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Random Thoughts! (February 16, 2010)

by  in Comic News Comment
Random Thoughts! (February 16, 2010)

Random Thought! You’d think that a weekend without my girlfriend would lead to productivity. You’d be wrong. It’s random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! Quickie Reviews (Feb 10, 2010) (three comics… three quick reviews). High Road/Low Road on Team 3D vs. the Nasty Boys (the easiest Low Road I’ve had to do yet… bar none). TNA Against All Odds roundtable preview (wherein I went… 7 for 9 if you count Mr. Anderson beating Abyss in the second round as the equivalent of Kurt Angle beating Abyss… otherwise, it’s 6 for 9) Wrestling 4Rs featuring me discussing Impact (I liked it less than last week, but still a good show). Wrestler of the Week (the Pope is pimpin’!). The Splash Page Podcast Episode 4 (back thanks to the magic of Tim’s credit card and full of DC-related discussion).

Random Thought! Man, I am having some serious ‘random thought’ block…

Random Thought! Looking through Marvel’s solicits, not much is jumping out beyond the usual suspects. Am really curious to see how Bendis writes a Kang story.

Random Thought! Oh! OH! Thanos! Coming back! Thanos! Returns! Thanos! Gonna kill every last motherfuckin’ one of ya!

Random Thought! Seriously, I tend to ignore non-Starlin-penned Thanos appearances, but I’ve been digging on DnA’s cosmic stuff whenever I’ve dipped into it. I’ll give them a chance to impress me, to win me over.

Random Thought! Reread Scars by Warren Ellis and Jacen Burrows on Friday night… definitely one of the most underrated parts of Ellis’s bibliography. Very disturbing in a way that a lot of TV shows and movies that hit the same ideas haven’t been. A key part, I think, is that Ellis never attempts to glorify the violence. He doesn’t show us what the killer does. He doesn’t use a victim to ‘heighten the tension.’ He sticks almost exclusively to the cop and shows us a man slowly falling apart and losing his humanity, willingly sacrificing it because it won’t allow him to get the job done. He’s not meant to be cheered or loved or admired at the end… very effective and disturbing.

Random Thought! Also been dipping into Global Frequency stories at random somewhat. Another underrated work, I think. I may have to look at it in more depth and pick apart the different artists and how Ellis tailors his writing to each. A gorgeous series.

Random Thought! It’s funny how one little thing in the afternoon can just disrupt your day so much…

Random Thought! As I revealed on Twitter today, I’ve never seen The Matrix or its sequels. Never wanted to. Never felt the need to. In the film class I took in my first year of university, the schedule for me was: lecture around noon on Monday, screening Monday night, and tutorial Tuesday afternoon. I skipped the screening week we watched The Matrix and still talked just as much as anyone (if not more) in the tutorial on it and no one could tell that I hadn’t watched it. When something is so culturally prevalent, you don’t necessarily need to experience it directly to experience it.

Random Thought! I really like this stray thought by Sean Witzke.

Random Thought! I just saw the first TV ad for Cop Out that actually made me laugh.

Random Thought! This is the most insane episode of My Name is Earl ever… Randy is injecting shark adrenaline into his scrotum… the hell?

Random Thought! Judging from DC’s solicits for May, Joe Casey’s run on Superman/Batman is just for a few issues. Shame.

Random Thought! Cutting things a little short (sorry), because today turned out to be much busier than expected. But, hey, good thing I added the comments section then, right? More content!

Random Thought! Fuck it, I’ll end things with some brief words on Captain America #602… I don’t see it as backing down when it’s obvious that Ed Brubaker didn’t want the explicit, direct reference to the Tea Party in the comic. Are there parallels between the group and the protest in the comic? Sure, but drawing parallels and making a direct reference to a specific group are two very different things. The former allows the work to have meaning now and also in a timeless fashion, while the latter makes a comment about what’s going on now exclusively. That Brubaker would want to avoid the second option makes total sense to me and I imagine that the sign in the issue would have been corrected in future printings/collections anyway, without any big announcement, just quietly as most errors are corrected. Someone who had the issue and the trade may have noticed. It’s all a big to-do over nothing.


Random Comments! Remember, I just respond to the comments I want to respond to and I may edit your comment to suit my needs… usually just getting rid of a part I don’t want to address.

Manglr said: Regarding Marvel Omibus spinal issues… I’ve got 9 or 10 Marvel omnibi at the moment, and I’ve learned it’s not necessarily the page count that does those books in. The larger volumes (FF #1 and #2, Uncanny X-Men) seem to hold up just fine. Whereas the only omnibus that I’ve had immediate problems with is the smallish Death of Captain America. Which makes me wonder whether Marvel cheaps out the binding on the smaller books.

I haven’t actually gotten any of the omnibi books, but one reason I haven’t is the spine concern I mentioned (the other being money and the lack thereof), but it’s good to know that it isn’t an issue… necessarily.

Jeff Hollland said: What’s Brubaker’s track record on team books, just his x-men run, or am I missing something? (Granted, I didn’t read his X-Men run, because “space-faring x-men” isn’t really my thing, but how bad could it have been?)

There’s also his The Authority: Revolutions, which wasn’t as bad as his work on Uncanny X-Men, but wasn’t much better than average. It’s on my list of books to do reread reviews on, so watch for that.

Brianobx said: “I’ve listened to The Wall by Pink Floyd all the way through.” How about Ummagumma.

Sorry, my random thought should have read: “I’ve finally listened to The Wall by Pink Floyd all the way through.” I’ve had the album for almost three years and never listened to the entire thing. The only other Pink Floyd CDs I have are Dark Side of the Moon, which I love, and Echoes, their best of.

r said: Chad, being a fan of the Marvel deluxe hardcovers, Criminal, Sean Phillips, and Val Staples, have you read the Criminal: Deluxe Edition hardcover? That is a thing of beauty!

I buy the book monthly, so buying it again in hardcover is a low priority. Also, I haven’t had the cash to buy a book of that size recently. I’m sure it’s gorgeous and would like it, but I do love the essays that are included in the singles.

Dan Felty said: I loved Alice in Sunderland. What was the problem? I’ve not read nor am particularly interested in Alice in Wonderland, but I found that book extraordinarily entertaining (though I am the type who is intrigued by a byzantine 250-page lecture in comics form).

I got it when it first came out and enjoyed what I read of it, but I got sidetracked by various things and never made it back, honestly. Maybe I’ll make the time for it in the next couple of months.

FunkyGreenJerusalem said: I just love the tone of Haunted, perfect for the story, and for where the character is at in his life. After this and Azz’s run, the other writers so far have all seemed so weak to me. Carey with just having big bad magic up in the foreground, Mina’s run which was just boring and been done before, and Diggle having to have the character remake himself and act like he did again in Moore’s days. Ellis and Azz are better writers than the other, but man, it’s like they didn’t even try. (Milligan’s has started alright – not keen on the art – but I’d like it to get a lot more messed up… Full body scabs and aborted fetuses running around just aren’t enough for me!) Of characters Ellis introduced,I liked Watford the best. There was a character with great potential, and some really messed up lines. All His Engines is a big step up from the rest of the mess that was [Carey’s] run – I stopped out of sheer boredom – but it still reads like Delano lite. I think Delano should get more props from people as a whole for turning an American comic book into a big rant about his problems with the British government.

I enjoyed the post-Azzarello stuff less as well. Carey’s run was good around issue 200… that issue was fantastic, actually. But, otherwise, his run was too focused on that whole big mystical world of magic for my tastes. I came into the character through Ellis and Azzarello where it was much more ground-level and toward the realist end of the spectrum. I haven’t gotten Delano’s run yet in trades (since that’s how I buy the book), haven’t gotten the finale of Diggle’s run or begun Milligan’s. I don’t mind Watford not showing up much since Ellis left the book (has he shown up again? I can’t remember…) since he works best in small doses, I think. Plus, he’s such an Ellis character that I shudder to think of how other writers would handle him.

Ian A said: In just about every way. Part of me hopes other writers run with the Zodiac character, and part of me hopes they ignore him entirely because so few writers could do him justice. And, surely, most of them would try to give him some kind of heartbreaking origin story nonsense.

Of course, giving Zodiac an origin like that would be missing the point, that actually makes it more likely, doesn’t it? I’d rather never see references to the character or what happened in that story if Casey isn’t involved than see some other writer pick up on those threads.

Tom Fitzpatrick said: (Not so) Random Musings: Check out Kevin Smith’s Clerks 2 if you dare to see the Donkey Show.

I own Clerks 2.

Louis Bright-Raven said: I have more fun rewriting / booking shows where all the old farts are fired and I push the younger talent, or I find veterans from the minor leagues who barely appeared or never got to WWE / ECW / TNA / WCW level to fil the slots that the ‘stars’ I just trashed occupied. (Can we even count ROH or Dragon’s Den or whatever that’s called, seeing as only TNA and WWE have regularly aired national programming?)

Dragon Gate USA is what it’s called. ROH has its show on HDNet, so it’s on its way. Dragon Gate USA does its bimonthly PPVs that I’ve been watching on DVD and loving. Fantastic stuff. I enjoy WWE and TNA for that serial fix and occasional glimpse of amazing in-ring action, but Dragon Gate USA is my current go-to if I want beginning to end fantastic cards.

And, on that note, I will bid you adieu until next week. Later.

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