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Random Thoughts! (February 14, 2011)

by  in Comic News Comment
Random Thoughts! (February 14, 2011)

Random Thought! A new regular day of the week for these posts! Learn to love it on this day of love! It’s random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture. The Splash Page Podcast for awesome.

Random Thought! I’m working Tuesdays now, so these posts have been moved to accomodate my new work schedule. I’m sure no one really cares.

Random Thought! I said this would happen months ago in one of these posts. When the DVD comes, I want to see videos using my soundtrack scheme.

Random Thought! I got Undisputed by Chris Jericho on Friday and finished it last night. It’s a funny, entertaining read. It picks up right where A Lion’s Tale left off. Jericho is good at telling stories and is very open, often focusing on how he screwed up rather than making himself look good all of the time. I enjoyed some of the little jokes he’d throw in like always mentioning in parentheses that Mick Foley has never beaten him whenever Foley’s name came up. Highly recommended.

Random Thought! I got the Counter X X-Man trade last week. A thoroughly enjoyable read. I hadn’t read the issues since they first came out and am annoyed that Marvel didn’t include the rest of that run. Five more issues! That’s it! Five more!

Random Thought! I was really annoyed when X-Man got cancelled. The mutant shaman take that Ellis thought up and Steven Grant was writing the hell out of seemed totally in sync with the Quesada/Jemas regime.

Random Thought! The recoloured Casanova is worth it for the way that Suki’s nipples/areolas are consistently coloured that bright pink, distinguished from Zephyr’s…

Random Thought! Sometimes, I wish CBR would allow for quarters of stars… I’m spoiled by wrestling reviews, I guess.

Random Thought! Tonight, I take over the Instant Analysis of WWE Monday Night Raw over at 411mania. That means I do the instant reviews of both Raw and Impact now. That’s kind of cool. (Shut up, it is for me!)

Random Thought! I would buy a comic written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Howard Chaykin that follows Nick Fury and company hunting Nazis after World War II. Make it happen, Marvel. (DC, you could beat them to it with Sgt. Rock and I’d buy that instead… but you’d need someone of Chaykin’s calibre to draw it or why fucking bother?)

Random Thought! Ultimate Captain America: worst ignorant, asshole American tourist ever.

Random Thought! You’re damn right I got SpongeBob Comics #1. When Michelle got my comics for me last week, my retailers was a little unsure about that one when it came time to ring up my books, wondering if I really wanted it, so Michelle showed him the list I gave her.

Random Thought! The two pages before the final page in Doc Savage #11 are Nic Klein delivering two of the best comic pages I’ve seen in a long while. Spectacular art.


Random High Fidelity Thought! My Valentine’s Day tradition is to watch High Fidelity at some point. I’ve been doing it since… 2005? Maybe 2006. It’s one of my favourite movies, so I purposefully limit myself to watching it once a year (an exception is made if I come across it on TV). And it’s a fantastic Valentine’s Day movie. It works for whatever your romantic situation (or lack of one) is at the time. So, I’m including some random thoughts on it while I do this post with it on…

Random High Fidelity Thought! I prefer the movie to the book. I really like the book, but this is one adaptation is manages to top the source material.

Random High Fidelity Thought! “WHAT. FUCKING. IAN GUY?”

Random High Fidelity Thought! The change from the book to the movie of eliminating the fifth top five most painful break-up, replacing it with a painless one just to keep Laura off the list initially was a genius move.

Random High Fidelity Thought! Joan Cusack always makes me laugh in the “Hey, Rob… YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!” scene.

Random High Fidelity Thought! How has Iben Hjejle not appeared in more North American movies? She’s awesome in this movie.

Random High Fidelity Thought! Two Velvet Underground songs heard? This movie wins, every other movie loses. (Except Brick for its brilliant use of “Sister Ray” over the end credits. It gets one of those ‘overtime loss’ things that the NHL does…)

Random High Fidelity Thought! Michelle always laughs when Bruce Springsteen shows up.

Random High Fidelity Thought! There are three girls from my past that I’d want to track down and ask questions to about our relationships. The first was from the end of my third year of university and it didn’t last the summer apart. But, during that time, I made her a mixed CD as part of a birthday package. She said she liked the Beatles (this was before I got into them), so I included three songs: “I Want to Hold Your Hand” (lame, I know), “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (one of the few I really knew at the time), and “Paperback Writer” (because I’m a writer). In the e-mail where she dumped me (e-mail!), she first thanked me for the gifts (yes, it was in response to me sending her a birthday present) and mentioned that she hadn’t heard one of the Beatles songs, but didn’t say which one. Those are three really well known songs… which one hadn’t she heard? It continues to haunt me. The other two would just be that bullshit personal stuff.

Random High Fidelity Thought! He broke up with her!

Random High Fidelity Thought! Oh, Rob… when she says that sleeping with Ian is better but she hasn’t had sex with him, that’s not a good thing!

Random High Fidelity Thought! I once walked away from a date-like situation and, ala Rob Gordon, half-whispered aloud while looking a little nervous/awkward “I could have had sex back there…” before shuffling away.

Random High Fidelity Thought! Tim Robbins plays the trendy douchebag so well.

Random High Fidelity Thought! Two songs about death that they don’t mention: “Bat Out of Hell” by Meat Loaf and “Tonight’s the Night” by Neil Young.

Random High Fidelity Thought! John Cusack is out in the rain a lot in this movie.

Random High Fidelity Thought! I follow Rob’s tips for making a great mixed (tape) CD…

Random High Fidelity Thought! I’ve never had sex in a car. It seems like it would be uncomfortable.

Random High Fidelity Thought! Laura’s dad dying was the best thing that ever happened to Rob.

Random High Fidelity Thought! After “Are you insane?” Iben Hjejle gives the best crazed grin ever.

Random High Fidelity Thought! Worst. Proposal. Ever.

Random High Fidelity Thought! Oh wait… he kind of saved it.

Random High Fidelity Thought! I once sang “Let’s Get it On” as a duet with another man at a gay karaoke bar.

Random High Fidelity Thought! I love the visual gag of one of those skater fucks acting like Ray Charles while Barry sings “Let’s Get it On.” Idiot.

Random High Fidelity Thought! Great ending. The deleted scenes are pretty great, too. Great movie.


Random Comments! Nothing but love today.

Victor O said: Steve Rogers took care of the 9/11 terrorists? Didn’t Marvel do that black issue of Amazing Spiderman #36 dealing with 9/11?

Marvel did do that, but, later, in Captain America #28, Robert Morales had Steve Rogers undo those attacks. There’s some debate about how in continuity that Marvel Knights Captain America series was (that the Morales run was followed up with a tie-in to “Avengers Disassembled” tells me that it’s in continuity). In issues 27 and 28, Steve teams up with an alternate reality Captain America and, in the process, gains a piece of technology that allows him to reshape reality. He mentions something about having a desire to fix something and the only clue is the final page where he and another character are in New York, the Twin Towers still standing in the background.

matt d. said: actually, you can find cherry and vanilla coke up here as of last summer. it’s something you have to sniff around for (7-11 doesn’t carry it), but a host of variety stores in toronto carry it. that aside, it doesn’t taste as good as it once did. i still miss dad’s cherry cola…

If this is true, you just made me the most excited man in Canada.

ghetto_journo said: Scott Snyder said on one of iFanboy’s POTW podcasts that he was looking into having the co-feature take over the title every once-in-a-while before DCs axing of the features. Snyder wanted this because the Gordon story became vital to the years-worth of story he wanted to tell. I haven’t heard/seen Jeff Lemire or Nick Spencer on their situations, but it seems like some planning went into Snyder’s Detective Comics.

I know. I’ve spoken to Snyder about it. I still wish that, at the very least, the finale of the opening arc could have kept the back-up strip. That specific issue was hurt by its absence.

Stefan Wenger said: This is absolutely true… but isn’t that true of any comic Frank Tieri’s written, ever?

Charlie Huston writes Wolveriner: The Best There Is

Dean said: Dropping from 30 story pages for $3.99 (or 22 story pages for $2.99) to 20 story pages for $2.99 is actually a price increase. You have gone from paying just over $0.13 per page to $0.15 per page. It is actually a clever move from a business standpoint. You hand your customers a price bump that you can frame as a price cut, since everyone focuses on the cover price. Of course, it still makes DC a value when compared to Marvel at $0.18 per page.

I don’t judge comics by those standards and neither should you.

s1rude said: Jericho is coming to our local library next Friday to read from and talk about Undisputed. So excited!

So jealous!

General question for you as a pop-culture thinker…why do you think we have to divide our fandoms? Are you a Marvel or a DC, TNA sucks – WWE Rulez, etc, etc. The argument I hear is that our low self-esteem causes us to have to belittle somebody, but in this day and age of “geek chic”, can’t we all just get along?

It’s just your basic ‘us vs. them’ mentality. I’ve never been able to get into that mindset. If Marvel and DC switched staffs tomorrow, people who used to praise a guy like Geoff Johns and hate on Brian Michael Bendis would reverse his decision? How can anyone justify that? You like A, so B must suck… it’s pretty stupid.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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