Random Thoughts! (February 21 2011)

Random Thought! It's Family Day in Ontario and I'm celebrating it by writing this post for my online comics blogosphere family. Awwwwwww! It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture. No Splash Page Podcast because Tim fell asleep like an old man. Because he's an old man.

Random Thought! Just got my big order from Mile High Comics in the mail today. Mark Millar's Authority run! Six issues of Solo! Spawn/Batman! I love Mile High... really great prices, outstanding selection, and a flat shipping rate. The only downside is, since I use their eBay store, you need to leave feedback on every individual item. That's a little tedious. Still, always very happy with them and their service. They are the Official Back Issue Provider of Chad Nevett. I'm sure they're thrilled.

Random Thought! The issues of Solo I'm missing: Paul Pope, Darwyn Cooke, Mike Allred, and Teddy Kristiansen. I really want the Paul Pope one... but I really want all of them.

Random Thought! On Friday, I spent far too much money while out shopping. After over two years of unemployment, the chance to splurge a bit to catch up on some CDs carried over into some DVDs, too. The CDs I got: Brothers by the Black Keys, Sea of Cowards by the Dead Weather, Songs from the Road by Leonard Cohen, Plastic Beach by Gorillaz, Missiles by the Dears, and Degeneration Street by the Dears. Also got Superman: Doomsday on DVD finally, and then The Social Network, Inception, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World at Blockbuster used in a 'buy two, get the third free' deal. Nice to be in a position where spending far too much money isn't a problem (you know, if I don't do this sort of thing again for a long time).

Random Thought! Watched Superman: Doomsday on Saturday night instead of recording a podcast with Tim. (I was going to when I suggested it while at work. Except, then, from what I could tell, the bus came early -- and only comes once an hour on that route on Saturday nights), so, after waiting for twenty minutes, I walked home, which took another forty or so minutes. Tired and hungry, I got a medium pizza and decided to just watch the DVD.) The movie is different from the comic story of the death and return of Superman. Obviously, the death is more streamlined to remove the Justice League and a lot of the subplots, which makes sense. The streamlined return was a lot less effective. The result was a far more mundane story involving a semi-evil clone of Superman. Meh. Say what you will about comic stories that do that lame 'heroes who kill are evil,' at least they have SOME people support that action. Clone Superman kills Toyman and, suddenly, everyone in Metropolis hates him. It was too moralistic for my taste -- including the scene where Perry White is having a glass of whiskey (I assume whiskey) and Lois gives him the snake-eye. For a kid's movie with a lot of violence and sexual suggestiveness, it becomes squeemish and simplistic at times.

Random Thought! In the movie, Lois annoyed me a lot. She was downright obnoxious most of the time -- the most heavyhanded character, always telling people why they're wrong before doing something so fucking stupid you can't believe she's still alive.

Random Thought! I did love the documentary on the comics story, though. Lots of cool little tidbits in there. I was glad that it was forty minutes, too. Not just some ten-minute featurette, but more in-depth. Worth a look if you're into that story and haven't seen this.

Random Thought! Oh, also picked up Dark Entries using a gift card in part -- that Vertigo Crime Hellblazer book by Ian Rankin and Werther Dell'Edera. I'll do a blog post on it at some point as part of my Hellblazer series of posts, but it was fine. Didn't really wow me and I don't think Rankin did much with John Constantine. But, it was a serviceable, entertaining story. Not sure it warranted such a big project when a two-issue stint on Hellblazer (maybe three, even four -- but that would be 88 pages compared to this 200+ book) would have been more effective. This is just bloated.

Random Thought! The new Thor trailer is good.

Random Thought! Better Lou Reed guest spot: "Some Kind of Nature" by Gorillaz or "Tranquilize" by the Killers? (I vote the latter.)

Random Thought! Wolverine #6 has me on board for the rest of the "Wolverine vs. the X-Men" storyarc. Hell, the first few pages where Cyclops maps out the strategy to kill Wolverine was enough to win me over.

Random Thought! The weird Marvel Universe remix that David Lapham and Kyle Baker are delivering in Deadpool MAX is wonderful. I really, really hope that they can use some regular heroes. I think the last issue of the book needs Captain America to make an appearance as he and Nick Fury take down Hydra. (Or not.)

Random Thought! I want the Simonson variant of The Mighty Thor #1.

Random Thought! For all of the talk about the censorship surrounding Mark Millar's tenure on The Authority, there was still the word 'shit' at the end of issue 13. No symbols, no asterisk, no censorship of any kind in the original issue.

Random Thought! What I kind of want to see at the end of The Boys: Butcher and the Homelander trapped in a Phantom Zone-like place just beating the shit out of one another for eternity.

Random Thought! Okay, I'm going to go read some comics...

No 'random comments' this week. That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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