaser of Fell and I would be a happy man. All internet snarkery would disappear.

What was the only issue you didn’t like? Curious to know since I didn’t find any weaker than any others really.

And that’s it for this week. Later.

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